Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1222 1222. Egg

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Chapter 1222 1222. Egg

The battle against the Eight-armed t.i.tan continued, but the powerhouses destroyed most of it before the golden light managed to fix its inscriptions.

The puppet lost all its arms and legs before the golden flames began to burn on its skin again. Yet, the battle had already ended by then. That fire alone couldn't stop the powerhouses.

The t.i.tan crumbled, and the leaders inspected the region to remove any inscription still lingering in the area. In less than a week, troops from their organizations started to settle and build encampments to reclaim that land properly.

The organizations resumed their expansion after the t.i.tan fell. They had defeated almost all the guardians of the Elbas family, so they could conquer most of the new continent before having to gaze at the regions that still had powerful protections.

The Elbas family had reinforced most of the regions in its domain, but there were a few lands that had special protections.

The last part of the mountain chain at the center of the new continent had the Nine-headed Hydra, and the southern part of the eastern coast had piles of formations that could replicate the might of a solid stage powerhouse when working together.

That disposition of the defenses revealed that the Royals had never planned to control the entirety of the new continent for long. They knew exactly how strong they were, so they had reinforced only a few crucial regions.

Third Prince and Second Princess didn't expect King Elbas to leave without even bothering to deal with their enemies, but that had only accelerated the inevitable invasion.

The three organizations had still part of the new continent's southern area to reclaim, but they had to face the threatening Hydra before they could advance further.

The problem with the last puppet was that its range was far wider than the t.i.tan. The waves of flames that the nine heads launched could fill the sky above multiple regions while maintaining their upper tier power.

Reaching it was pointless. Noah could use the armor made of dark matter to cross the Hydra's barrage of attacks, but he wouldn't have any support inside it.

Moreover, he could guess that the Royal would modify some of the puppet's defenses to stop him from destroying the inscriptions. If Noah went inside the Hydra and something went wrong, he would remain stuck among the golden flames.

The invasion had to stop for a few years. Thirty-seven, Noah, and other inscription masters had to build a series of specific weapons to counter the Hydra's annoying abilities.

The three organizations finally had access to many resources again. It didn't matter that the new continent had lost a lot of power since it first fell. It still contained materials that could help them out.

The experts created robes, barriers, formations, and talismans. Noah even built a few living weapons that could fend off the flames a few times.

The main issue against the Hydra was its level, but the invaders could use many inscribed items to make up for that difference in power.

Truth be told, Noah believed that he could create something stronger than the golden flames. He didn't know if he could build a proper weapon in the upper tier, but reaching that level of power with disposable items was more than possible with his current expertise.

However, he didn't want to start a long series of experiments, and he would rather preserve the world's resources. Wasting valuable materials in a battle that they could win through other methods risked to leave him without the items required by his projects.

Also, he wanted the other organizations to do their share of work. They would start to take advantage of the Hive if it kept on solving every issue.

The attack on the Nine-headed Hydra started ten years after that break. The powerhouses revealed a long series of defensive items in the lower and middle tier that could block the golden flames when they worked together.

The invaders had to perform a few tests against the puppet before they felt confident that their methods worked, but they launched ma.s.sive attacks once they polished their battle strategy.

Their offensive progressed slowly, but that was the best that they could do in that situation. The powerhouses had to use most of their energy to fuel the defensive items and arrive on a spot where their spells could reach the Hydra.

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Then, they had to damage the puppet. Noah didn't dare to expose himself after he had revealed his techniques and limited himself to launch slashes that could leave long cuts on the Hydra's heads.

"Fall back!" Noah shouted before sprinting outside of that region.

His companions remained speechless when they noticed his sudden action, but that wouldn't be Noah's first time predicting or sensing a dangerous event before them.

Moreover, they all trusted his judgment. He had to have a good reason to interrupt the a.s.sault and let the Hydra heal.

Noah continued to retreat until the dangerous feeling began to disperse. He had to reach the center of the region nearby before he felt safe to stop.

The other powerhouses did the same and grouped around him to question him about the issue, but Noah didn't even glance at them. He was too busy searching for the cause of his sensation to mind his companions.

'What is this?' Noah asked himself when he saw that nothing happened. He was almost about to think that his instincts had failed for the first time.

Yet, a giant lightning bolt fell from the sky at that point. It crashed on the Hydra and pierced its golden flames before shattering its body.

Noah almost couldn't believe his consciousness. The lightning bolt carried an energy superior to the Heaven Tribulation faced by G.o.d's Right Hand.

His eyes went on the sky, where he saw that a large hole had appeared in its fabric. A pure white light came out of that fissure, and some smoke still lingered on its edges.

Noah looked at the ground at that point, and his surprise could only increase at that scene. He saw a cultivator covered in trails of white smoke holding a large egg with both his arms.

"Almighty!" G.o.d's Left Hand shouted while the group silently recognized that cultivator.

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