Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1203 - 1203. Conquest

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Chapter 1203 - 1203. Conquest

The new defenses deployed by the Elbas family began to fall. One by one, the invaders managed to overcome the challenges in the regions near them.

Great Elder Diana slowly destroyed the giants that tried to catch her with their spears. The healing light of the formations tried to fix their injuries, but the Matriarch's offensive was relentless and never gave them time to breathe.

Moreover, she was too fast for those giants. Their number didn't help them since the Matriarch only viewed them as targets to destroy.

G.o.d's Left Hand was in a similar situation. The wall of runes against her could only crumble when it faced her storms and dense gales.

Each of her spells inflicted heavy damages on those inscriptions, and the golden light coming from the ground never manage to fix them entirely before the next wave of attacks arrived.

Elder Julia eventually crushed the army of hybrids. The Poisonous Giant Frog was a resilient opponent, but the powerhouses a.s.saulted it with attacks that it couldn't even see.

The other hybrids in the army tried to s.h.i.+eld their leader from her spells, but their effort was pointless since Elder Julia always managed to make some wind-slash slip past the blockage.

Elder Julia's battle style was also flawless, and she left openings in her offensive only when she wanted to lure the hybrids into a trap. The Royals felt forced to make the army retreat at some point to salvage some of their most valuable a.s.sets.

Elder Regina's approach was different from her companions. Her puppets couldn't inflict heavy damages on the red wh.i.p.s, but they could leave many injuries on their structure.

She would have to create something bigger to eradicate them, but she had chosen to opt for a different strategy.

The Elbas family had limited resources and a.s.sets. The Royals didn't have the power to stop the three organizations when they worked together. Still, it had the chance to preserve a few regions if the invaders committed some mistake during their attack.

Ending a battle as quickly as possible was usually good since it limited the chances of suffering losses. Yet, the Royal didn't have much energy stored, so depleting it would benefit even the future battles.

Elder Regina's life wasn't in danger against the red wh.i.p.s. She could fight slowly and force the Royals to fix their defenses multiple times to maximize their energy consumption.

Skully and the magical plants appeared to have reached a stalemate. The powerhouse managed to destroy branches from time to time, but she never injured the trunks of those defenses.

The magical plants had it a bit worse than her. They couldn't catch her, and her innate ability made her a troublesome opponent to trap with a few branches. The best they could do was stopping her from advancing.

However, Faith and Daniel soon arrived in her help, and they ignored any strategy when they joined the battle. The sheer power of the three powerhouses was more than enough to eradicate those magical plants.

True Speed and Elder Laura's battles ended soon after the Demons joined them. Dreaming Demon's influence on the puppets made them easy targets, and Flying Demon's abilities were quite effective against inscribed weapons.

June had to struggle in her battle. The defensive wall appeared able to absorb every attack that landed on its surface, and it could turn that energy into beams slightly stronger than the original technique.

The whirlpool continued to overwhelm her attacks, but that only pushed her Perfect Circuit to generate more energy. The energy released in her battle was so intense that the regions under her shattered whenever it leaked.

June's spear was full of cracks. It had long surpa.s.sed a quasi-rank 6 weapon's structural limits, and it remained in one piece only because its quality went far beyond ordinary inscribed items.

Noah had built it knowing that June would wield it, and she had reinforced it with her formations. A weapon that had gone through those two experts couldn't break easily.

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June cleaned her mouth with the edge of her sleeve. She had spat some blood after the last clash with the defensive wall. The beam that it had released had utterly overwhelmed her attack, and it had almost reached her.

They didn't know where June had learnt to perform such inscriptions, but that level of expertise exceeded theirs.

June continued to reinforce the spear until all her higher energy condensed in its structure. She decided to attack only when her Perfect Circuit became empty and started to produce more fuel.

The tip of the spear shattered as soon as June released her wave of energy, and the rest of the shaft ended up in the same state when her attack reached the defensive wall.

The whirlpool activated and began to absorb the energy contained in June's attack, but the lines that covered the wall started to flicker after a while.

Small explosions happened on the inscribed structure. Some of the lines on its surface became unable to withstand that flow of power and detonated, releasing the energy they had acc.u.mulated in the process.

That trend continued until even the rune under the whirlpool began to flicker. June only had a small part of the spear's flat end left in her hand, but she never stopped her offensive.

Cracks spread from the rune, and orange light came out of them. The golden halo tried to fix those damages, but June's flow of energy was too intense for that formation.

The wall tried to release some of that energy by launching a beam that could counter June's attack, but that attempt failed before even starting. The rune couldn't stabilize itself under an a.s.sault on that level.

The cracks eventually spread until the wall's stability fell apart, and the whole structure blew apart, releasing thick lightning bolts that gave birth to a storm wherever they landed.

The end of June's battle was the last defeat that Third Prince and Second Princess were willing to witness on that day. They deactivated the healing formation with a wave of their end, and they disappeared from the battlefield before anyone could think about chasing them.

The invaders had yet to realize that, but they had already conquered the entire western coast and nearby regions.

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