Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1190 - 1190. Invasion

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Chapter 1190 - 1190. Invasion

"Well," Noah shouted after King Elbas' figure dissolved, "You heard him. Prepare for the invasion on the surface."

King Elbas didn't contain his voice during the meeting. The entire separate dimension had heard his replies to Noah, and the same went for the latest announcement. His words echoed through the many screens and items that filled that place.

Needless to say, Noah's announcement gave birth to a chaotic awakening of the population inside the dimension. Many human cultivators there had never seen the surface, and those who had been lucky enough to live there longed for it since the first century spent in hiding.

G.o.d's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana teleported where Noah was and reached him on the ceiling of the dimension after his announcement.

"The crack has just appeared," Great Elder Diana said. "We should wait a few more years before starting the invasion."

"I agree," G.o.d's Left Hand continued. "This can be a trap. I wouldn't believe King Elbas so easily."

Noah glanced at the two Matriarchs and scoffed. Emotions surged inside his mind now that he knew that his cultivation journey wasn't over, and a loud laugh came out of his mouth.

The Matriarchs stared at Noah, who laughed without even holding back. They showed a confused expression since they couldn't understand how he could be so relaxed in that situation.

Noah continued to laugh as the memories of his life resurfaced in his vision. He had been ready to throw them away just a few minutes ago, but he didn't need to give up on his individuality anymore.

King Elbas had said that Noah could attack the world without worrying about him, and Noah believed him. The Royal had never relied on lame tactics when he was a heroic cultivator, so he had no reason to do that now that he was a G.o.d.

"I thought you knew how a G.o.d's mind worked," Noah said once he managed to suppress his laugh. "King Elbas' eyes can't see the lower plane anymore. They are stuck on the Immortal Lands. He won't act even if we destroyed his entire organization right in front of him."

"There's nothing wrong with being careful," Great Elder Diana said.

She agreed with Noah, but the organizations had already waited for five centuries. A few more years wouldn't make any difference in their situation.

However, Noah wasn't as patient as her. He would have gladly waited if he had something to do inside the separate dimension, but it had been a long time since he felt some incentives rousing his ambition.

"Careful?" Noah replied while scoffing again. "A G.o.d has just pierced our defenses and left without leaving any trace of his pa.s.sage. We can't stop him even if we detonated the whole dimension. Give up and start preparing your troops. This is an order."

Great Elder Diana's eyes widened at those words, and some battle intent surged inside her. Noah didn't show any awkwardness when he ordered her around, and he even appeared quite at ease when he did that.

Still, she had to calm down after she a.n.a.lyzed the situation in her mind. Noah was right, and it was in her interest to do as he said even if she didn't acknowledge him as her leader.

"You too," Noah said as he turned toward G.o.d's Left Hand. "I'll let the weaker troops have fun for a few weeks. I'll join the battlefield afterward."

G.o.d's Left Hand wanted to complain, but she agreed to his orders without saying anything. The two Matriarch left to prepare their organizations for the incoming battle, and Noah picked his inscribed notebook to do the same.

Chaos spread inside the separate dimension. Every rank 5 cultivator and powerhouse started to rea.s.semble armies and prepare strategies as Noah's orders reached them.

Noah didn't remain in the middle of that area. He teleported where the ice pillars had remained for years and waited for Flying Demon's arrival.

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Flying Demon reached him in less than an hour, and Dreaming Demon was with him. She had tagged along her lover to make sure that the awakening of those cultivators went well.

She seemed about to advance, but she wouldn't let her Perfect Circuit improve now. She needed a battle to maximize her gains from the breakthrough.

"How long until we are ready to go?" June asked while her face remained immersed in Noah's chest.

"No more than a week," Noah replied. "Most of the new a.s.sets have never seen a war. They should gain some experience as soon as possible."

"What about you?" June asked as she left his chest to stare deep into his vertical pupils.

"I will join the war only after the first clashes," Noah replied while placing a hand on her cheek. He caressed her with his thumb while he immersed himself in the sensation that their reunion caused.

"How generous of you," June smirked before leaving a kiss on Noah's lips. Then, she escaped his hug to make a few preparations for the war.

The other experts frozen by Flying Demon's individuality awakened after her departure, and Dreaming Demon used her mental waves to put them up to date with the current events.

Battle intent leaked from their figures as they left to prepare for the war. They had chosen to freeze themselves because the environment of the separate dimension was too peaceful for their individualities. They wouldn't back down from a battle of that size.

Noah watched the experts bow to him and leave the area after they recovered. The Demons kept their eyes on him for a while before they retreated to their quarters too.

'I'm not generous,' Noah thought as he replayed June's joke in his mind. 'I simply don't think anyone can stop me if King Elbas doesn't intervene."

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