Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1146 1146. Blackness

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Chapter 1146 1146. Blackness

Noah had gathered and absorbed raw laws while his dark star transformed into a black hole, but he didn't forget about his Patriarch.

Chasing Demon was the only one in possession of a weapon capable of dealing with King Elbas. Losing him would mean the death of all the experts in the area, so he had to live no matter what.

Noah had saved some raw laws for him. He didn't know how gone Chasing Demon was, but that resource had brought him directly to the peak of the gaseous stage.

His individuality had been ready for that level of power, but the raw laws still managed to provide the energy necessary for the growth of his dantian. There was a chance that they could fix Chasing Demon's centers of power too.

Chasing Demon and the t.i.tan had lost their right arm during the last exchange with King Elbas. His condition had weakened further while he followed him to save Noah. He was on the brink of collapse, so Noah's gift could reveal itself as a lifesaver.

"What is this technique?" Chasing Demon asked as he stepped off the t.i.tan to land on the mountain. The raw laws gathered toward his maimed body and fused with his centers of power to fill him with energy.

"This is my world," Noah replied without hiding anything. That answer alone couldn't explain the depths of his technique anyway.

"It's a bit dark," Chasing Demon answered as some color returned to his skin. The wound on his arm also healed, and he couldn't help but reveal a smile when he realized how powerful his successor had become.

"It fits my tastes," Noah smiled back before leaving the Demon to his absorption. He still needed to warn the other experts about his plan.

King Elbas tested different types of attacks while inside the dark cloud, and he was getting near the answer that he sought. None of his golden flames ever managed to fly longer than an instant, but he slowly understood what held them back.

Noah reappeared at some distance from him, with Snore standing proudly behind his back. The other experts did the same as they prepared spells from different areas of the battlefield.

King Elbas wasn't close to the liquid blackness that Noah had unintentionally created, but it was the experts' job to take care of that matter.

"This area doesn't follow the normal laws of the world," King Elbas announced when he saw his enemies appearing around him. "Let me guess. You set the rules so that they can benefit you. This is your domain where you can pretend to be a G.o.d."

Noah had no words to say to King Elbas. He felt surprised that the Royal had understood so much about his techniques in only a few minutes, but that wasn't the time for admiration or respect.

The experts had to deal with King Elbas, or he would deal with them. There wasn't any other possible outcome in that situation.

Snore spread its mouth as it prepared its elemental attacks. The dark world trembled as the Blood Companion launched a series of blows toward King Elbas.

G.o.d's Left Hand and the others followed the same tactic as before. They relied on attacks that the fire element would typically struggle to block in its raw form.

A series of spells and techniques flew toward King Elbas, who could only deploy his golden flames around his figure to block them. The fire clashed with the attacks, but its structure soon wavered due to the dark world's limitations.

King Elbas was right. Noah's world didn't belong to anyone but himself. He set its rules and decided how foreign energy would behave.

Since his target was King Elbas, Noah had applied limitations to his flames. The air in the dark world was nothing more than thin dark matter, so no one could escape its restrictions.

King Elbas took out an inscribed item when he saw his flames dispersing. A large golden s.h.i.+eld formed around him and fended off the attacks. Yet, it broke after it completed its task.

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The Royal had begun to run short of inscribed items for a while by then. Chasing Demon had forced him to use almost everything he had to stop the giant. King Elbas only had a few disposable items now. They would generally save him in normal situations, but everything was more difficult for him inside the dark world.

Chasing Demon and the t.i.tan reappeared on the battlefield without revealing any trace of their presence. Noah had used his dark world to hide them and create that opportunity for a surprise attack.

The Demon looked far better after he absorbed the raw laws. His cultivation level radiated the aura of a liquid stage powerhouse, but some of his injuries had remained in place.

The hole in his low-waist was still there, and his right arm didn't regrow in those minutes. Yet, his skin regained some color, and he didn't appear as a corpse anymore.

King Elbas radiated flames that stopped the t.i.tan from squeezing him to death. Its ma.s.sive fingers even suffered from the power released by the fire, and large boulders fell from them.

Still, Chasing Demon didn't want to kill him. Noah's plan had higher chances of success, so he controlled the t.i.tan to fly in the direction of the ruptured void.

The t.i.tan flew at high speed. The dark matter around it helped its movements and allowed it to go faster.

Noah followed the Patriarch as he adjusted the dark world to his needs, and the experts chased after him while they kept their spells ready.

The large patch of liquid blackness eventually appeared in their eyes. The void had already begun to fix itself, but there was enough s.p.a.ce where they could fit King Elbas.

Chasing Demon controlled the t.i.tan to accelerate. Its remaining arm rose to clash with that portal to another dimension.

Its fist slammed into the liquid blackness that opposed some resistance before allowing it inside. King Elbas tried to unleash as many flames as possible, but he couldn't avoid reaching the other side of the crack.

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