Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 107 - 107. Exposed

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Meanwhile, in the square in Ebonrest city.

The various partic.i.p.ants had joined their families on the stages.

They were socializing between themselves and inquiring their descendants about the events on the test.

Samuel had his head lowered while a middle-aged man was heavily reprimanding him.

"Don't you dare speak again in front of the Royal dynasty like that! Have you seen how Thaddeus reacted? You made a fool out of yourself!"

Samuel didn't answer, he knew that his emotion had taken control of him at that moment and could only listen to his father's scolding.

"I wanted you to take the test so that you could lose some of that arrogance. So what if you belong to a large-size n.o.ble family? There is always a bigger mountain, you need to accept your weakness and work hard to fix it! I won't always be here providing you support, one day the Muwlos family will be in your hand. Try to remember that."

He shook his head and continued.

"Look around you, how many large-size families do you see here? And why should you receive a special treatment?"

He sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"The world is vast and you need more than your family name to survive in it. I hope that in the academy you will work hard."

Samuel's eyes lit up and he raised his head, asking in a timid voice.

"Father, are you saying?"

"What? Our family has enough wealth to buy the entrance for one person and you are the best candidate. Don't make the family regret this decision."

Back in the luxurious room.

Noah was still cultivating.

June had fallen asleep during her meditation and laid uncaringly on the couch.

She moved a lot in her sleep and at some point, one of her legs landed on Noah's shoulder.

Noah opened his eyes and looked at the messy figure at his side.

'Is she a human or an animal?'

"She must have worked really hard during the test."

Grace spoke looking at the scene.

She was the only one awake, Troy and Perry had taken one couch each and were resting on them.

Noah moved the leg away from his shoulder and stood up, walking toward the table.

He filled a cup with some aromatic wine and drank it slowly while he pondered about his situation.

"You are not the talkative type, I see."

Grace spoke again, a slight smile appeared on her face.

"I didn't know that ladies from the n.o.ble families spoke to commoners."

Noah replied while he took another sip from the cup.

The wine was exquisite and it seemed to have a relaxing effect on the sea of consciousness.

Grace's eyebrows arched in surprise.

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"You lost your status as a commoner the moment you were accepted in the academy. Maybe you still don't realize it but your future will be amazing only thanks to that. And I'm not even considering your extraordinary score during the test."

"As you know, my Elbas family ruled over the Utra continent for two thousand years already. We like for our subjects to believe that we don't care about their behaviors but, in reality, we keep close attention to everything peculiar that happens."

He pointed with his other hand at the image.

"I believe that the black smoke belongs to the lost spell Demonic form. Our latest investigations about it had to stop more than one hundred years ago because of two reasons."

"The first one was that the spell was believed to be stored in an inheritance ground in the Shosti domain. We could not afford to send so much man-power there so we simply let the Shosti family share its rewards with us."

"The second one was that the spell linked itself to the sea of consciousness of the cultivator. It is then impossible to pa.s.s down and even extracting it will damage its diagram and the person that has it."

He smiled toward Noah and continued.

"However, a peculiar rumor spread out from that area not long ago. A medium-size family lost all its younger generation in the inheritance ground and no traces of them have been found. One really forgettable detail was that among them there was the b.a.s.t.a.r.d son of one of the n.o.bles. I think his name was Noah and he was of the darkness element."

Thaddeus retracted the image and shrugged his shoulder.

"It's strange for a cultivator without any background to be this strong and it's even more strange for two cultivators of the darkness element to appear at the same time. I could not help but be suspicious so I dug deeper into the family's weekly reports and created a theory."

"What if the b.a.s.t.a.r.d son of the n.o.ble and the genius of the entrance test are the same person? Everything would make much more sense, don't you think so?"

Noah was stupefied.

Never could he ever imagine that the network of the Royal family could reach even the medium-size n.o.ble families far from the capital.

His eyes had become cold and dark as Thaddeus spoke and, in his mind, he was reviewing any chance he had to escape from this situation.

However, his thoughts were interrupted by Thaddeus' next question.

"So, have you already thought about killing me?"

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