Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1243 1243. Sacrifice

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Chapter 1243 1243. Sacrifice

The Matriarchs didn't expect anything less from Noah. He had claimed the t.i.tle of strongest heroic cultivator for a reason, and his battle style made it clear that no one on his level was his match.

It didn't matter that the Matriarchs had prepared for that battle. Noah had various abilities, and the powerhouses couldn't counter all of them. Some of his techniques didn't even have actual countermeasures.

Noah didn't have a time limit in that situation. The power that he wielded in the battle didn't come from his ambition, so he could fight the Matriarchs without having to put his life on the line.

He could rely on his superior battle prowess to exhaust them. That would eventually expose some flaws in their fighting style, and he wouldn't hesitate to exploit them.

G.o.d's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana understood that they couldn't defeat Noah with normal methods. He could overcome all their plans and even injure them at the same time.

Great Elder Diana glanced at her companion. A few injuries had appeared on G.o.d's Left Hand's body, and she had lost her right eye during the last exchange.

Each of Noah's attacks could be deadly. The two of them wouldn't even have survived for so long if they hadn't studied all his abilities.

Two layers of armor still protected Noah. Instead, the Matriarchs had already shown their tricks. Their traps had also failed, which left them with nothing but injuries.

The sky slowly reformed as Noah and the Matriarchs studied each other. Neither of them appeared willing to make the first move, but Noah soon decided that he had enough of waiting.

A sea of saber-shaped runes came out of his figure and surrounded him. Snore reformed and unfolded its wings, and the Black Hole spell floated toward him.

Copies of his fiendish armor also formed among the sea of blades. They immersed themselves in the Black Hole spell as soon as they appeared in the open, and five giants came out of the dark sphere once the empowerment ended.

The sheer power in Noah's techniques was able to twist the sky's structure and bend the sunlight. That area had become nothing more than a black patch capable of altering the very fabric of the world.

It was as if Noah's abilities were cancer that spread through Heaven and Earth's world and tainted it with his existence. His dark world and corrosive cloud would often hide his a.r.s.enal, but the Matriarchs could witness it in its spectacular might in that situation.

Noah lifted his free hand at that point. He pointed at G.o.d's Left Hand with two fingers and focused on the sharpness carried by his existence.

G.o.d's Left Hand didn't feel anything initially, but a dangerous sensation soon built up inside her mind. She felt that something was about to arrive, but she couldn't understand the nature of that threat.

Great Elder Diana's eyes suddenly widened as she inspected that scene. Her hand shot in front of her companion and lightning bolts exploded in the area.

The Empire's Leader was about to question her, but she soon noticed that traces of Noah's sharpness came out of her companion's technique. Great Elder Diana had prevented the casting of a spell, and a chill ran down G.o.d's Left Hand's spine when she saw that the attack had aimed at her forehead.

She couldn't lower her guard for even a second against Noah. She couldn't allow herself to show any flaw against that opponent.

When the duo glanced at Noah again, they noticed that he had disappeared from the center of his abilities. They couldn't sense his presence anymore either, but they couldn't focus on that since the techniques in the distance began to fly toward them.

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The five giants moved, surrounded by the tight array of blades. Snore also flew with them and used the dark matter around the fiendish copies to remain intact even if it had lost its connection with Noah.

Even if he was inside the dark world, Noah didn't understand what was happening in the impact area. The clashes among the many abilities made that zone chaotic, and dark matter often crumbled as shockwaves came out of it.

Noah waited a few seconds before he charged his Demonic Sword with dark matter. His blade grew until it was more than four hundred meters tall, and he slashed at the area that still featured multiple clashes.

The ma.s.sive blade descended, and the dark world tuned with the sharpness that it carried to enhance its abilities. That blow contained so much power that even the dark matter opened to let it pa.s.s.

Before the slash swept the area, black winds appeared inside the dark world and expanded to create a ma.s.sive tornado. An array of dense lightning bolts also shot out of the spell, and sparks began to run through those raging gales.

The tornado clashed with the giant blade. The Demonic Sword pierced the spell while losing part of its power, but the lightning bolts that shot out of the tornado prevented Noah's weapon from damaging them any further.

The lightning bolts landed on the giant blade's structural flaws and dispersed most of the dark matter that the Demonic Sword had acc.u.mulated. The ma.s.sive weapon soon became an unstable mess that the tornado could sweep away easily.

The tornado didn't stop expanding. The dark world crumbled under that spell and the lightning bolts that it released. Dark matter also fell apart when it touched the sparks running through the winds.

Noah's technique was about to lose against those spells, but he wouldn't let the Matriarchs regain the upper hand in the battle. He charged right through the storm and used his movement technique to pierce the tornado.

Sparks landed on his body and shattered his robe as cracks opened on his skin. Noah had eventually chosen to suffer some damage in that battle, but that was only part of his regular fighting style. He often decided to sacrifice something to put his opponents in an even worse situation.

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