Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1234 1234. Suppression

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Chapter 1234 1234. Suppression

The Eternal Snake didn't fear Noah's display of power. His cultivation level was strange to evaluate, and he didn't come close to the peak of the sixth rank anyway.

However, the creature still had survival instincts. A chill ran down its spine when it saw the three fuming giants coming out of the Black Hole spell. The beast could sense that those fiendish copies were dangerous.

Noah's ambition couldn't fill the gap between him and the Snake. Still, he was against a magical beast, so he could use his superior arts to make up for that lack of sheer power.

The Snake could use its body perfectly. Some of its attacks even resembled martial arts due to how efficient they were. Yet, it still couldn't compare to an actual cultivator when it came to how much it could empower its basic strength.

The creature had only created a battle style that made it use the full potential of its body and innate abilities.

Noah didn't deploy the dark world in that battle. He preferred to keep it as a second armor that empowered his physical prowess and defense rather than wasting it to create his domain.

The Snake could make the dark world disperse with a simple attack. It would be a waste to use it in a vain attempt to suppress the creature.

The cloud of corrosive smoke seeping out of Noah's figure soon engulfed the Black Hole spell, Snore, and the sea of saber-shaped runes in its shape. It even hid the giant fiendish copies in its darkness.

The Eternal Snake didn't care about that, and the fear that it felt toward the fiendish copies wasn't intense enough to stop its offensive. The creature charged toward the black while opening cracks in the sky due to its violent momentum.

However, as soon as it pierced the external layer of corrosive smoke, its body stopped, and a wave of silver liquid accompanied the cry that it released.

The silver rain froze part of the dark cloud and sky. A layer of ice spread in that area, and the Snake promptly cracked its maimed tail to shatter it.

A storm of ice-shards shot in the area and a crack opened in the sky. Half of the corrosive cloud also dispersed, revealing the beings that had managed to stop the beast's charge.

The three giant fiendish figures had their claws against the Snake's mouth. Some of their sharp fingers even fused with those of the other copies when they overlapped.

Noah was among the copies too. His Demonic Sword had become fifty meters large to join giant figures and stop the Snake.

Trails of green blood fell from the point where the claws and the Demonic Sword converged. Noah had used the creature's momentum to his advantage and had managed to inflict a deep wound on that spot.

One of the copies had lost its lower body after the tail attacked, but the corrosive smoke around it soon converged toward its figure and recreated the missing parts.

The ice-shards did the same. They stopped dispersing and flew toward the injury on the Snake's head to fix that damage while the creature spat more silver liquid.

Noah closed his eyes as ice-shards crossed him, and the area in front of him began to freeze. His consciousness unfolded and inspected the spot where his Demonic Sword had dug the Snake's flash.

The sharpness carried by his aura became more intense. The two defensive layers covering his face opened to let him place his forehead on the Demonic Sword.

The ice spreading in the area shattered at that gesture. The Snake felt forced to retract its head due to the pain that it felt. Countless cuts had suddenly appeared between Noah and the beast, and most of them had focused the insides of the wound on its mouth.

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The giant fiendish figures charged ahead at that point. Their physical might had become acceptable due to the empowerment of the dark matter around them, so they could avoid to blow themselves up at the first clash.

Traces of a headache began to appear in Noah's mind, but he didn't care as long as his mental walls remained stable. Luckily for him, training for more than five hundred years with the Seventh Kesier rune had made his sea of consciousness extremely resilient.

'Heavy repercussions are nothing as long as there are no injuries,' Noah calmly thought as he proceeded to create another fiendish copy.

The new saber-shaped runes had already begun to absorb primary energy, and his fiendish copies entered inside the Black Hole spell to obtain part of its power.

The first wave of sabers exhausted their power soon, but they succeeded in inflicting multiple injuries in the most damaged spots of the Snake's head.

Noah's sharpness was still creating cuts in the environment, but he felt that it was time to act. He couldn't let the Snake become used to that fighting rhythm. He had to keep it suppressed until it exhaled its last breath.

The second wave of saber-shaped runes flew forward, and the two giant fiendish armors came out of the Black Hole spell to join the offensive. Noah even covered their figures with dark matter to turn them into threatening tools.

The Demonic Sword shrunk in his hands, and Noah immersed it inside the Black Hole spell. Dark matter also flowed inside the blade to push its power beyond its limits.

Noah's living weapon had healed while he planned his new project. Its structure didn't have any damage, so it could absorb a ma.s.sive amount of energy in its current condition.

The pressure inside Noah's mind increased even more, but he suppressed every unwanted sensation to activate one of the runes inside his mental sea.

Then, he slashed at the sky and sprinted through the crack that had appeared.

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