Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1114

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Chapter 1114: 1114

Black trails followed the slash . They appeared to come out of it, but an expert eye would see that they formed right after the attack crossed that s.p.a.ce .

Sword Saint curved his finger to launch a similar slash, and the two attacks collided mid-air . Noah's blow lost, but it held its ground for a few seconds before splitting into two parts .

"I can't help but regret showing you this path," Sword Saint said after his slash crossed Noah's ethereal figure and dispersed before reaching the mental walls .

Noah shot a questioning look at him as he a.n.a.lyzed the outcome of that clash . He could feel that he was getting close to perfecting that attack . Only a few more decades would be enough to complete it, according to his calculations .

"Your graceless efforts to keep using blades for the centuries have made you suitable for my path," Sword Saint announced . "Your training would be already over if you had given up on the other aspects of your individuality . "

Noah shook his head at that remark . A more straightforward road made a cultivator grow faster, but it also gave less power . He would probably make the same decision even if his ambition allowed him to cut away part of himself .

"I just need to train more," Noah said as he shrugged his shoulders .

Noah's status had changed a lot during his cultivation journey . In the past, he would have modified any part of himself to seize power faster .

However, he wasn't in a hurry now . He would still prioritize the projects that could increase his power in the short-term, but he wouldn't waste his potential to quicken his training .

'Now that I think about it,' Noah thought before telling Sword Saint about his mission at the center of the plane . The expert was a divine being in the end . He could know something about that environment even if he was only a will .

"I see," Sword Saint said after Noah finished his story . "Hunting for the raw laws . Quite ambitious . "

Noah's ethereal eyes widened at that answer . The fact that Sword Saint knew about the purpose of the mission surprised him, but there was a detail that left him confused .

"What do you mean by hunting?" Noah asked . According to King Elbas and G.o.d's Left Hand's description, the raw laws didn't sound like something he had to catch .

"Did you expect them to come willingly in your arms?" Sword Saint answered with a tinge of sarcasm in his voice . "They come from the world to fuse with the world . Did you think Heaven and Earth made them for you?"

Sword Saint's words made sense . Noah had initially thought that the addiction and instabilities caused by the raw laws were enough as drawbacks to make them fair .

G.o.d's Left Hand was also there, and she had confirmed the Royal's version of the story . Those two organizations couldn't possibly have secrets deals because the Hive had already taken care of that part .

Still, Noah was aware that there were many blind spots in his knowledge of that topic, and the same was true for G.o.d's Left Hand . She had probably learnt about the raw laws from Shandal, but she might only know what they were .

That would have given King Elbas the chance to hide crucial parts of his journey in the sea of magma . Noah didn't believe that he had lied, but he was sure that he had kept many details a secret .

Sword Saint lowered his hand and sighed seeing Noah's going over his memories of the meeting . The expert inside his mind was nothing more than a will, but that didn't prevent him from changing his approach when needed .

"The world is a system," Sword Saint began to explain as a sphere of light formed in front of him . "Heaven and Earth can't bother to refill all the laws and "Breath" lost because of the lifeforms in their planes, so they put a generator at their center . "

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A darker sphere appeared at the center of the whiter one . Gray trails came out of it and dispersed in the outer layers .

"A dangerous journey right in the middle of our training," Sword Saint said to himself before releasing a snort and stopping his tracks to face Noah . "Well, you would ask for this if you knew what I have in mind anyway . "

Noah began to understand something, but he remained silent . He limited himself to stand up to be ready if the expert asked him to perform some slashes .

"You have learnt countless sword arts before reaching my will," Sword Saint announced . "They cover almost every possible form created by swordsmen, but they are nothing more than variations . "

An ethereal sword formed in the will's hand . Noah's interest reached its peak during the explanation, and his dark star began to push his mental capabilities beyond their normal limits .

Noah even activated the Divine Deduction technique . The insides of his mental sphere became brighter as the inscriptions on its walls consumed mental energy to bring his mind to a superior level .

That was the same state in which he had created his movement technique . Noah couldn't be more focused even if he relied on inscribed items or drugs .

Sword Saint continued once he sensed that he had his heir's full attention . "Once you break down every sword art to their simplest core, you will see that a sword can only execute two forms: A slash and a lunge . "

Sword Saint performed a simple slash and lunge as he spoke . No sharpness came out of those forms, but Noah could sense something profound in those smooth movements .

He didn't know why, but he felt sure that Sword Saint had focused on those forms for so long that they had become the main feature of his individuality .

He felt that the expert had finally decided to show his law!

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