Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1065 1065. Powerhouses

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Chapter 1065 1065. Powerhouses

The formations of the Royal Academy partially regrew while Noah killed the experts. Some attacks shot toward him, but he dived right into the corrosive cloud to make them lose his tracks.

White beams and knights pierced the cloud, but the corrosive smoke destroyed them before they could even find Noah again. The current power of the defensive formations was still too low to face his abilities.

The destruction acc.u.mulated on the battlefield continued to fuel Noah's spells. His offensive would be more vigorous with Snore's feathers, but the Blood Companion had used all its bullets to destroy the river.

Water started to come out from the destroyed riverbed. The ground even fixed itself under the influence of the golden light. However, it was still too early for it to summon the rank 6 puppets again.

Noah remained inside the cloud and inspected the ground. He felt slightly surprised that those in control of the defenses were only trying to restore the previous formations since they had already proved themselves too weak to stop him.

No different patterns appeared on the ground, and the structures only showed the same layout while they regrow.

Noah felt that something was off, but he wouldn't let that scare him. The Black Hole spell and the saber-shaper runes had reached power in the sixth rank while he waited, so he made them fall downward.

A ma.s.sive black sphere and a torrent of sabers flew toward the ground, and Noah came out of the cloud in his fiendish form to join his abilities.

The ground opened before the attacks even landed. The pressure radiated by Noah's offensive was enough to disperse the golden light and destroy the few s.h.i.+ning lines that it had restored.

A loud shockwave spread through the Royal Academy. Entire layers of the ground directly disintegrated as his attacks dug their way into the depths of the area.

The Black Hole spell covered the entirety of the central area with its explosion, but Noah remained in its range, uncaring of the pressure that landed on his body. The shockwave didn't even manage to make him change his trajectory.

The color of the ground changed at some point. Noah saw a smooth black layer appearing on his path and fending off the shockwave that had preceded him.

It seemed that he had reached a restricted area, but a tough material wouldn't be enough to stop his offensive.

The sabers converged in front of him and began to rotate to form a drill-like formation that clashed on the black wall. Screeching sounds spread from that spot, but everything went silent right before Noah landed.

Noah felt the sharpness of the sabers-shaped runes resonating in his mind. He only needed to point the Demonic Sword toward the center of the drill to make all of them stop for a second.

The sabers and the Demonic Swords stopped leaking any aura before exploding with the same sharpness at the same time. The two attacks became a single technique that fused the power of two rank 6 blows into one.

The black wall had metallic properties, and defensive formations were reinforcing its structure on the other side. It could endure a few spells from a powerhouse, but Noah's attack cracked its surface and made a hole that reached the other side.

An eerie aura came out of the hole, but a dangerous sensation appeared in Noah's mind as his consciousness sensed two powerful presences above him.

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Noah glanced at the cracked wall while stopping his offensive. The cracks weren't enough to make him go to the other side, so he had to accept that his exploration of the restricted areas was over.

However, cultivators could rely on spells, defensive items, and their experience in battles at that level. Noah didn't expect to overpower them with a few tricks or by betting everything on his body.

'I wonder what peaks my body will reach against them,' Noah thought as his eyes went on the Demonic Sword in his grasp.

The Cut's aura had enlightened him on many offensive methods that featured swords, but Noah had yet to use those that would express the full might of his body.

He could launch powerful slashes without hurting his living weapon thanks to the expertise gained in the divine inheritance, but those techniques didn't suit him. He knew how to launch gentle attacks, but he remained a creature with physical strength that surpa.s.sed even hybrids.

His real power was in slashes that required brute strength other than technique. The only problem was that his Demonic Sword couldn't survive many of them.

'You might get hurt,' Noah thought, and the Demonic Sword answered with a roar that carried pure battle intent when it understood his feelings.

With Noah's breakthroughs and Snore, the Demonic Sword had found itself unable to s.h.i.+ne during battles. It still was an incredible a.s.set in his a.r.s.enal, but it had to wait for his dantian to reach the sixth rank before becoming a crucial part of his offensive.

Noah had never forgotten about his living weapon, and even his idea of forging a rank 6 weapon was only a temporary solution. The Demonic Sword carried his individuality, so he knew that he would never abandon it.

'Fine then,' Noah thought, and the Demonic Sword became smaller in his palm. It became as short as a knife as he raised it above his head and wielded it with both hands.

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