Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 1033 1033. Laughs

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Chapter 1033 1033. Laughs

Chaos marched toward the landma.s.s of the other Mortal Lands, and June happened to be there.

June didn't need saving. She had built her power on top of Eccentric Thunder's inheritance, but her individuality was only hers. There was the chance that she had even moved past the old cultivator's teachings after obtaining the higher energy and the book in Shandal's dimension.

Noah barely understood how her cultivation technique worked. He couldn't help her in that field. Yet, that didn't mean that he didn't want to be with her.

'I didn't notice it,' Noah thought as the images of his last battle appeared in his view. June was there, turned toward him as she stared at the destruction that he had unleashed.

The sporadic sparkle let off by his dark matter illuminated the part of her face that the large hat couldn't cover. Noah could only see half of her lips, but he saw no emotions in them.

'She didn't want me to notice,' Noah concluded, and the sheets in his hands turned into ashes as his dark heart spun faster. He felt uneasy whenever he recalled that half mouth.

Something serious was going on with her centers of power, and whatever it was, she didn't want Noah to be involved.

'She must have noticed my injuries,' Noah thought as he sat on the ground of the separate dimension. He didn't feel at fault for how her situation had evolved, but he wanted to do more for her.

They had been apart for too long, and Noah had finally reached the point when he could stop abiding by the rules of the political environment.

As for June, she had been in charge of her family for quite a while by then. The only problem was finding the right opportunity to escape the clutches of the Royals.

She knew too much about the underground activities of the Elbas family. Most structures of the academy granted access only to the Elbas bloodline, but she was the first on the list of cultivators to call in case there was dirty work to do.

It was time for the two of them to be together in the open, but they had to plan it thoroughly to respect their wishes.

Thirty-seven materialized next to him at some point, and the teleportation matrix near the mansion lit up before revealing the two Demons walking in his direction.

"Quite a show you pulled off down there," Flying Demons said. White flowers grew wherever he took a step, and ice spread on the ground around them. They radiated an eerie aura that appeared able to stabilize the environment of the dimension.

"Skully told us everything you did," Dreaming Demon said. The air of the dimension bent due to the mental waves surrounding her figure. It was as if it couldn't resist the authority that they carried.

Both Demons had improved during those years. Dreaming Demon was nearing the peak of the fifth rank, while Flying Demon had crossed the halfway mark of the solid stage.

Moreover, their auras were far more intense compared to those of experts at the same level. Their individualities were vast, and their ambition made justice to their divine Master.

"You look good," Noah said, revealing a faint smile.

"You look better," Flying Demon replied before letting out a short laugh.

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Noah wished that he could catch up with them in front of a few jugs of good wine, but June's situation bothered him. He could use the rank 6 hybrids' invasion to look for her and see if he could be of any help.

Noah glanced at the automaton, and his sack of dark matter opened, revealing another piece of the black metal retrieved in the hidden world. Thirty-seven's ethereal eyes widened at that sight, and a smile quickly appeared on his face.

"I need more s.p.a.ce-rings and a detailed description of the evolution of the fauna in the other world," Noah ordered, and the automaton disappeared, only to return a few minutes later with the items that he had requested.

"Just one last thing," Flying Demon said as he turned to look at Noah with a severe expression. "Don't tell me that swinging magical beasts is your new technique."

The sound of his laughs echoed through that area of separate dimension as the trio moved toward the teleportation matrix. The Demons told Noah funny anecdotes happened while he was away, and Noah went through his version of the hidden world's events.

Now that peace had spread among the three organizations again, they could use the dimensional portal freely. Yet, they decided to take the fastest path for the Utra nation since every expert in the world was looking for Noah.

The three of them reached the dimensional portal in a few weeks and found troops wearing golden armors deployed in front of it.

Their arrival alerted the troops who rose in the air to meet the trio, but the soldiers began to slow down when they became aware of their ident.i.ty. There was only one rank 5 cultivator among the troops. The rest were soldiers in the fourth rank too scared to even look at the trio in the eyes.

"I-I need to see your authorization," The captain said with a trembling voice, but Noah and the Demons glared at him.

The captain didn't even last a few seconds before lowering his head and moving out of the way, leaving the path open.

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