Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1142 1142. Nuisance

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Chapter 1142 1142. Nuisance

The portal didn't close until a series of thick lightning bolts came out of it. They crashed on King Elbas' figure before burning together with any other trace of dark matter.

King Elbas barely noticed Noah's elemental attacks. They weren't any different from the experts' offensive, so he didn't pay much attention to them.

The puppets born from the t.i.tan began to detonate right after Noah's offensive. They covered King Elbas with sharp rocky shards and intense surges of energy, but the golden flames blocked everything.

A moment of peace followed the explosions. King Elbas wore an arrogant smile when he saw that his injuries had completely healed, but his expression froze when a new cut appeared on his cheek.

The event surprised everyone on the scene. The flames didn't lose against any attack, but some energy had pierced them anyway. Even King Elbas had to ponder over the matter to explain how that had happened.

"He can't use any spell with his new energy," Noah suddenly conveyed with his consciousness, and everyone on the battlefield heard his message. "His flames still belong to the fire element. They share the same innate flaws of that apt.i.tude."

Cultivators used spells to change the nature of their elements and made them unleash different effects. Water could pierce flames in the form of ice, and the same went for other apt.i.tudes.

Noah had the same problem with his higher energy. The dark matter didn't want to become light no matter how hard he tried. King Elbas had to suffer from the same weakness since he couldn't use spells to make up for the flames' innate flaws.

That piece of information wouldn't usually help to defeat King Elbas. The sheer power carried by his flames was enough to fend off any attack that came at him.

However, eight powerhouses were attacking him non-stop, and Noah launched causal blows whenever he found the right opportunity.

Flames didn't have an exceptional defense in their raw form. They were violent and intense, but they couldn't offer much protection unless cultivators used them with a suitable spell or technique.

King Elbas' flames had to deal with different types of attacks, but they never changed form to deal with them most efficiently. Their structure slowly became more unstable during the a.s.sault, but the experts' attacks couldn't reveal their flaws due to their lack of power.

Still, Noah had launched a varied offensive. The dark matter that made his elemental attacks weakened the flame's structure and allowed Chasing Demon's puppets to inflict some damage on the Royal.

King Elbas didn't have to worry about that small cut, but Noah's actions had revealed a crucial weakness in his current status.

The Royals' leader had obtained enough power to fend off the t.i.tan by giving up on his "Breath", but he had sacrificed his variety in terms of spells by doing that.

Moreover, he had used many inscribed items to defend against the t.i.tan in the early stages of the battle. King Elbas was able to unleash more power than ever in his current condition, but he also had more evident disadvantages.

The experts instantly understood the meaning behind Noah's message. Anything that could give them hope was well accepted in that battle, and Noah had just provided them with significant insights into their enemy's power.

All of them had many spells in their a.r.s.enal. They rarely used the majority of them since they couldn't express their individuality to their fullest, but that didn't matter in that situation.

Their attacks couldn't defeat the flames anyway. It was better to use specific spells to destabilize King Elbas' higher energy and open a path where Chasing Demon could strike.

King Elbas had to admit that he didn't think about that flaw in the chaos of the battle. Resorting to the higher energy had been the right call, but that had turned him into nothing more than a solid stage powerhouse.

He wasn't a resourceful leader anymore. The higher energy had made him a target that had an evident weakness to exploit.

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King Elbas didn't blame himself. That chaotic battle would lead anyone to commit mistakes. Instead, his hatred focused on Noah.

King Elbas' flames blocked the t.i.tan's fists once again, but the Royal had long since abandoned his smile. His enemies were wounding him. There was nothing to be proud of in that situation.

Another problem appeared as more exchanges followed. King Elbas had to burn himself to create higher energy, so his condition weakened as the battle continued.

The Royal had drugs that could provide an instant regeneration, but that didn't fix the issue. It would be better to rely on the surge of energy generated by the raw laws to heal.

However, when King Elbas focused on the battlefield's edges again, he noticed that almost every trace of white light had disappeared.

A face appeared in his mind at that sight. He knew the culprit behind that event, and his anger surged when he saw him flying toward the few remaining raw laws in the area.

King Elbas almost didn't believe what he was about to do, but he wanted to take care of that nuisance. A wave of golden flames came out of his feet, and the Royal ignored everything coming at him as he flew toward his new target.

Noah had never stopped collecting raw laws during the battle, and his flight was so peaceful that he could always keep his attention on the fight.

His body had improved a lot after absorbing those raw laws. Noah had begun to near the peak of the lower tier when he saw King Elbas flying at high speed toward him.

Noah felt an instinctive fear at that sight. The strongest expert in the world had abandoned his battle to take care of him!

Yet, King Elbas wasn't too fast. His lack of spells made him rely on his bare flames' propulsion to accelerate, and that gave Noah enough time to deploy his movement technique.

King Elbas found nothing more than a human-shaped crack dug inside the void when he reached Noah's previous position, but he didn't give up on catching him just yet.

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