Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1240 1240. Resolution

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Chapter 1240 1240. Resolution

G.o.d's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana couldn't help but shake when they felt Noah's aura focusing on them. That was their first time having Noah as a proper opponent, and the fear that he generated in their minds surpa.s.sed their expectations.

No label could describe Noah's power. He was a liquid stage cultivator capable of expressing peak stage prowess without ambition, and peak rank power when his individuality fueled his existence.

He had various attacks in his a.r.s.enal, but his main offensive featured slashes that could match spells. His puppets also made up for any flaw in his battle style, and his body was capable of miracles.

Noah was the most fearsome opponent in the entire world. He was wicked and competent, and no one could ever claim to know the entirety of his prowess.

The entire world knew tales about his achievements. His adventures had already entered the historical records. His name carried the weight of all the hindrances that he had overcome through his life.

Thinking of facing him was foolish, but G.o.d's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana acted in good faith. The world was at stake in that period, and stopping Noah was the only thing that could delay its destruction.

G.o.d's Left Hand had lost most of her restraint after Shandal returned to the lower plane. In her mind, the Empire had become the strongest organization in the world again, so she wouldn't restrain herself during political matters.

Great Elder Diana was different. She could understand both Noah and G.o.d's Left hand, and her intentions were merely practical.

Relying on Shandal was the safest bet in that situation, while letting Noah free to act would force her organization to migrate to the other world.

She didn't feel any hatred toward Noah, but she had to fight him to ensure a better future for her underlings and herself.

Noah wanted to avoid that battle too. He wouldn't have even discussed with the leaders when the world was still in its previous condition, but the appearance of so many powerful creatures had turned his priorities upside down.

He needed the Eternal Snakes for his project and body, but he also desired to have a valuable army at hand if the world's situation was too hard to handle on his own.

His ambition made him desire everything, and that included the power held by the two allied organizations. Still, he wouldn't hesitate now that G.o.d's Left Hand had expressed her stance.

He waited to attack only because Great Elder Diana had yet to unfold her aura. Her actions would decide whether that fight had to happen.

Great Elder Diana glanced at the Matriarch before moving her gaze on Noah. A tinge of regret appeared on her expression as her aura surged, and crackling spheres formed around her figure.

The various emotions on the Matriarch's expression vanished as determination replaced them. They were in the same mess together now. They had to survive the fury of the strongest cultivator in history.

A human-shaped crack replaced Noah's figure as soon as Great Elder Diana unleashed her aura. The Matriarchs placed their backs against each other and prepared for his attack.

The whole world knew about Noah's abilities. The experts had failed to see part of the battle against the Eternal Snake, but they had observed him for a long time.

Nothing Noah did could surprise them. Both G.o.d's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana had prepared countermeasures to his iconic abilities, and they had items that could hinder his usual fighting style.

Black lines appeared around the Matriarchs who didn't leave their defensive stance. Those attacks widened to create portals that released hundreds of slashes, but Noah didn't reappear in the open.

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G.o.d's Left Hand wielded her quasi-rank 7 fan and waved it toward the slashes coming in her direction. Dense gales formed in front of her and clashed against Noah's attack.

Noah came out of his dimension at that point. He could feel the Matriarchs' laws struggling to overcome the suppression of his dark world, but only Great Elder Diana could achieve some little success.

The dark world was Noah's domain. He decided what could exist inside it. However, that was also the weakness of that technique since he had to wield enough power to suppress the laws coming from his enemies.

Cultivators needed sheer and superior power to break free of the dark world. Every other approach would only suffer from the restrictions that Noah had decided.

Noah raised his blade and pointed it in a specific spot of the dark cloud. His Demonic Sword began to vibrate, and more dark matter flowed inside its shape to empower his offensive.

G.o.d's Left Hand suddenly felt danger in her mind, and her instincts told her to perform an evasive maneuver. However, she had underestimated how fast Noah's attacks could travel.

A painful sensation suddenly spread on her left shoulder. She lowered her head only to see that a fist-sized hole had appeared in that spot.

The lunge had spared her arm, but G.o.d's Left Hand knew that his failure in delivering a deadly attack wasn't his fault. The whirlpool around her body had prevented his blow from hitting her head.

Noah had aimed for the kill at his first attack. He wasn't playing around either.

Multiple dangerous sensations appeared on the Matriarchs' minds at that point. They both glanced at their ally to evaluate that situation, and they didn't hesitate to convey that they shared the same threats.

Waves of smoke flowed through the cloud, and many attacks appeared in the Matriarchs' vision while they deployed their defenses. Noah had launched a dozen lunges toward them, and they had to stop them before they became nothing more than corpses.

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