Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1259 1259. Sprin

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Chapter 1259 1259. Sprin

Noah threw more resources in his bait to lure out the peak rank 6 specimen, but the creature didn't leave its lands. The lower tier specimens were the same, and that left him out of options.

That was the limit of the safe approach. Noah had only managed to kill three specimens before the real battle. Noah didn't know if the world could withstand it, but he would do his best to avoid any unnecessary attack.

'The weaker creatures will surely jump into the battle once I start fighting their leader,' Noah thought as he resurfaced and stored his bait. 'I can only take care of them first if I want to avoid useless shockwaves.'

The lower tier creatures didn't even modify their patrol after the death of the middle tier Snakes. Noah knew where they were, which allowed him to create a strategy that could limit the damages on the world.

Noah flew above the southern coast before stopping and bending his knees. He had already planned the route in his mind. He only needed to be as precise as possible now.

The peak rank 6 Eternal Snake lived near the mountain chain because it was the only land in that part of the old continent that could withstand its pressure. The other creatures occupied the frailest regions, and Noah could meet them before his real target if he made the right turns.

Coldness came out of Noah's figure as he focused on his task. A map of that side of the old continent appeared in his mind, and a route quickly formed on it.

Then, a human-shaped crack replaced his figure, and Noah disappeared inside his dimension.

The dark scenery seen from inside the personal dimension didn't give Noah many details about the old continent's actual environment. Yet, he had already memorized the Snakes' position, and he could predict their reactions due to his vast knowledge in the magical beasts' field.

Noah followed the western coastline until he abruptly stopped and wielded the Demonic Sword. A lower tier Eternal Snake had appeared in the lands under him, and the creature released a surprised roar when it noticed his figure.

Dark matter quickly flowed inside the Demonic Sword before Noah slashed at the beast. A ma.s.sive ma.s.s of blackness in the form of a blade flew out of his figure and crashed on the surprised creatures before it could even release its silver liquid.

Noah's ambition had begun to build up during his sprint. His cultivation level had reached the quasi-solid stage by the time he met his first opponent.

The Snake in the lower tier couldn't defend against that attack. That was one of Noah's strongest slashes launched after his ambition had boosted his power.

The storm of dark matter engulfed the creature and ripped its flesh into pieces. The slash carried Noah's sharpness even in that ma.s.sive form, and the Snake's innate defenses couldn't hope to stop it.

Noah charged toward the storm and waved his hand when he found the maimed corpse of the Eternal Snake. The slash had destroyed most of its flesh and lowered its value, but he didn't mind that loss.

His body was in the middle tier, and it required far more energy than any other creature on the same level to improve. Noah had reached the point when he couldn't consider magical beasts in the lower tier as a proper meal.

The maimed corpse disappeared as a human-shaped crack replaced Noah's figure. He sprinted toward the eastern coast at that time. The opposite side of the continent accommodated another weaker creature.

Noah's innate awareness sensed that something had changed in that environment after the first prey released its roar. His consciousness could only feel that for a fraction of a second since he immediately sprinted again, but that was enough to make him aware of what was happening.

The pack had learnt about the presence of an invader. The four remaining creatures on that side of the old continent would now converge toward Noah's first victim.

Noah still had an advantage, so his second hunt went smoothly. He reached the eastern coast, found the lower tier specimen, and ripped its flesh apart with a slash that unleashed a storm of dark matter.

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His neat and precise attacks couldn't prevent his second prey from releasing a cry. The remains of the pack learnt about Noah's new position.

However, a straight black line came out of the dark world and pierced the lower tier Snake's head. Noah had his fingers pointed toward that creature, and he curved them upward to finish off the beast.

The black line followed the movement of his fingers. It continued to cut its flesh and bones until it came out from the upper side of the Snake's body.

Even the peak rank 6 specimen stopped to watch the effects of Noah's spell. It was still alive, but its instincts gave it different sensations. It was as if they already considered it a corpse.

The weaker Snake suddenly opened into two parts. Noah's spell had almost severed the creature in half. It had missed only a small amount of flesh.

The creature was still in one piece, but its injury didn't even give him the time to launch its silver liquid. The Snake died without understanding who had killed it.

The peak rank 6 Eternal Snake turned toward the cloud while wearing a wary expression. The dark world collapsed under its eyes, and the dark matter caved in to take the shape of a humanoid armor around Noah.

Noah wouldn't use his Demonic Form now that he was in front of his real target. The end of his project was finally in his reach and the excitement that he felt made his ambition push his centers of power into the solid stage.

Dark matter flowed inside the Demonic Sword and turned it into a four hundred meters long blade, and Snore formed behind his back. A shadow also came out of his ring before vanis.h.i.+ng in the environment. Noah wouldn't hold back when facing an opponent at the peak of the heroic ranks.


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