Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1079 1079. Chirp

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Chapter 1079 1079. Chirp

A tight array of s.h.i.+ning lines stood behind the enemy army and engulfed it with a golden light. Both heroic and human a.s.sets of the Royal family saw their injuries healing at high speed as their battles continued.

A series of blinding beams came out of the formations' cores, and many Elders had to use defensive items to fend them off.

Two large ballistae floated behind the array of formations. Peak rank 4 cultivators loaded ma.s.sive inscribed arrows that crossed the entirety of the battlefield once launched.

Only Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana could stop those arrows since they were disposable items with quasi-rank 6 power. When the Royals paired them with the rank 6 ballistae at the peak of the lower tier, they became attacks capable of killing powerhouses.

The two leaders of the alliance could take care of those attacks and have enough time to charge at the ballistae. Still, Third Prince and First Princess floated behind the enemy lines and controlled the defenses to hinder their movements.

'How can they still have so many heroic a.s.sets?' Noah thought. The Elbas family had deployed fewer troops on that battlefield, but its sheer number of powerful cultivators surprised him nonetheless.

There were more than twenty rank 5 cultivators on the Royals' side, and many of them were in the solid stage. Noah had already accepted that the Royal Pool was a miraculous item, but that rate of growth was simply unbelievable!

The Hive had been at its prime for a while. Its best a.s.sets were the many talented cultivators gathered over the years. The other world's rebellion had made it suffer some losses, but it had still produced more than forty rank 5 experts in the last centuries.

However, the numbers of the Elbas family were off the scale. Noah had killed tens of powerful a.s.sets after returning to the surface, but there didn't seem to be an end to them.

Noah felt even surer that King Elbas had managed to improve the effects of the Pool. Such grooming properties were nowhere near the fairness imposed by Heaven and Earth.

A single miraculous item wouldn't be too troublesome if it were the only amazing a.s.set of the Elbas family. The Hive had the Copying Technique in the end, and that was equally annoying to deal with.

Yet, the Royals had their incredible expertise in the inscription fields, which made having so many powerful a.s.sets even more troublesome.

The alliance had deployed more troops, but the many defenses in place made advancing impossible. The experts of both Hive and Council had the upper hand over their enemies, but they never managed to land a deadly blow.

Noah saw Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon fighting in one corner of the battlefield against three experts in the solid stage. They appeared unstoppable with their battle prowess that surpa.s.sed the fifth rank's limits, but their attacks barely crossed the golden armors worn by their opponents.

Slowly exhausting the Royals didn't work either since the formations' healing light made every injury pointless. Instead, the enemy army could work together with the beaming cores and wound the allied forces over time.

There were also a series of ma.s.sive s.h.i.+elds between the Royal army and the formations. Noah saw how the enemy cultivators could cross them easily to return to a safe spot.

's.h.i.+elds, ballistae, and the two powerhouses,' Noah listed in his mind the a.s.sets that could threaten rank 6 cultivators. He didn't know if his arrival could turn the trend of that battle, but he had the chance to test his new weapon at least.

'I hate s.h.i.+ning things,' Night said through its connection with Noah's mind. The bird-like Companion stood on Noah's shoulder as he inspected the battlefield with him.

'That's good,' Noah answered with his mind. 'They are your targets.'

'How should I even destroy them with this awful body?' Night snorted, but Noah shot forward while replying in an uncaring manner. 'That's your problem. Weren't you the strongest predator?'

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"The strongest predator in darkness!" Night shouted, and some cultivators turned in Noah's direction when they heard the bird's chirping cry.

A smile appeared on the old powerhouse's face. Now that Noah was there, the alliance could finally attempt to overwhelm the Royal family's annoying defenses.

Noah saw the arrow coming in slow motion. The Demonic Sword was in his grasp, and Snore was ready to help, but he wanted to see how potent those disposable weapons were.

Before the arrow could hit his chest, Noah threw a punch, giving birth to a silent shockwave when his knuckles and the huge tip connected.

Both Noah and the arrow remained still for an instant before the effects of their clash became visible to everyone.

Cracks appeared on the bolt and covered its surface. A long wound opened on Noah's arm, spreading from his knuckles to his shoulder. The impact also flung him away, but the arrow crumbled at the same time.

Noah felt two powerful pairs of eyes on him when he managed to stop his momentum. Third Prince and First Princess stared at him from behind the s.h.i.+elds with an annoyed expression.

A few drops of dark-red blood flowed out of his wound, but corrosive smoke soon came out of his skin and covered his whole figure. Chasing Demon ordered a full retreat of the weaker forces at that sight, and Great Elder Diana imitated him.

Noah was using the Demonic Form while being a rank 6 mage. The battlefield would soon turn into a rank 6 danger zone where only powerhouses could live.

The Prince and Princess shouted similar orders, but the Elbas family's troops only retreated behind the s.h.i.+elds. They didn't move to the edges of the region like their enemies.

'Is this darkness enough?' Noah asked, and Night released a long chirping sound that resembled a battle cry.

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