Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1254 1254. Escape

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Chapter 1254 1254. Escape

The dark matter spread at the bottom of the sea. The Eternal Snakes in the distance could immediately sense the danger coming from that spot, but they charged toward it without any hesitation.

Magical beasts with such a high rank wouldn't escape in front of a threat. They knew that they stood near the peak of the world, so they treated anything dangerous as potential food.

Snore quickly formed as more dark matter came out of Noah's chest. He wouldn't rely on the dark world in that battle. He had already confirmed that the Eternal Snakes wouldn't give it time to express its power.

The Blood Companion's appearance had changed. Its overall size was still the same, but it didn't have its arms anymore. Three pairs of scaled wings had also replaced its previous ones, and its face was far different than before.

Snore's head was still similar to a snake, but it had features that made it resemble a dragon now. Its nose wasn't flat anymore, and its mouth had become sharper.

Moreover, the six horns that came out from behind its eyes gave the creature a fiendish appearance. They made a sharp turn to point forward and cover its head. They resembled a piece of armor rather than crucial body parts required for Snore's new ability.

Noah's ambition filled his aura and made his cultivation level grow. That empowerment partially affected Snore, who pointed its horns toward the three creatures and began to prepare its new ability.

'Attack the strongest one,' Noah thought, and his orders reached the Blood Companion through the connection in his mind.

The Eternal Snakes were still at some distance from Noah, so Snore had the time to prepare its ability.

Its horns began to tremble. Sparks, fire, ice, rocks, wind, and dark matter started to come out of them. Each horn appeared capable of replicating only one element, but that was only the initial phase of the ability.

Ice spread in the area as the Eternal Snakes spewed silver liquid during their charge. Water froze and shattered, but Noah limited himself to watch them as his ambition continued to push his cultivation level upward.

The elements kept acc.u.mulating inside Snore's horns before that energy flowed in its throat. The Blood Companion adjusted its aim and opened its mouth to release a dark beam that made the Eternal Snake's halt in fear.

The energy launched by the beam was so violent that pieces of Snore's mouth crumbled during the attack. Part of its throat fell apart. The Blood Companion injured itself to cast its innate ability.

The Eternal Snakes tried to leap away from that attack, but the dark beam was too fast. The upper tier specimen couldn't dodge it, and it could only spit large quant.i.ties of silver liquid in the hope that it could block part of the offensive's destructive might.

Then, something unusual happened, and the Eternal Snake remained dumbfounded at that sight. The dark beam pierced the layers of ice and came into contact with the silver liquid without freezing. It appeared immune to that ability.

The beam landed on the Snake's body and continued forward. It pierced the creature and spread in the sea behind it, disintegrating the very fabric of the water that happened to cross.

Snore closed what remained of its mouth after its attack touched the upper tier specimen. The energy contained in the beam had destroyed its lower maw and most of its throat, but dark matter soon flowed out of Noah's chest to fix that injury.

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The upper tier Snake didn't feel pain initially, and that continued even after Snore closed its mouth. However, when it looked at the spot where the beam had landed, it noticed that a large circular hole had appeared on its body.

The upper tier Eternal Snakes slammed its head on the ice around that had survived the beam to create shards capable of healing the huge hole that had appeared on its body.

Still, no number of shards could ever fix that injury. The ice tried to stop the bleeding, but it couldn't close that huge hole.

The upper tier Eternal Snakes released a roar that echoed through the water, and its underlings soon gathered in front of it. The two middle tier creatures acted as a meat s.h.i.+eld as the trio resumed their charge toward Noah.

'Again,' Noah thought as his ambition pushed his power toward the limits of the liquid stage.

Snore didn't hesitate to execute his orders. A dark light began to s.h.i.+ne on his horns again, and the elements reappeared on their surface. The energy they acc.u.mulated then flowed in Snore's throat, and the Blood Companion opened its mouth to release it.

The three Eternal Snakes were in a straight line as they swam toward Noah. They spat their silver liquid to create multiple layers of ice and acc.u.mulate enough shards to heal themselves, but the beam destroyed everything in its path.

The attack landed on the first Snake's head and pierced it from side to side before continuing toward the silver liquid behind it. That innate ability couldn't do anything, so the wild energy reached the second creature's head and made a hole in it.

The beam continued even after that. It reached the layer of ice protecting the upper tier creature and destroyed it. Yet, the Snake had disappeared by the time the attack crossed that defense.

Noah almost couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the upper tier Eternal Snake swimming in the distance. The creature had decided to escape when it saw that its two underlings had died in one attack.

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