Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1196 - 1196. Energy

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Chapter 1196 - 1196. Energy

Daniel was in the same situation as the weaker powerhouses. He was already stronger than the average cultivator in the gaseous stage of the sixth rank, but his opponents were quite annoying.

He was against two men and one woman at the bottom of the sixth rank. Daniel couldn't focus on the inscriptions generating the golden spears when he was busy with a battle on that level.

A white halo spread from Daniel's figure and covered a large chunk of the sky as he charged toward his opponents. The three powerhouses took out a series of defensive items before deploying various offensive spells that converged toward Daniel.

A wave of blue flames, bird-like creatures made of gray metal, and three ma.s.sive pillars flew toward Daniel. They entered the expanding white halo and tried to converge on the cultivator at its center.

However, Daniel's individuality purified those attacks and turned them into nothing more than "Breath". Even the auras of the Royals vanished from that energy under the effects of the white halo.

The white light then morphed. Its surface became unstable as flares came out of its spherical shape.

The flares shot in every direction and purified everything they touched. Any inscription illuminated by Daniel's light vanished, and the powerhouses' defenses crumbled when his individuality reached them.

The Royals had deployed the usual defensive methods of the Elbas family. They wore golden armors, a golden halo surrounded their figures, and runes covered their skins.

Their protections weren't on the Princes and Princess' level, but they still reached the peak of the lower tier in power. Yet, Daniel's individuality turned them into nothing more than raw materials and pieces of metal.

Moreover, the light that had seeped through the defenses had turned pieces of their skin into withered tissues. Cracks appeared on those spots under the stunned powerhouses' inspection, and they couldn't help but retreat when they understood how dangerous Daniel was.

Daniel wasn't as impressive as Noah when it came to his battle prowess, but he had one of the rarest apt.i.tudes too. The many events in his life and his growth inside the Hive had made him capable of facing peak gaseous stage powerhouses even if he had been in the sixth rank for only a few centuries.

June could take care of the coastline and the structures that had come out from the nearby region. She didn't do that on purpose or, rather, unleas.h.i.+ng her power affected the golden spears anyway, so she didn't need to focus on them.

Black sparks covered her figure and spread in the environment to give birth to a loud lightning storm. June's higher energy behaved like Noah's cloud, but it had far different effects.

June's heartbeat echoed through her higher energy, and lightning bolts shot out of it at every beat. The number of attacks even increased as June kept the ability active.

The golden spear was still in her grasp, and part of the black sparks flowed inside it to prepare her next attack. June only needed to point it toward the structures that had begun to move in her direction to release a black wave of energy.

The runes on the structure's side lit up when June's attack landed on them. A series of s.h.i.+ning lines appeared on the buildings and activated the ability of those formations.

A golden whirlpool appeared on top of the runes while June continued to keep the spear pointed at the first structure. Her higher energy continued to flow inside her weapon, but her attack didn't seem able to destroy that building.

The whirlpools struggled to deal with June's higher energy. Their inscriptions' purpose was to absorb "Breath", so that denser energy wasn't something that they could dismantle easily.

Yet, there was more than one building. The other structures moved to a.s.sist June's target, and their inscriptions fused when they made their sides touch.

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The s.h.i.+ning lines slid on the structures' surface and rea.s.sembled themselves to suit that defensive measure's new form. The buildings had previously been independent defenses, but they had turned into a tall wall that gave birth to a single ma.s.sive whirlpool.

Part of the storms fell apart to destroy the golden beams, but higher energy came out of June's figure and refilled those missing spots. Also, the new sparks appeared far denser and more threatening than the previous ones.

June's battle intent surged as she turned toward the tall inscribed wall. The runes on its surface had abilities similar to her individuality, and she felt excited to have found something that could endure her relentless blows.

She had found an opponent that could force her to unleash even more power. That was what June had desired for the past centuries!

Her heartbeat became more intense as waves of higher energy came out of her figure and fueled her abilities. Her spear started to tremble as sparks flowed endlessly inside its inscriptions, and a buzzing sound came out of its shape.

The storm became more violent too. Dark clouds appeared high in the sky as a result of the influence of June's sparks. She seemed to be able to influence the behavior of the environment with her aura.

s.h.i.+ning lines lit up on the spear. They increased the amount of energy that the weapon could store, but June had long since stopped caring about its structural limits.

A quasi-rank 6 weapon was a miraculous item in the hands of rank 5 cultivators. Yet, powerhouses required stronger a.s.sets, and June had reached that point as soon as she advanced.

Daniel and Faith had to improve for a few decades before Noah's living weapons couldn't help them anymore. However, June had only needed to lose one clash to reach that point.

Her Perfect Circuit produced so much energy that the entirety of her region on the western coast became nothing more than an array of black sparks. Lightning bolts fell from that array of higher energy and destroyed the ground under them.

When June saw the first crack appearing on the spear, she pointed it at the wall and launched another crackling wave of energy. She intended to go all out and see where her individuality would bring her.

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