Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1238 1238. Going ou

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Chapter 1238 1238. Going ou

The powerhouses learnt what it meant to hold absolute power after Noah killed one of the peak rank 6 Eternal Snakes. The sheer might that one of the leaders wielded was enough to put the entire word's integrity at risk.

'Is that even a rank 7 magical beast?' Noah wondered as he returned to his cave.

He had ignored everything happening in the outside world as he swam at the bottom of the sea to return to his training area. Roars echoed non-stop above him and reached his position even if he was underwater, but he didn't stop his journey to inspect them.

Still, Noah began to have doubts about the actual power of the leaders in the Immortal Land. He had seen G.o.ds in action in his life, but those creatures appeared to be on a completely different level.

Noah didn't dare to think that the leaders were in the eighth rank. After all, Shandal had managed to steal an egg from them. A fake G.o.d like him would have died against creatures on that level unless he had the help of something with a similar might.

Countless mental messages arrived on his inscribed notebook. The Hive's higher-ups and the other leaders wanted to know what had happened to cause such an uproar.

Noah didn't answer them until he reached his cave, and he only replied to the Demons' worried messages since they were enough to spread the news to the other powerhouses.

Everyone soon learnt about Noah's achievement. They didn't inspect the entirety of his battle since their eyes were on the territories of the Elbas family.

Also, they thought that Noah only wanted to test himself as usual. They didn't expect him to aim for the kill.

However, when they learnt that he had killed one of the ten peak rank 6 creatures, many of them began to give voice to loud complaints.

"You can't do whatever you want during this crisis!" Great Elder Diana said while her anger took control of her usual calm.

"Why didn't you wait for the Almighty's directives?!" G.o.d's Left Hand said with a newfound arrogant tone.

Noah ignored those mental messages to focus on his recovery. He had finally inspected his body after returning to his cave, and his condition made him wear a grim expression.

The Eternal Snake had landed direct hits on him only twice, but those blows had damaged Noah's skin and insides badly. The creature had also thrashed him around, but those attacks didn't injure him seriously.

Two large black patches had appeared on Noah's left side and chest. The Snake's maimed tail didn't manage to pierce his skin, but it had damaged it together with the tissues under them. Even his organs didn't escape that attack.

Noah rested while the world adapted to the arrival of the new magical beasts. He ignored every report and complaint that reached his inscribed notebook to focus on his recovery.

His centers of power had acc.u.mulated a lot of stress during the last battle, and he could only eat pieces of his powerful prey to quicken his recovery.

The peak rank 6 creature's flesh mostly helped his body, but the black hole redirected part of that energy to his centers of power to restore them.

Once his centers of power recovered, Noah activated one of the spells that he had reconstructed during his peaceful periods.

Darkness came out of Noah's dantian and created a solid form around his figure. That shape resembled a large blade that contained him in an environment capable of benefitting his healing process.

Dark matter aided the process too. The black hole seemed to work together with that environment to help Noah's recover faster.

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That was the Dark Womb spell that Noah had never been able to use in its previous form. It expended a large amount of darkness, mental energy, and dark matter while it remained active, but it allowed him to recover far quicker than usual.

Fights among the remaining rank 6 marine magical beasts and the Eternal Snakes happened. The hunting zones of those overlords of the sea meant nothing for the creatures coming from the Immortal Lands.

Even the Elbas family had to give up on its domain after the Eternal Snakes received reinforcements. The magical beasts had gathered on the southeastern part of the new continent right after they landed, and their offensive wasn't something that the Royals could stop.

The attack of forty-nine rank 6 creatures was something unheard of in a lower plane. No force in the world had ever managed to wield such power, and the four organizations didn't even come close to that number when they were at their peak.

No lower plane could survive that threat. The might of one pack from the Immortal Land was enough to conquer everything.

The powerhouses had already planned to migrate to the other Mortal Lands and destroy the portal while Noah focused on his recovery. The world was too dangerous for them, but they had the chance to start anew.

However, they didn't move since Shandal had yet to act. The powerhouses didn't know what would happen when he joined that battlefield, and they would give up on the piece of Immortal Lands only after all their hopes failed.

They knew that no other lower plane had such a valuable environment, so they didn't want to abandon it unless they had no other choice.

Noah couldn't stop smiling while he read those reports. The world had entered a wild state, and rank 6 magical beasts had become a common sight.

That was his ideal environment. He wouldn't have to worry about his body's growth if he managed to exploit that chance properly.

"This is why the forces of the three organizations are waiting for Shandal to make his move," Dreaming Demon's voice resounded in Noah's mind as he listened to the last mental message from the Hive. "We have no contacts with the Elbas family, but the separate dimension doesn't have room for them anyway."

"I agree," Noah replied to that message through his inscribed notebook, "You should wait for Shandal. Still, be ready to evacuate the world. I'm going out."

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