Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1184 - 1184. Existing

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Chapter 1184 - 1184. Existing

'We lost,' Noah thought when he saw that King Elbas had managed to overcome his limits.

The Royal's decisiveness in sacrificing his left arm to generate even stronger flames made the last of Noah's plans fail. He didn't have any other strategy now.

"Go," Noah said as he lowered the Demonic Sword. "The dark world will cover your retreat. Fall back into the separate dimension."

The powerhouses had stopped attacking after the flames threatened to reach them, but they weren't ready to give up on the battle yet. However, Noah's orders made them realize how hopeless that situation was.

Even the resourceful Noah had given up on that battle. If he had decided that there was nothing left to do, then they had no chance of coming up with something that could help them win.

The Demons began to retreat, and the other powerhouses followed their example. They descended through the dark matter behind Noah to reach the closest entrance to the separate dimension.

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon stopped their tracks when they saw that Noah wasn't following them. Their worried gazes went on him, but Noah rea.s.sured them with a few words.

"I'm not sacrificing myself," Noah said. "I only need to try something before leaving."

"Don't die," Flying Demon said as he and his lover continued to descend.

King Elbas smiled when he saw the powerhouses leaving the battlefield. Flames gathered on his palm to take the shape of his fiery spear, and he t.i.tled it to aim the weapon at his enemies.

Flames came out of the spear's tip as it moved in the sky. The fire's intensity had increased so much that large pieces of the sky fell apart wherever the Royal's higher energy flew.

King Elbas wouldn't let go of the powerhouses so easily. He had gained something meaningful out of that battle, but he wasn't the type to spare his enemies after they had done everything they could to kill him.

There was only one way to end that battle. King Elbas had to kill those who had opposed him and claim the entire world as his domain.

King Elbas' spear stopped moving when it pointed at G.o.d's Left Hand. The Matriarch of the Shandal Empire was the closest to the ground, so the Royal wanted to target her first.

Yet, King Elbas stopped acc.u.mulating energy for his attack since he saw Noah stepping forward and pointing his sword at him.

"Are you following Chasing Demon's footsteps?" King Elbas asked when he saw Noah's actions.

Noah didn't answer. He kept his eyes on King Elbas and let the aura that Royal radiated engulf his figure.

Fear filled his mind, but Noah didn't suppress it. His black hole showed its true potential when his life was in danger, so he didn't want to waste that chance for quick empowerment.

King Elbas felt surprised, but he didn't let that feeling stop his actions. He didn't want the other powerhouses to escape, so he pointed the spear at the lower part of the remaining dark world.

A blinding golden light started to fill the environment. King Elbas radiated the halo that usually preceded his terrifying attack, and Noah's instincts couldn't help but scream in fear at that sight.

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Noah could feel his black hole rotating faster as death began to loom around his figure. He knew that he would die if he took that attack head-on.

Yet, he felt now able to test another attack, and he already had a target for that.

Noah placed the Demonic Sword in front of his head and let the memories of Sword Saint's final attack fill his mind. King Elbas' halo reached the dark world at that point, and part of the dark matter burned under the scorching aura radiated by the light.

Ambition flowed out of Noah's figure and pushed his centers of power beyond their limits as he focused on replicating that mighty attack. Meanwhile, King Elbas launched his spear to destroy the lower part of the dark world.

A wave of golden flames burned the entire region as it flew under Noah's group. G.o.d's Left Hand was about to reach the teleportation matrix when the fire burned every formation in the area.

Part of the fire touched her, and her legs turned into ashes before she could even start retreating. G.o.d's Left Hand could only suppress a cry of pain as she flew back to the upper parts of the dark world.

The group turned toward King Elbas at that point. His golden halo had removed any hiding ability from the dark world, so they didn't have a safe path toward the surface anymore. They had even lost their closest entrance, so they were at a loss of what to do.

Their eyes eventually moved on Noah, but they felt surprised when they sensed the aura he released. He appeared far stronger than before. It was as if he had suddenly crossed the half-way mark of the liquid stage in those short seconds.

King Elbas also noticed Noah's changes, but he could sense that his centers of power didn't grow. Noah's individuality had pushed them beyond their limits, which gave him power that surpa.s.sed his cultivation level for a short time.

The Royal felt amazed at Noah's individuality, but its effects weren't strong enough to threaten him. Still, King Elbas decided to make Noah his new priority and pointed his spear toward him.

Yet, before he could prepare any attack, Noah spoke in a solemn tone. "Sharpness doesn't need any form. It cuts by existing."

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