Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 116 - 116. Talent

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The next morning, the students of the Grayshade cla.s.s gathered in the same building to attend their second lesson.

Thaddeus was the professor of the course and he was smilingly having his speech in front of the youths.

"You must know that runes are a form of inscription. The fields in which inscriptions can be applied are limitless. You can inscribe a weapon and you would obtain a blade that can pierce anything. You can inscribe a s.h.i.+p to make it fly. You can inscribe runes for teleportation. Spells are a form of inscriptions too."

He was holding the lesson regarding general inscriptions of which Noah was particularly interested.

After his adventure in the separate dimension, he had really understood the might of inscription masters.

'The inheritance ground was completely made from runes. The defensive wall of the Balvan family had runes that could protect the mansion from a dragon attacking. My sabers have inscriptions that can make them fix themselves. This power is too useful, I need to understand how it works!'

"However, the requirements to be successful in this art are quite harsh."

He looked in the direction of Ruth Eeggi and nodded in approval.

"There is one main school regarding the process of inscriptions which is called "Attunement with the "Breath"". It consists in becoming able to read the fluctuation of the "Breath" and then copying it in a material form. For example, I specialize in s.p.a.ce runes, which means that every time I create any one of them, I need to inscribe the behavior that the "Breath" would have during the action that I want to reproduce."

He opened his hand and a small golden rune came out of it.

He then crashed it, making a blinding light surround him.

When the light faded, he had disappeared from his position.

"This is just a simple version but it should be enough to give you an example."

Thaddeus' voice resounded from the back of the room and all the students turned in its direction only to see Thaddeus slowly walking back to his desk.

"However, to make it I had to inscribe the act of teleportation that the "Breath" showed me. I had to inscribe my location of landing and I needed to use my power to make it work."

"To learn how the "Breath" 'speaks', I had to isolate myself for five years in an environment with a high density of "Breath" and attune with its flow. Then I had to learn how to translate that language in the form of inscriptions. Only at that moment, I had become worthy of the t.i.tle of inscription master. Yet, there are exceptions in this world."

He pointed at Ruth and continued.

"Miss Ruth Eeggi was born with an innate attunement to the "Breath". As you know, the "Breath" is everywhere, it is the essence of Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth are the same world you live in so it's no wonder that she is able to predict certain events by reading their "Breath". Her training as an inscription master will focus only on the translation process, I believe that in less than five years she will be able to perform her first inscriptions."

The students turned to her showing envy for the most part.

However, big smiles were on their faces as they looked at her.

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'It seems that the position of inscription master is quite worthy of respect to make the heirs of the large-size n.o.ble families show courtesy.'

"Anyhow, you should all have a general knowledge of the topic since it is the most common process to create techniques. With a foundation in inscriptions, the process of creating cultivation methods suitable for you will be easier."

The lesson went on discussing other applications of the art and many students were interested in the runes that Thaddeus used.

He admitted that they weren't his creation but a legacy of the Royal family.

He compared them to a martial art with more requirements, with the most important one being reaching the level of an inscription master.

'This seems so complex.'

Noah though on his way back to the lodging.

'If I'm not talented in it, there are no real problems in the short run. However, when I will have to create techniques for myself the situation will be though. I can just hope that I'll lucky with this one.'

He stopped right in front of his door.

's.h.i.+t! If it's about luck, I'll never be able to do it! After the test, I should probably start researching about the other methods that he mentioned.'

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