Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1041 1041. Violen

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Chapter 1041 1041. Violen

The seabed trembled as the battle against the invading pack continued. Shockwaves able to shatter the very fabric of the water covered the entire area, and tall tides formed on the surface.

Noah needed three to four attacks to dispatch one head, and his size prevented the Hydras from launching their innate abilities after him.

He moved among the long necks and accelerated whenever he found an opportunity. Meanwhile, his flames and corrosive smoke surrounded both creatures and applied damage over time, other than restricting their movements.

The Hydras found themselves in a dire situation, and their instincts took control of their bodies when they saw Noah destroying the third head.

The hybrids released an angry roar that became an intense sound attack once all eleven remaining heads pointed at the elusive Noah. He was swimming toward his fourth target when the pressure surrounded him and destroyed the layer of dark matter.

The spiked armor began to fall apart while Noah remained immobilized in those sound waves. Yet, the dark matter came out of his body to form a layer of black rocks around his Demonic Form that kept the spell active.

Meanwhile, Noah spat a series of dense fireb.a.l.l.s aimed toward the various heads roaring at him.

The hydras endured the first attacks, but the flames eventually forced them to close their mouth and dodge the relentless offensive launched through the sound waves.

Noah used that chance to shoot toward a head that tried to retreat. However, Snore coiled around its neck and kept it in place, allowing Noah to reach it.

A series of violent punches, slashes, and elemental attacks landed on the immobilized head, which exploded in a matter of seconds. Noah wanted to shoot right after his next target, but he found himself surrounded by ten reptilian maws that crashed in his position.

The Hydras had stopped caring about their companions, and they were ready to hurt each other if that led to the death of their annoying enemy.

Noah's rocky armor broke, and the Demonic Form dispersed when the heads landed on him. He felt his bones screeching and the teeth tearing his skin, but he didn't lose control of the situation for even a second.

Noah's hands stabbed in the head directly in front of him while the Hydras tried to ravage his body. He spread his arms to create a b.l.o.o.d.y opening in the creature's tissues and spewed a dense wave of flames right inside the injury.

One Hydra roared in pain as Noah crashed on the seabed. There were only nine remaining heads now, but all of them pounced the spot where he had landed.

A laugh resounded among the noise of the shattering seabed. Noah laughed as he felt the dark matter coming out of his injuries and stopping the creatures from eating him.

Moreover, the heads were suffering multiple burns due to the scorching temperatures that his body had reached. His situation was far from optimal, but he didn't feel in danger at the moment.

'Let's kill the first one,' Noah thought. He had always focused on one Hydra with his attacks, which meant that his target had only two heads left.

Noah spread his mouth to engulf the entire area in a cloud of flames. A starry sky appeared and surrounded the raging hybrids that had continued to attack even if their heads often clashed between each other.

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The flames gave Noah enough time to activate the Demonic Form again and make Snore materialize around his figure. The Hydras were happy to see that their targets had become bigger, but a wave of pain soon spread from one of their heads.

Noah's a.s.sault was violent and constant. Each of his attacks tore large pieces of muscles apart, burnt its skin, and injured its insides. The Hydra couldn't even attempt to counterattack in that situation.

Snore and the Demonic Sword supported Noah's moves with precise blows to either restrict the creature's movements or enlarge preexistent injuries. They weren't crucial to the battle, but they helped him suppressing the Hydra.

Heads began to fall after Noah used the severed neck to fling the Hydra on the seabed. He walked on its body freely, surrounded by a violent cloud made of flames and corrosive smoke.

Then, when the last head vanished, he released a roar that spread through the entirety of the underwater area.

Even amid his euphoria, Noah noticed how his roar had changed. It still had draconic features, but it was far more profound than his previous ones. Also, it carried a mysterious sound that spread his aura wherever it echoed.

The weaker creatures that had survived the battle among the leaders swam toward the destroyed seabed and lowered their heads. Noah saw magical beasts and hybrids of various species bowing and recognizing him as their new leader.

There was an army at his disposal now, but Noah turned toward the Demons before minding those creatures.

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon had made use of a different battle style. They were only cultivators, so they couldn't be as reckless as Noah.

They had used a series of long-range spells to immobilize and slowly injure the creature. By the time Noah had finished his battle, their opponent had only three heads still roaring against the two Demons.

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