Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1138 1138. Warp

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Chapter 1138 1138. Warp

King Elbas' preparations had been meticulous. All his slashes had served to gather enough energy to inflict a decent amount of damage on the divine puppet.

The effort left him weakened. King Elbas had used his blood to create higher energy and empower his weapons, so his incredible prowess had a price.

Chasing Demon floated in the void near the maimed t.i.tan. Burns and large wounds filled the entirety of his body, but he was awake.

The explosion had fended off King Elbas' flames, but they quickly expanded again and neared his defenseless body. The Royal also teleported in the nearest fiery spot to prepare his final attack.

King Elbas didn't wield any weapon at that time. Blood flowed out of his fingers, and golden flames formed in his palms to take the shape of two long spears.

As the flames around him advanced, the Royal pointed the spears at Chasing Demon's floating body before giving them a soft push.

The spears spread fire as they crossed the void. Their flames fused with the red ones and advanced to encircle Chasing Demon with an inferno of higher energy.

There was no escape from that situation unless the Demon was able to fly through the flames.

The t.i.tan moved right before the fire could touch its Master. Its mouth opened, and a deafening metallic cry came out of its ma.s.sive figure.

The sea of flames shattered as dense vibration covered the battlefield and destroyed everything in their path. Even the five white stars crumbled as the shockwaves separated the raw laws inside them.

The golden spears fell apart, and King Elbas tried to teleport away only to find out that the s.p.a.ce around him was too unstable to activate that technique.

The vibrations engulfed King Elbas, and blood flowed out of its mouth as he activated countless disposable items to resist that shocking attack.

Surprise appeared in his expression. The Royal had calculated what Chasing Demon could unleash with his current cultivation level, but that attack had surpa.s.sed his expectations.

Golden shards covered King Elbas. His inscribed items shattered as soon as they came out of his s.p.a.ce-ring, but he had to sacrifice them to weaken the shockwaves.

"Are you really ready to die?!" King Elbas conveyed as a tinge of anger filled his mental waves.

Chasing Demon straightened his position and flew back to the t.i.tan. Blood flowed from his ears and eyes, but the most striking feature was that a hole had formed on his low-waist.

Still, he appeared stronger than ever. His cultivation level rose until it broke through the limits of the gaseous stage, and liquid "Breath" flowed out of his hole to fuel the t.i.tan.

'A secret art!' Noah shouted in his mind as he a.n.a.lyzed the battle.

He had resumed collecting every raw law that he found, and the t.i.tan's cry put even more distance between him and the Royals.

Noah was free to act as he wanted now that the fire was gone, but Chasing Demon's gesture darkened his mood.

There was no turning back from a secret art. The Patriarch had sacrificed his dantian to obtain a temporary surge of power, but he alone might not be enough to handle King Elbas.

The experts around the battlefield resumed their offensive once the vibrations vanished. They wanted to support Chasing Demon, but none of them could come close.

King Elbas could kill all of them with his flames. That defensive method was a barrier that they couldn't cross with their current power and a.s.sets.

'Night,' Noah thought, and the consciousness of the Pterodactyl focused on him.

Night had returned inside the s.p.a.ce-ring when Noah charged at the Royals. It had yet to have its chance to s.h.i.+ne, but the battlefield didn't give it many openings.

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"Are you finally letting me join the fray?" Night replied in an excited tone. The journey through the yellow magma had made it quite restless, and the years spent in the void didn't solve its boredom.

Slashes of various size joined the sabers in digging through the flames. They all came from a different angle. It was as if Noah was flying around the Royals and launching attacks non-stop.

Two different waves of flames crashed on the Royals' defenses. One of them created a starry sky, while the other carried violent destruction.

Mental attacks took form in the void too. Ma.s.sive ghostly swords joined the offensive and unleashed their power on the encircled Royals.

Noah had ultimately decided to fuse the Ghostly Sabers spell and the Mental Saber spell. He had lost some diversity by uniting those attacks, but his individuality was too big to contain it in such small swords.

The Royals almost couldn't believe their eyes. They were three gaseous stage powerhouses, but Noah had managed to surround them with an insane number of spells.

Their flames could barely hold back the siege. There were so many attacks around them that they couldn't break their concentration for even a second.

Noah had hoped that the Royals would focus only on what they could see. His spells were slowly digging through the flames, but his dantian was about to become empty already.

He could sustain an offensive on that level for less than ten minutes. His darkness couldn't fuel so many spells at once and for a long time. Still, those attacks were only a diversion.

The Royals poured everything they had to stop the enemy spells, but a tall, dark line suddenly appeared right inside their three fiery creatures.

The line widened to create a black portal where a fourth fiendish creature came out. The Royals didn't even have time to redirect their defenses that the figure slashed with the small blade in its hands.

The Warp spell had changed after Noah's modifications. He had been unable to teleport himself for a while, but rebuilding its diagram had unlocked that feature again.

Noah didn't create a portal anymore. He used the theory behind his movement technique to cut an opening inside the world's fabric. Once inside that personal dimension, Noah could open an exit to come out.

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