Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1160 1160. Megalodon

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Chapter 1160 1160. Megalodon

A creature with one of the weakest bodies in the magical beasts' field and one that had just awakened from a long slumber couldn't satisfy Noah's thirst for a decent opponent.

Noah had gathered valuable data from both battles, and he had even acc.u.mulated a decent amount of flesh that could help him during the breakthrough. Yet, he wanted more.

The world had understood that Noah had set off to hunt powerful magical beasts by then. The mystical fog had hidden his fight against the Fog Demon, but the mountain chain didn't have the same covers of that region.

Every organization had noticed the violent shockwaves that had spread from the mountain chain, and the higher-ups who explored that area after Noah left could see the aftermath of his battle.

The mountain chain had changed forever. Noah's destruction still lingered on the destroyed ground of that danger zone and continued to make it crumble.

It would take years for the area to become fertile again. The aura of a rank 6 existence wasn't something that the ground could shake off in a few months.

Noah didn't care about the damages that he caused to the world. The old continent was useless anyway, and he wouldn't hold back even if he found valuable prey in the piece of Immortal Lands.

His issue now was that he had to venture through the sea if he wanted to find other rank 6 creatures, and they wouldn't be as weak as his previous two opponents.

As for those still living in the new continent, Noah decided to ignore them. His new position as the Patriarch of the Hive would give him some responsibilities, and he didn't want to hurt his organization by killing every possible candidate for the Copying Technique.

'There should be at least seven creatures in the sixth rank in the sea of these Mortal Lands,' Noah thought as he studied G.o.d's Left Hand's map.

That was the same map that he had used to reach the world under the seabed. Noah didn't find anything wrong in relying on its since the marine rank 6 creatures' habitat didn't change by much through the years.

Noah didn't even think about hunting the two Mosasaurs. They had fought with G.o.d's Right Hand during the Heaven Tribulation for the seventh rank, so their power had to be in the higher tier.

His battle prowess was incredible, and his body carried features that every existence in the world envied. However, Noah was still in the lower tier, so he preferred to leave those two creatures for last.

The other recorded overlords of the sea had an unclear level, but Noah wasn't too worried about that. The lizard-crocodile that he had found in his journey to the hidden world was only in the lower tier in the end.

'There should be a Megalodon south of the old continent,' Noah evaluated before setting off from a cave that he had dug inside the Utra nation.

Shark-type creatures usually had a limited number of attacks, and the same went for their ancient version. The sea had different requirements in terms of the characteristics needed to survive and improve. Speed and tracking abilities usually triumphed over a large variety of techniques.

That would typically benefit cultivators if the hunts happened on the, but they became deadly abilities once inside the sea.

Noah had the movement technique, so he didn't fear the speed of any creature. His hybrid consciousness surpa.s.sed both human and magical beasts, so he wouldn't lose in that field either.

Only various innate abilities could create some problems, but Noah didn't fear those either. His carefulness was an instinct that he had trained through the years, but it didn't reflect the actual danger that he would face.

Noah immersed himself in the sea once he crossed the southern coast of the Utra nation. He descended until he reached the seabed and began to swim while following the hunting area's edges recorded in G.o.d's Left Hand's map.

His journey through the pure darkness of the bottom of the sea was solitary, but it was never silent since Night would often comment on the environment's beauty.

"We should move here!"

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"Why didn't you build my quarters in this beautiful place?"

Night understood part of his intentions, and it advised against that idea. "There are G.o.ds wherever you look. Weaker creatures do fill the Immortal Lands, but I've seen leaders that could kill me with a glance."

Noah's mood darkened when he heard those words. That was his greatest worry when it came to the Immortal Lands.

Divine Architect's sculpture hinted that all the divine beings in the various lower planes ascended in the same Immortal Lands, meaning that the higher world would have many G.o.ds.

Their long lifespans and experience would make them quite hard to kill, which meant that the Immortal Lands' population couldn't be low.

Noah couldn't think of ways to prepare for that journey properly. Most of the resources found in the lower planes would be useless against creatures that had lived in the Immortal Lands for a long time already.

It was better to ascend and create suitable weapons there than waste precious time in a lower plane. Still, Noah had now decided that he wouldn't leave the Mortal Lands until all his centers of power had reached the seventh rank.

'The black hole should give me an advantage,' Noah concluded as he inspected the insides of his chest. 'I wonder when it will evolve again.'

His journey through the seabed remained peaceful for a few more months, but Noah eventually found his prey. His consciousness even alerted him that the creature had noticed him too.

The faint shape of a ma.s.sive Shark had emerged in the distance. Noah could understand its size with his consciousness, but the feature that surprised him the most was the dangerous sensation that had appeared in his mind.

The Megalodon was one hundred and twenty meters long, and it had a thick body more than thirty meters wide. Three rows of razor-sharp teeth covered both sides of its mouth, and a tall fin came out of its back.

Scars filled its thick skin, and faint traces of blood came out of its mouth. That rank 6 creature was near the peak of the middle tier, but it was in its prime.

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