Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1130 1130. World

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Chapter 1130 1130. World

The number of raw laws eaten by Noah in the voyage through the void was immense.

The Matriarchs of the Shandal Empire and Council couldn't believe that he had yet to advance after absorbing so much true meaning carrying his individuality.

Noah's dantian remained at the peak of the fifth rank. Powerhouses in the liquid stage would feel the effects of so many nutrients, but his center of power remained unaffected.

That peculiarity couldn't escape the Matriarchs' attentive eyes. They were both experienced in the cultivation journey, but they had never seen nor heard of such a peculiar case.

Moreover, Noah showed no signs of addiction. He ate far more than G.o.d's Left Hand, but he never took breaks. Instead, the Matriarch had to avoid absorbing raw laws if she had seized some in the previous month.

Noah didn't even rely on external items to keep his mind in check. He appeared utterly undisturbed by that immense amount of nutrients that invaded his body and nourished its every fiber.

The Matriarchs decided to explain that peculiar quality with Noah's hybrid status. Still, even if they came close to the truth, they couldn't imagine how wrong they were on the matter.

Noah's dark star was a bottomless pit capable of purifying any energy and redirecting it where he needed it the most.

His body improved by leaps and bounds even if it only took a minor share of the raw laws. Noah had already crossed the halfway mark of the lower tier, and that alone explained how much he had eaten.

His companion felt in part envious of his qualities, but they mostly admired how resilient Noah was to any adversity. Even the void couldn't affect his greatness.

The group proceeded without ever stopping, and the stars in the distance eventually became closer in their vision. They began to show their true form of ma.s.sive spheres of white light covered in a tempting aura.

Great Elder Diana and Elder Regina started to consume large quant.i.ties of sedatives to fend off the aura leaking by those ma.s.sive stars. G.o.d's Left Hand had to reduce her absorption of raw laws to once every two months for the same reason.

Noah liked that situation. He could eat even more since everyone struggled to face those auras.

Truth be told, Noah wasn't immune to the captivating properties of the auras. Still, it was easier for him to resist them since he had never suffered from addiction to the raw laws.

It was as if he had returned to the black landma.s.s in the yellow sea. He only needed to remain focused on his existence to avoid falling prey to that sensation.

Entire years pa.s.sed with no one saying a word. Cultivators didn't mind the silence, but that was a different situation altogether.

Only the Demons, Elder Julia, Second Prince, and King Elbas had yet to appear. They made the strongest a.s.sets of both Hive and Elbas family, so the group couldn't help but worry about their state.

Of course, that feeling wasn't the same for everyone, but all of them feared the eventuality that King Elbas had gone mad again. It would be even worse if that happened to all the missing experts.

Then, the group found their first white star. It suddenly became bigger in their vision, and its radiations almost made a few of them dive in its light.

Great Elder Diana directly retreated when she felt her mind wavering. She dragged Elder Regina and Elder Paul away with her until the white star was nothing more than a large sphere in the distance.

G.o.d's Left Hand tried to resist its captivating qualities, but she felt forced to imitate the Council's Matriarch to avoid going mad. True Speed went with her since his situation was far worse.

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The Royals remained in front of the giant sphere for a long time before moving their eyes on the monster that could bathe freely in that radiance without suffering any adverse effect.

'This path toward light can't suit me,' Noah thought as he inhaled to begin his feeding on the raw laws. 'Everything about me belongs only to me. I might take the world one day, but it will never have me.'

The white star shrunk as Noah ate. The cultivators in the distance could sense how the faint radiations that reached their position became less intense.

Noah ate without placing any limit to his greed. Every raw law around him belonged to his centers of power, so he would make sure they had them.

The strange connection with the world that Noah had found during the absorption enlightened him on a matter that had annoyed him since he had reached the void.

His dantian absorbed most of that true meaning without growing. Everything fused with its structure, but the breakthrough didn't start.

Nevertheless, Noah could finally understand what his organ required now. It was something that he had tried to complete in the last centuries without any success.

'My destruction can fuse all my individuality into a blade,' Noah thought as the light around him slowly dimmed. 'My path with the hybris has peaked in my current form. My creation has altered the cycle of life and brought it into my palm.'

Those were the main aspects of Noah's individuality. They reflected his largest paths that then had countless ramifications.

Yet, he had failed to notice one obvious problem. His dark star was a proper center of power now, and it needed to be ready to step on the path of the laws for his individuality to advance.

Noah had always connected the copies of his elements to his creation, but it seemed that they had gained a central role with the dark star being his fourth center of power.

'It is as June said,' Noah concluded in his mind as the light around him went completely dark, and the white star disappeared. 'I need to create my world.'

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