Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1266 1266. Angry

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Chapter 1266 1266. Angry

The armored Snakes charged at Noah while more ice spread behind them. Ice-shards detached from the frozen structures and followed them in their flight.

The armors had closed the injuries created by Noah's flames, so the weaker Snakes could express most of their power. Thirty creatures in the lower and middle tier charged at him without showing any fear. They appeared to have full confidence in their tactic.

The Demonic Sword came out of Noah's s.p.a.ce-ring and landed in his hand. A shadow also flew out of his storage item and vanished while a ma.s.sive figure formed behind his back.

Snore hissed at the incoming Snakes as it prepared its innate ability. A dark beam made of violent higher energy landed on the creatures before they could reach Noah.

The group of Snakes didn't even try to dodge that attack. The dark beam crashed on the middle tier creature in the frontline and divided the battle formation as it pierced through everything in its path.

The middle tier Snake died on the spot, and even the creature in the lower tier behind it fell prey to Snore's threatening attack. However, the beasts behind them managed to move their heads away from the beam's range and continued to fly even if large holes appeared on their bodies.

The frozen armors healed the injured, and the ice-shards converged on them to restore their defenses. The Snakes were almost back at their peak by the time they surrounded Noah.

Countless attacks flew in his direction. The Snakes used their flexible body to crack their heads and tails at him in a reckless offensive that disregarded the damages caused by his corrosive smoke.

The world went dark for an instant while the attacks flew toward Noah. A blinding silver radiance filled the area when the light returned, and the Snakes found themselves inside a sea of black flames.

Their frozen armors managed to fend off the destructive properties of Noah's innate ability and allowed them to complete their attacks. A series of heads, teeth, and tails crashed on Noah's figure, and shockwaves spread in the impacts.

'I can understand how this can work in a battle among magical beasts,' Noah thought when he saw that the attacks couldn't even make a dent on his armor, 'But they must have overestimated their abilities if they think to exhaust me with this.'

Noah's free hand shot to grab the nearest middle tier Snake. The creature's head was still in his range, and it couldn't escape his claws. Those sharp fingers pierced its skin and kept it stuck in Noah's grasp.

Noah swung the Snake as if it was a mace. The creature's ma.s.sive body slammed on its companions and ama.s.sed them on a side so that Snore could target them with its threatening beam.

A few Snakes died on the spot after the beam pierced their heads. Night killed others by seeping through the openings in their armors and making a mess of their insides.

More died due to the corrosive smoke that Noah released continuously. The frozen armors would have been troublesome to handle if they were perfect, but they couldn't stop Noah's abilities in their flawed state.

Small flames flew toward Noah and transferred energy to his body. His innate ability never stopped providing him with the power contained in the flesh that it burned.

Green blood fell everywhere in the area since the Snake kept getting injured by the flames and the corrosive smoke. Still, the ice continued to heal them.

Noah could defeat that group easily. He only needed a few exchanges to kill those weak creatures. Yet, he risked losing his main targets if he focused too much on the Snakes that had charged at him.

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The Snakes continued to launch their reckless offensive, but they abruptly stopped at some point. Angry roars came out of their mouths when they saw that Noah had disappeared, replaced only by a human-shaped figure.

Noah charged toward the other weaker leader. He let go of his Demonic Sword as he slammed on the creature's head and stabbed his clawed hands in its flesh.

Dark matter came out of his armor and converged toward the Demonic Sword that had followed Noah's movements. The blade absorbed the higher energy while Noah tore the Snake's head open.

The peak rank 6 leaders tried to come in their companion's aid, but Snore released a dark beam to stop them. The Blood Companion had moved so that its beam could hit both of them, but the second Snake dodged the attack when it sensed its dangerousness.

The first Snake also tried to dodge the attack, but the dark beam was too fast. It landed on its head and created a large hole that took away its brain in one go.

The Demonic Sword returned in Noah's grasp after it had finished absorbing higher energy. Noah swung it in the opening created with his claws, and a torrent of dark matter destroyed the Snake's insides. Night also arrived to make sure that the creature didn't survive.

It took Noah only two exchanges to kill three leaders. Those creatures wielded enough power to hurt him properly, but Noah's approach had been flawless. He had never given them the chance to attack him.

Only one peak rank 6 Snake remained on the battlefield, but the creature began to escape as soon as it saw its companions die. It wouldn't stay there to fight a monster that had killed three of them in a few seconds.

Noah sprinted toward the escaping creature and reached it in an instant, but a deafening roar filled the sky above the new continent and forced him to ignore his target.

Noah didn't dare to turn as he flew toward the sea while collecting the corpses that had acc.u.mulated on the ground. The quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake had become angry, so he had to leave the continent as soon as possible.

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