Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1194 - 1194. Destruction

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Chapter 1194 - 1194. Destruction

Tremors swept June whenever a shockwave hit her. She coughed blood almost rhythmically as convulsions filled her figure.

Still, a different type of shockwave came out of her body after her centers of power started to advance to the sixth rank. A heartbeat began to echo in the area, and her sparks expanded after every beat.

The Matriarchs activated their defenses when they saw that June wasn't in control of the expansion of her higher energy, but her sparks began to converge back on her right before reaching them.

The black sparks returned inside June's body, and she convulsed as all that energy ama.s.sed inside her Perfect Circuit. An orange halo filled the area around her, and shockwaves spread whenever her heart beat.

The first heartbeat shattered the few strands of gra.s.s that had survived the Matriarchs' spells. The second heartbeat filled the ground around June with cracks. The third one affected the sky, creating small cracks that led to the void in its fabric.

At the fourth heartbeat, June's aura surged, and a series of chaotic black lightning bolts shot out of her figure.

June's aura became more intense, and it soon broke into the sixth rank. Her power surged, and her higher energy went wild as she unleashed the battle intent that she had felt forced to suppress.

Her hair fluttered in the wind that she created by launching those thick lightning bolts. Golden lines fell apar whenever her violent attacks landed on the inscriptions in the area.

Even if June didn't do that on purpose, she helped the Matriarchs take care of the formation that created the golden spears.

June's breakthrough created a lightning storm on a region of the western coast. Her bolts flew in every direction and without a specific target, so her companions had to fend them off whenever they found one of them aiming for them.

The Matriarchs summoned s.h.i.+elds while they continued to fuel the spells they had launched toward the inscriptions, but the other powerhouses had it slightly harder.

G.o.d's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana had access to liquid "Breath", but the other powerhouses were only in the gaseous stage. Their individualities were intense, but their "Breath" couldn't match June's higher energy.

Even if her cultivation level was lower than her companions, June's higher energy was far denser and could generate far more power.

A white halo began to surround Daniel's figure. The lightning bolts entering inside his defensive spell split into orange and black bolts before vanis.h.i.+ng inside the light.

Faith needed to summon a spherical water-s.h.i.+eld that engulfed her figure to protect her from the lightning bolts. Her aura helped her defensive method by making June's attacks almost harmless to her.

True Speed dodged those attacks, and the other Elders could rely on similar methods to either evade or stop June's attacks. The only one who had to retreat was Skully since her mental waves were a bad match for those dense lightning bolts.

June's heartbeat continued to echo through the coast, and her power surged with it. More black sparks came out of her figure, and the entire area soon became a crackling mess.

"Calm down!" Great Elder Diana shouted. "You are obstructing the others!"

Great Elder Diana didn't have any political power over June, but she seemed to listen to the Matriarchs' words. June's body soon stopped releasing sparks randomly, but the intensity of her aura continued to rise nonetheless.

Her heartbeat stopped though. June tried to hold back. She didn't want to destroy the area with her influence.

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Once June called back the lightning storm, the other powerhouses managed to land on the new continent and begin their clearing operation.

The weapon was a quasi-rank 6 item. Now that June was a powerhouse, she could push its efficiency to its limits and make use of the inscriptions that she had added on top of Noah's work.

June was an expert in the formations' field. The book that she had retrieved from Shandal's dimension had taught her a lot. She had even modified some of the methods recorded there.

Black sparks flowed inside the spear and ama.s.sed inside the lines dug by Noah. The buzzing sound intensified at that point, but June wasn't satisfied with that amount of power.

More black sparks came out of her body to flow inside her living weapon. The spear appeared unable to contain her energy at some point, but inscriptions appeared on top of it to enhance its storage capacity.

June pointed the spear toward the northern side of the coastline. Those regions were still empty because the weaker powerhouses had started the clearing operation from the corner of the landma.s.s, so she could go all out.

The spear released a blinding orange halo, and June's heartbeat resumed echoing in the area. Then, at the third heartbeat, a dark crackly wave of energy came out of her weapon and created a beam that reached far in the distance.

Moreover, the attack continued to remain active as long as June had enough fuel to pour inside the weapon. She only needed to tilt the spear a few times to clear half of a region in a few minutes.

The defensive formations on the coastline couldn't survive the joint a.s.sault of the powerhouses. They didn't have anyone protecting them, so they could only crumble under the might of the invaders.

The invaders appeared about to conquer their first territory right after the beginning of the war. That could be a magnificent feat that would surely boost the morale of the troops who had yet to join the battlefield.

However, a golden light soon rose from the coast's broken ground and began to fix the inscriptions. Even if the powerhouses continued to unleash their spells, the halo mended half of the formations.

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