Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1200 - 1200. Division

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Chapter 1200 - 1200. Division

Daniel was aware of the Demons' mindset, so he shot directly toward the Royals. A white light came out of his figure and covered the area with a thick aura that seeped through every surface.

The intensity of Daniel's aura increased as he neared the powerhouses, and even the sky began to suffer under the effects of his individuality.

The air slowly vanished, and cracks opened in the sky as Daniel's light destabilized its structure. It seemed that he could even affect the laws in the environment when he went all-out.

The Royals retreated while launching their spells. The three powerhouses relied on their techniques to slow down Daniel's advance, but dizziness soon invaded their mind and made them lose control of their abilities.

Ice began to spread under their feet. The Royals weren't aware of what was happening around them. They didn't even notice that their legs had fused with the chunk of ice under them.

They were utterly defenseless, and Daniel only needed to touch them with his light to deliver a fatal blow.

A wave of golden flames engulfed the Royals and fended off the white light when Daniel's halo was about to touch the three powerhouses.

The fire didn't hurt the Royals. It acted as protection meant to give them time to retreat. Third Prince and Second Princess had launched it to save their powerful a.s.sets.

Yet, the flames didn't manage to shake off the Demons' influence thoroughly. They had fended off Daniel's light and gave them some clarity back, but Flying Demon's ice remained unaffected by that fire.

"Not so fast," Flying Demon said as he and his lover reached Daniel's position.

The trio glanced at the three powerhouses still engulfed in the golden flames before looking toward the Royals in the distance. Third Prince and Second Princess could only reply with an ugly expression to their gazes.

Flying Demon raised his hand, Daniel pointed his palm toward his enemies, and Dreaming Demon closed her eyes to unfold her consciousness.

The Hive's trio was about to unleash their offensive on the trapped Royals, but Third Prince and Second Princess acted before their attacks were ready.

The three Royals began to scream in pain as part of the golden flames burned them. The Hive's trio remained speechless when they saw the powerhouses leaving the ice to escape through the fire.

It wasn't hard to understand how the three had pulled that off. Third Prince and Second Princess had saved their underlings by turning their legs into ashes.

Flying Demon and Daniel wanted to chase after the departing Royals, but Dreaming Demon gestured them to stop. Her consciousness was still inside the area, so she could see part of what waited for them ahead of that region.

Surpa.s.sing the golden flames wasn't a problem. Third Prince and Second Princess had become stronger after King Elbas' departure, but they were still against some of the world's best gaseous stage cultivators.

Yet, Dreaming Demon sensed some danger coming from the region where the three Royals were escaping. She felt that her group might not be able to cross it easily.

"Let's focus on the coast," Dreaming Demon eventually announced as she opened her eyes and retracted part of her consciousness.

She didn't need to explain anything to her two companions. Both of them were aware of her abilities and trusted her judgment. There had to be a good reason if she had decided to stop the chase.

The trio's eyes moved north at that point. The monster's charge had helped all the battlefields, but cultivators were still struggling to defeat the defensive formations.

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"One each," Dreaming Demon said before flying toward True Speed's region.

That was why he couldn't leave the battlefield no matter what. He had to seize regions where the Empire could prosper and improve its mindset as an organization.

The puppets suddenly stopped moving when Dreaming Demon reached True Speed's battlefield. The cultivator from the Empire wanted to complain when he sensed her, but he decided to remain silent.

There was no need to discuss who would own that region if they were to work together. The priority was to capture it.

Dreaming Demon glanced at him before nodding and closing her eyes. She had understood that True Speed wouldn't object to the two of them fighting together, so she decided to become sober.

Her consciousness spread in the environment and seeped inside the puppets' structure. Still, they were powerful enough to hinder Dreaming Demon's influence, so she focused on stripping them off their armors.

The puppets' armors shattered. Metallic shards fell toward the ground and revealed the unpolished torso and legs of those golems. The Royals didn't even bother to finish them since they had to wear protections all the time.

True Speed didn't let go of that chance and sprinted forward. The puppets usually tried to rely on their strong defense to encircle him after enduring one of his kicks, but the situation had changed now.

The puppets weren't much for him without their armors. A kick was more than enough to kill one of them.

True Speed ran through the puppet army and kicked everything he found. He didn't bother to maximize his momentum anymore since they were defenseless, so he could focus on taking care of them as quickly as he could.

Half of the army had fallen apart when the puppets understood that they had lost their armors.

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