Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1231 1231. Power

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Chapter 1231 1231. Power

Noah didn't regroup with the other powerhouses after the battle against the Eternal Snake. The drawbacks of his ambition had started to affect his centers of power, so he preferred to recover in a safe place.

The world was currently a mess. The ten peak rank 6 creatures had stopped at nothing to converge at the center of the new continent, but they didn't encounter many hindrances.

The three organizations had been on the new continent for less than twenty years. The few protections that they had managed to deploy couldn't stop those creatures, especially when no cultivator worked together with them.

The leaders had decided to let the Snakes roam freely for now. Struggling to defend their domains would only ruin the condition of the new continent, and they didn't mind leaving the Elbas family as the only resident of that landma.s.s.

A small loss could bring many benefits. They had no reason to defend lands that they could barely claim as their own.

G.o.d's Left Hand and the other troops of the Shandal Empire returned to the old continent to occupy their old domain. King Elbas had destroyed the blue dome during the five hundred years of his undisputed rule, but he didn't bother to attack the structures that it contained.

Those buildings and cities were in ruins since many magical beasts had chosen to place their lairs there. Yet, the Empire only needed a few years to clear those lands and start reconstructing its ancestral home.

G.o.d's Left Hand also showed her goodwill toward the Council by abandoning the Empire's claims on the Papral nation. Great Elder Diana could move her troops there while the situation on the new continent remained unstable.

Only the Hive found it hard to settle. The Demons and the other higher-ups wanted to use the Coral Archipelago as their temporary home. Still, most of the exoskeleton of the Purple Coral had disappeared after those five hundred years.

They could only guess that King Elbas had some interest in that material, but that didn't change the condition of their ancestral home. The purple halo didn't fill that area of the sea anymore, and many islands had sunk after they lost their foundation.

As for Chasing Demon's statue, the Hive had brought it inside the separate dimension after losing against King Elbas. It was still there, waiting for the organization to find a new home.

The higher-ups of the Hive divided themselves into different regions and separated their underlings into crowded platoons. Some occupied the Utra nation, others settled in the remaining islands of the Archipelago, and many returned in the separate dimension.

The dimensional portal was still open, and no one bothered to defend it. The other Mortal Lands had flourished in those years since no wars happened there.

The Elbas family had captured many specimens there, and it still controlled a large part of that landma.s.s. Yet, only weaker cultivators inhabited it since the stronger ones preferred to live in the piece of Immortal Lands.

The three organizations could decide to move to the other world until the situation in the new continent stabilized, but they didn't want to lose their chance to reconquer the world.

Shandal had yet to make his move, so they didn't know when the crack in the sky would close. Not even G.o.d's Left Hand was aware of the intentions of her Patriarch.

The lack of buildings meant to inspect the nearby regions prevented many heroic cultivators from watching Noah's battle. Still, some powerhouses used inscribed items to look at it from far away, and they didn't hesitate to let the world know about his prowess.

Most of the weaker powerhouses couldn't even imagine how a liquid stage cultivator had managed to reduce a peak rank 6 magical beast in that state.

Some aspects of that story were even more absurd. After all, they saw a powerhouse forcefully bringing his power to the next stage and facing that creature on even ground.

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Noah wielded a secret art that didn't cause grave repercussions on his centers of power. Moreover, his individuality didn't seem to have limits to how much it could increase his might.

Noah couldn't complain about his sword arts. His slashes were among the strongest attacks in the entire world. He could only aim to create more techniques that fused spells with his physical might when it came to that field.

Snore was the only real flaw in his battle prowess. The Blood Companion wasn't even close to being weak, but it couldn't keep up with Noah's monstrous might.

The dark world empowered its abilities, and the dark matter made its body extremely hard to deal with. Still, its elemental attacks didn't manage to do much. Only the saber-shaped runes attached to its wings were threatening, but that was true for all the weapons relying on the primary energy.

Snore needed to improve, and Noah didn't want to wait for his dark matter to reach a superior stage. He was the maker, so he could turn his Blood Companion into a deadly weapon without needing to rely on external factors.

Noah could begin to modify Snore right away, but another project occupied his mind and didn't let him think about anything else.

Countless ideas had started to fill his mind after witnessing the innate ability of the Eternal Snake. Thinking that he could use what he destroyed to heal himself left no room for other projects.

Noah knew that succeeding in replicating the Snake's healing ability would make him unstoppable. His individuality was a perfect match for that skill, and he needed that tool to express the power of his incredible body to its fullest.

Yet, he had enough experience in the creations of abilities to know that it was almost impossible to replicate them. Only the Body-inscription spell could directly seize them, but he needed something more invasive in that case.

Noah didn't want a Blood Companion that could heal him with its abilities. He wanted that skill to depend on his destruction. He desired to obtain it and make it part of his bloodline.

Needless to say, Noah began to use the Divine Deduction technique non-stop after his mind had recovered. He had set his eyes on that power, and he would stop at nothing to obtain it.

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