Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 112 - 112. Academy

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Noah shrugged his shoulders and faced the tall youth.

Two sabers materialized in the air as he slowly approached Justin.

Justin stood still, waiting for his attack.

Noah lazily launched five wind slashes that were immediately crushed by one swing of the greatsword.

'He should be around June's level. Well, Thaddeus didn't say anything about my other spell.'

Justin saw that Noah wasn't taking him seriously and pointed his sword at him.

A large bullet made of air shot in Noah's direction which forced him to block the attack.

He crossed his sabers and successfully blocked the bullet but he was flung away by the force of the impact.

"Hey, you! This is not a game! Don't you have any face?"

Noah landed a few meters away unharmed and raised his gaze toward the youth.

His eyes shone with a dark light after he heard those words.

Twenty wind slashes were instantly released from his position which crashed on Justin's greatsword.

He managed to block them again only to find out that twenty more slashes were coming from a different direction.

He hastily activated a spell that made his sword incredibly sharp and fast which cut away all the attacks.

However, Noah was already in front of him at that moment.

Justin reactivated the spell and his complexion paled, his greatsword became so fast that it directly intercepted Noah's melee blow.

Then, Justin's vision became black as a three meters tall bat stopped his attack with its claws.

A cold sensation invaded him as two blades were laid on his throat.

Noah spoke in a soft voice to his hear.

"If this wasn't a game, you would have been dead."

Noah retracted Echo inside his body and moved back toward Thaddeus.

The left part of his upper clothing was shredded, showing his defined body devoid of any sweat.

Thaddeus nodded and threw two s.h.i.+ning crystals to him.

Noah grabbed them and noticed that they were Obsidian Credits of the same brilliance of those that Solomon gave to him.

'One hundred Credits for a little show, these n.o.bles are crazy.'

However, all the youths were staring at him with wide eyes with the exception of Justin that had his head lowered.

"I believe that we can move now."

Thaddeus spoke and the other professors nodded at his suggestion.

Noah followed while June neared him and began to storm him with questions.

"What was that bat?"

"A bat."

"It's a spell, right? Otherwise, you would have used it during our fight."


"Is that your only spell?"

"I don't have spells."

Seeing that he didn't answer any of her questions, June became a bit annoyed.

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However, Noah could see that her battle intent was aroused again.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed and soft light illuminated an area at fifty meters from their position.

Twenty-five youths led by a woman in golden armor appeared from the formation on the ground.

The woman bowed toward the professors and joined their group.

Thaddeus smiled and spoke to her in a warm tone.

"Sister, your timing is impeccable."

She smiled too and looked at the students in his group as if searching for someone.

Then her gaze stopped on Noah and remained fixed on him for a few seconds.

She then faced Thaddeus again and spoke.

"It seems that these years will be interesting."

Thaddeus nodded and stole a glance in Noah's direction.

"Incredibly interesting."

She then gestured to her students to join the other group.

It was clear that those that earned they ingress thanks to their qualities felt superior to the others and a bit of scorn was present in their eyes as they saw them coming close.

'That n.o.ble is here too.'

Noah spotted Samuel Muwlos' figure between the newly arrived and shook his head cursing his ever-present bad luck.

Thaddeus then raised his hand to attract everyone's attention and began to speak.

"You are now officially part of the Royal Academy. A token will be given to you which allows you free ingress here and that will register your merit points. You will need to swear an oath before that but don't worry, it's nothing too restrictive. There will be open lessons during the first week of your enrollment to give you a general idea of all the topics that are taught here. At the end of this week, you will be requested to attend a test that will evaluate your nature. The results of the test will be known only to you but they will help you greatly in choosing the courses more suitable for your disposition."

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