Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1199 - 1199. Rolling

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Chapter 1199 - 1199. Rolling

Daniel relied on his divine item as soon as the situation became too problematic to handle with his current power. He knew that the invasion had only started, so he didn't mind using his best tool to come out of those restrictions.

The white light made everything vanish. The cage, the blue flames, and the bird-like puppets disappeared without leaving any trace. The Royals even retreated in front of such a display of power.

The golden spears didn't release any energy when the white light engulfed them. Daniel's divine item eradicated their existence, but it didn't reach the inscriptions on the coastline.

Daniel had gained some time to breathe, but his situation didn't change. The three powerhouses still targeted him, and the defensive formation had already resumed creating spears.

Escaping appeared to be the best option in that situation. The invaders didn't need to conquer the entirety of the coastline in their first attack, so retreating wasn't a bad outcome.

Daniel didn't make the defensive formations deplete much energy because his opponents were cultivators, but keeping them busy had allowed his companions to take care of that task.

Still, he didn't want to retreat just yet. There were other cultivators in the same situation, and he could join them to exploit the flaws in the Royals' defenses.

The regions had different defenses, and they appeared able to affect only the lands nearby. The formations didn't have a good range, so Daniel could use that feature to his advantage once he regrouped with some of his companions.

He could even choose regions near the Matriarchs to have an easier fight. The two liquid stage powerhouses would take care of one side of the battlefield for him.

However, when Daniel inspected the situation on the coastline, he found out that the Demons had already deployed a strategy that left him and all those checking the events stunned.

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon had split the monster in half and found its core, but an idea had come to their minds when they saw that the golden sphere resembled Noah's Beast Cores.

Dreaming Demon was an expert capable of influencing the laws inside the matter with her mental waves, and she could even control other creatures with her individuality. The same went for fake seas of consciousness. They were even easier to subdue for her.

When Daniel retreated in the air to gaze at the western coast as a whole, he saw the Demons sitting on top of the mud monster that charged recklessly at the regions nearby.

Dreaming Demon controlled the monster to invade the coastline and destroy the inscriptions that the golden light tried to restore.

Their goal was to use the creature to crush the spears multiple times until the Elbas family's energy reserves vanished. That would make their task easier since the monster still relied on those resources to function.

Its fake sea of consciousness was only an ama.s.s of instincts and tasks that the Royals had programmed it to do. The energy still came from the regions through a special connection between the golden sphere and the ground.

The Demons didn't understand how that connection worked, but they didn't need to know that to make use of the monster. Dreaming Demon's control was so subtle that it didn't even trigger the failsafe placed by the Royals.

The monster crossed entire regions in a matter of minutes. It became bigger as some of the ground where it crawled fused with its body.

Flying Demon laughed as the monster laid waste to the formations. Its destruction was even more thorough than the powerhouses since it ripped off entire chunks of the ground and absorbed them into its shape.

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Skully could only reveal a smile when she saw the monster destroying the formations near the magical plants and moving toward the black storm.

The monster became bigger as it crawled through those regions and it eradicated the formations that created the spears along the way. The golden halo had to rebuild entire parts of the terrain to restore those inscriptions, and that made the Royal deplete even more energy.

"They cut the connection with its sea of consciousness," Dreaming Demon said as she closed her eyes to pour part of her energy inside the creature's core.

"We are almost on the other side!" Flying Demon shouted as it placed his hands on the creature's body. His "Breath" flowed inside the monster, and Dreaming Demon redirected it toward specific areas.

The Royals couldn't let one of their defenses fall into their enemies' hands, but they took a while to cut the connection with the monster since they were busy managing the golden spears and other formations.

Still, the Demons used their "Breath" as fuel for the creature so that they could finish their sweep of the coastline. After all, there was no better destroyer of inscriptions among their group.

The creature retracted its strange arms and sealed its mouth to focus everything it had on reaching the other corner of the coast. Under Dreaming Demon's control, the monster began to roll on those regions and rip off even more terrain.

Daniel and Elder Laura could only smile when they saw Flying Demon laughing on top of a line of terrain that didn't move even if the creature rolled. Dreaming Demon had created a platform that made them remain still no matter which actions the monster performed.

The monster eventually reached the end of the coastline, and its structure began to crumble as it fell into the sea. The creature gave off a loud cry, but the Demons didn't even glance at it as they jumped back on the continent.

There was only destruction in front of them. The golden halo tried to restore those pieces of ripped ground, but the process was far slower than before. The group could focus on the formations in-land without worrying about the spears for a while.

Also, now that the Demons were on the southern side, they could help with the defenses that had made their companions struggle.

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