Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 123 - 123. Naked

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Noah entered the building and sat on one of the farthest seats from the teacher's desk.

Megan was already there waiting for all the students to gather.

June arrived right after and sat next to him.

"Why didn't you join Daniel?"

Noah replied in a calm tone.

"Because I had a lesson."

"But isn't he the most famous person in the academy?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders.

"Should I care?"

"Well, face is really important to n.o.bles. There is a high chance that his group will retaliate."

Noah shrugged his shoulders again and focused on Megan.

The course went on for a few hours with the Professor explaining the most common usage of the various centers of power.

After that, Noah went back to his lodging and found out that June's warning was on point.

Two male students were standing in front of his accommodation with smirks on their faces.

"Do you think that breaking Lord Daniel's record gives you the right to ignore him?"

The other continued.

"Lord Daniel is too kind and doesn't care about that stuff but you clearly disrespected him this morning. You'd better follow us and apologize in front of him."

Noah understood part of the situation.

'They want to gain points with that guy by using me as a sacrifice?'

Noah shook his head and spoke in an uncaring tone.

"Hey, what is the meaning of "gravely injure" according to the academy rules?"

The two students were a bit surprised by his words and replied honestly.

"Well, any permanent injury of course."

Noah nodded and wielded his sabers.

"I only want to cultivate in peace but if you force me, I will break both your arms and hang you naked on the board on this side of the river."

The two students were speechless for a moment before exploding in a sonorous laugh.

"Who do you think you are!? If you ever touch me, L-"

He could not finish his phrase since Noah had already appeared in front of him.

The handle of his saber hit with incredible momentum the pit of the student's stomach.

The student fell on his knees and began to throw up.

Noah grabbed his head and smashed it on the ground, making him faint.

The other student grew scared and turned to run away.

Noah charged again, a small black circle appeared under his foot, speeding up his a.s.sault.

He immediately arrived behind the other student and strongly hit his nape with the bladeless side of his saber.

He fainted on the spot due to the impact of Noah's attack.

'The Shadow steps spell sure is useful!'

He had used the rank 0 spell in both his charges to obtain a greater momentum and the effects greatly pleased him.

'Now, let's take care of these two.'

A great commotion occurred that day in the academy.

One of the new students carried two of his seniors on the board at the center of the lodging area.

The seniors were unconscious and were, most importantly, naked from head to toe.

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The new student then hanged them upside down on the board and went away uncaringly.

Time pa.s.sed peacefully for Noah in the academy.

He would attend his three weekly lessons and then spend the rest of his time cultivating.

His knowledge of magical beasts became vaster as it did his expertise in the cultivation topic.

His strength also steadily rose and, with June as his sparring partner, he had become quite used to the changes in his fighting style.

Almost two months had pa.s.sed since his entrance in the academy and it was time for him to complete a mission.

Noah was standing in front of the board with a pensive expression.

Since the events with Daniel's followers, no one ever bothered him again.

Adding that to his increasingly cold aura, it was no wonder that very few people ever approached him.

'However, if they want some kind of revenge, I believe that this will be the best moment.'

All the missions that he could accept were outside of the academy ground.

If the two students managed somehow to place an ambush on him, things could get troublesome.

'They would need a man in the inside though. Well, even if they do plan something, I will just use this chance to test my progress.'

The oath they swore concerned the academy, the information about its students was quite free to divulge.

In the end, he picked the hunting mission with the biggest reward and moved to the exit of the academy.

He felt some gazes on him and one of them was especially intense.

'Here is the man on the inside.'

Noah turned to look in that direction only to see Samuel Muwlos calmly smirking at him.

He then placed his token on the pa.s.sage for the outside and hurriedly exited the academy.

Seeing that, Samuel picked a wooden tablet and neared it to his mouth.

"He went out, have fun."

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