Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1115

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Chapter 1115: 1115

Sword Saint's sword descended when he concluded his line, and Noah marveled at the spectacle that such a simple gesture originated .

The sword multiplied during its descent . Countless ethereal blades appeared next to it and performed slashes alongside the expert's movement .

The blades didn't have an end . Noah recognized some of the forms expressed during that attack, but there were others that he had never seen before .

Still, he felt that Sword Saint's attack covered every possible slash . The ethereal swords went upward, downward, diagonally, and at different lengths .

One attack contained every slash in the world . Noah was too weak to sense it clearly, but he understood that Sword Saint's form carried part of the infinite .

Noah couldn't imagine what that attack would cause inside his sea of consciousness if the expert decided to pour his sharpness in the attack . Luckily for him, Sword Saint slash didn't radiate any power in the area . It was a simple demonstration meant to show part of his law .

"You can say that the lunge is the opposite," Sword Saint said once he returned in his original position . "It's the simplest sword attack . It only has one form, but there are countless variations in its speed and rhythm . "

Sword Saint half-crouched as he pulled his blade backward before concluding . "This makes its power limitless . "

The expert pushed his sword forward, and Noah sensed as if an unstoppable force was about to pierce his mental sphere and spread its influence in the outside world .

Sword Saint didn't add his power to the attack, but Noah feared for his life at the simple sight of that form . Once again, he found himself forced to accept that he couldn't understand the true power of those blows .

"Two attacks hide countless forms," Sword Saint said after he straightened his position . "Two attacks carry unlimited power . "

Noah's full attention was on the expert . Both his attacks and words carried a true meaning that Noah failed to understand completely . Yet, he felt that something had entered inside of him after seeing them .

It was as if his subconscious had registered something that his mind still couldn't process . Sword Saint's forms and words had already become part of him, but he couldn't call upon those true meanings with his current power .

"Is there a peak to this path?" Sword Saint questioned himself as he moved his gaze upward . "Is there a set limit? I still don't know, but it's my lifelong purpose to learn the truth about this . "

"You can't trail my path," Sword Saint said after moving his attention back at Noah . "But seeing my path might help you . I strive to fuse the two attacks into one, and this is the highest purity I can express . "

Sword Saint lowered his weapon before revealing a helpless smile and warning Noah . "I can't hold back my aura when I perform this . Your next task is to spend the time before your mission meditating on what you saw in this training session . "

Noah nodded, and his mental energy surged from his mental sea to cover the walls of his sphere . Sword Saint then waited for Noah's signal before proceeding with his technique .

There was a flash of light followed by an intense surge of sharpness . Noah saw the technique, but the scenery of his mental sphere suddenly disappeared . He found himself in the outside world with a trembling mind .

The Divine Deduction technique had deactivated autonomously, and the dark star put all its efforts into stopping the tremors that kept Noah unable to focus .

The sharpness lingering inside his sea of consciousness kept the tremors going for an entire day . His situation was different from when he had exhausted his mental energy, which alarmed June and Night .

Noah was in a constant state of pain . The walls of his mental sphere continued to shake, and he couldn't make them stop no matter how hard he tried .

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His condition improved slowly . His mental sea absorbed small bits of that sharpness as that process continued, and that foreign feeling eventually vanished .

June could only sigh at that sight . She didn't know what the Divine Cut's aura had shown to Noah, but she was aware that nothing could startle him now that his workaholic att.i.tude had taken posses of his mental faculties .

Noah stared at a fixed spot in the distant sky as he tried to recall everything that he had witnessed in the last training session with Sword Saint .

His mental energy was almost gone, but his sea of consciousness produced new one at high speed . Noah would recover completely in less than a day, but his focus was elsewhere .

'Why can't I see it?' Noah thought as he fell backward to lie on the roof .

He had seen Sword Saint's last attack, and he had memorized it too . That series of images was somewhere in his mind, and Noah could even gain access to it quickly .

However, he couldn't see anything even when the memory appeared in his vision . It was as if his mind couldn't replicate those images due to its low level .

'That was the peak of a G.o.d,' Noah repeated in his mind in disbelief . 'The current peak of Sword Saint's path, a slash capable of fusing every sword art . '

His ambition soon filled every inch of his body, and determination replaced the disbelief . Sword Saint had decided to give him something important since the mission at the center of the plane would be difficult, and Noah intended to learn that lesson .

Noah stood up and returned to the edges of the roof to repeat Sword Saint's forms . He didn't manage to recall the final slash, so he only performed slashes and lunges without releasing any energy .

There was a true meaning behind those forms . Noah had seen it with his mind, and he could sense it inside him somewhere .

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