Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1152 1152. Training area

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Chapter 1152 1152. Training area

The Demonic Sword released intense vibration that spread among the dark world's fabric. The dark matter inside the blade made Noah's new technique resonate with the weapon's intentions.

Noah had fused his higher energy inside the Demonic Sword after it reached the sixth rank. The process didn't only make the weapon longer and st.u.r.dier. It even added a few effects that he had yet to show to the world.

Sword Saint's techniques were incredible. The power that they could express surpa.s.sed the natural limitations of a cultivator's rank and relied on the true meaning of the divine ent.i.ty's law to unleash their might.

However, Noah's law was different. He had yet to give it a proper form and true meaning, but he knew that he couldn't rely on Sword Saint's attacks to grow.

Noah used Sword Saint's techniques because their raw power was immense, but he had to reach that point with his arts if he wanted to push his expertise forward.

That meant using all his a.s.sets to give birth to new personal techniques. It was the same hindrance that he had to overcome when he infused his spells with his physical might. He only had to do the same with the dark world now.

"I like this scene," Night commented from inside Noah's s.p.a.ce-ring.

Noah's dark world enveloped the array of defensive formations and suppressed the golden halo that they radiated.

The tremors that ran through the dark matter pushed the light backward, and some inscribed lines shattered due to the pressure that accompanied the expanding dark world.

Darkness was suppressing light. The Pterodactyl couldn't be happier when it watched that scene.

Noah ignored Night. There was only one goal in his mind. He had to solidify Chasing Demon's legacy to make his sacrifice even more meaningful.

The dark matter began to churn and gather around the Demonic Sword as the tremors continued. Second Princess felt a chill running down her spine as she saw the whole cloud empowering Noah's weapon.

It was as if the Demonic Sword had fused with Noah's world. The Royal took a few steps back as the golden light around her dimmed, and she waved her hand to trigger the formations' offensive again.

The fiery giant reformed and walked in front of the s.h.i.+ning lines. White beams shot out of the cores that filled the formations, and armored puppets formed among the light and stepped forward to create an army around the t.i.tan.

Large ethereal arrows flew out of buildings that resonated with the formations, and ma.s.sive red whips made their way through the dark matter to reach Noah.

The defensive formations revealed their full power and focused everything they had on Noah, who limited himself to raising his Demonic Sword above his head.

The gales of dark matter blew around the living weapon and made its blade disappear inside the dark world. Second Princess knew that Noah still wielded it, but she couldn't see what he was preparing.

The vibrations intensified as the attacks flew forward. The arrows, the whips, and the white beams fell apart under the suppression of the dark world, but the giant managed to reach Noah's position.

Many armored puppets detonated when they crumbled, but their explosions paved the way for the other constructs.

The dark world couldn't suppress so many attacks simultaneously, but the giant and the puppet's movements felt sluggish inside the dense tides of Noah's higher energy.

The giant slammed its fists toward Noah, but the dark world opened at that point. A three hundred meters long blade became visible as Noah tilted his wrist.

A ma.s.sive amount of dark matter descended together with the Demonic Sword as Noah performed his slash. The blade appeared heavy, but it completed its attack in less than an instant.

The giant and the army of puppets disappeared as the dark matter carried by the blade engulfed them. Second Princess suddenly couldn't see anything since the gales of higher energy completely suppressed the formations' light.

When the golden light returned to illuminate the area around her, she saw a spectacle that left her speechless.

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The formations' attacks were nowhere to be seen. Noah's slash had destroyed them, but that didn't surprise the Royal too much. He had done the same in the past exchange in the end.

That place had to fall in the Hive's hands. The Elbas family had to leave the new continent. He didn't care about anything else at that moment.

The blade fell, and another ma.s.sive fissure opened among the formations. Second Princess' reinforcements prevented the attack from reaching the buildings behind the defenses, but they didn't manage to block it completely.

Dark matter flowed inside the fissure, but the healing golden light soon fended it off and started the restoration of the s.h.i.+ning lines.

Second Princess activated more inscribed items at that point, and she even went on the ground to use communication methods that the dark world couldn't stop.

She needed reinforcements. That place had the best defenses in the entire new continent, but Noah brought them to their limits on his own.

Second Princess did her best to reinforce the formations and plan eventual improvements, but she stopped her tracks when she saw Noah lifting his sword again.

She didn't even have the time to do anything before the blade fell downward, carrying even more dark matter with it.

Many of the new defenses that she had deployed fell apart during the attack. The golden light found another ma.s.sive fissure to fix when it didn't even finish rebuilding the previous one.

Second Princess remained still as the golden light filled her vision. She had already done everything she could, but that wasn't enough to stop Noah.

Her mouth opened when she saw Noah raising his sword again. The dark world churned even more as ma.s.sive quant.i.ties of the dark matter gathered around the blade.

His expression barely seemed focused on the defensive formations. Second Princess felt that he was giving more importance to perfecting his slash rather than conquering that territory.

It was as if Noah had turned one of the most protected regions in the new continent into his training area.

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