Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1182 - 1182. Injuries

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Chapter 1182 - 1182. Injuries

A loud explosion resounded inside the dark world, but nothing came out of the black cloud.

The group of cultivators didn't wait to see the outcome of their attacks. They directly launched more spells and techniques where their first blows had exploded.

Daniel had appeared on the battlefield for less than an instant. He had activated his divine item and left through the same teleportation matrix before he could even see the effects of his actions.

The battlefield was too dangerous for him. He would have died if he was still inside the dark world during the detonation of the powerhouses' attacks.

Noah and the others launched another wave of attacks, but they didn't stop there. They continued to fill the dark world with their strongest techniques to exploit the window created by Daniel's divine item.

A golden halo suddenly seeped through the dense dark matter and illuminated the entire cloud. Noah's higher energy burned as King Elbas unleashed his flames again.

The darkness of Noah's world dispersed as tongues of golden flames raged inside the black cloud. King Elbas burned every trace of higher energy around him and revealed himself to the defending group.

A few cuts had appeared on King Elbas' face. Long wounds filled his arms and torso, and a trail of blood flowed from his left foot.

Daniel's divine item had taken him by surprise. King Elbas knew that the Hive had some other cards to play, but he didn't expect something able to destroy his technique!

The white light had sensed the dangerousness of King Elbas' robe and crown. Part of its power went to destroy them, leaving the Royal almost defenseless for an instant.

Most of the item's power had gone on the spear and the attack it was about to release. If it wasn't for that, King Elbas might have ended up n.a.k.e.d after the white light swept him.

Still, King Elbas would have never let Daniel's divine item hit him if he wasn't about to launch an attack. The rank 5 expert had to catch him by surprise to obtain decent results.

The golden flames surrounding King Elbas condensed and took the shape of his robe, crown, and spear again. However, a violent fire continued to burn around his figure even after he completed the technique.

It seemed that King Elbas didn't want to risk getting hurt anymore. He had decided to use all the aspects of his higher energy, even if that consumed more fuel.

Noah kept his eyes fixed on King Elbas. His reptilian eyes could see his opponent's complexion becoming paler under the golden halo radiated by the flames. More blood flowed out of the Royal's injuries too.

It was clear that King Elbas was pus.h.i.+ng himself to deploy that level of power, but Noah couldn't understand how far his limits were. Without clear indicators, Noah could only hope that the Royal would become exhausted soon.

"Don't stop attacking," Noah said as roars mixed with his human voice.

The powerhouses had stopped their offensive when King Elbas had revealed himself to them, but Noah wanted the Royal to endure as many attacks as he could.

King Elbas' smile didn't fade when the attacks landed on him. His expression had frozen for a second, but he soon found his arrogance again when he saw that he could block the offensive easily.

Yet, his aura appeared far tenser now. It seemed that the group had angered him with the last trap.

The powerhouses resumed their offensive, and lights shone on the surface of the new continent. Platoons made of cultivators and hybrids appeared and launched their spells toward the dark world before returning inside the separate dimension.

The dark matter inside the cloud created channels where the platoon's offensive could fly. Noah's ambition enhanced their power, and his dark world made them converge in King Elbas' position.

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The Royals' leader watched as the attacks landed on the flames surrounding his figure and burned into nothingness. Even the powerhouses' offensive couldn't do anything against his higher energy.

Nothing activated, and the powerhouses continued to launch their attacks as if nothing strange was happening. They didn't react to King Elbas' peculiar behavior at all.

King Elbas still felt that something was off, but he eventually gave up trying to understand his opponents' plans. He decided to destroy everything with his superior power.

The Royal launched his attack, and a golden halo filled the dark world. The spear created a trail of flames as it flew toward the powerhouses.

Noah felt the incoming danger. His senses screamed in fear as the attack flew toward him at a speed that he could barely understand. However, he was calm since he knew that the divine bracelet was in the spear's trajectory.

King Elbas' smile froze when the spear stopped mid-air. It had destroyed dark matter along its way, but something had managed to block its momentum.

The dark matter around Faith's bracelet burned and revealed the item, which activated at that point. The world suddenly slowed down, and even King Elbas suffered from those effects.

Noah and the others knew about the effects of Faith's bracelet. The item could enhance the wielder's consciousness or expand to give birth to a peculiar s.h.i.+eld.

King Elbas felt slow, and the flames around his figure didn't flicker with the same intensity as before. Still, he knew that time was flowing at a normal pace for him.

His spear had activated a divine item that had surrounded him and his flames in a spherical area that rendered harmless any form of energy inside it.

King Elbas' techniques were too powerful, so the item didn't manage to block them completely. The bracelet didn't have any wielder. There was a limit to how much of the divine realm it could express.

Yet, that suppression was enough to give Noah's group another chance, who didn't hesitate to launch everything they had toward King Elbas.

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