Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 103 - 103. Messy fights

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Most of Yetis in the valley were laying on the ground, allowing the cold winds of the mountain to nourish them.

Noah had a good amount of experience regarding packs of magical beast and could not help but be slightly confused.

'They are rather peaceful between themselves. There isn't the same aggressivity of the snakes nor the same cruelty.'

Noah was evaluating their behavior as he peeked from the edge on the surface.

'Well, I will see their aggressivity pretty soon.'

Two silver sabers appeared in his hands as he jumped directly in the middle of the beast pack.

Tens of horizontal fuming slashes shot out from his figure as soon as he touched the ground.


The Yetis gave immediately the alarm and jumped toward the little figure.

However, they were slow and a corrosive black smoke began to spread in the area which damaged them, further slowing their advance.

Noah had already vanquished the creatures near him and shot toward the most densely populated area.

The black smoke enveloped him, transforming his normal appearance in a fiendish one.

The Yetis surrounded him but were obstructed by the dark cloud that enveloped Noah so they could never get near his position safely.

Noah used those unhindered moments to kill as many beasts as he could.

Bodies acc.u.mulated on the ground as he moved undisputed between the five meters giants.


Another roar resounded in the valley and the a.s.sault of the Yetis became more selfless.

They charged into the black cloud uncaring of their skin being consumed in order to stop the threat.

When one of the Yetis was near enough to touch him, a three meters bat shot out from the cloud and stabbed its fangs on the beast.

The bat used the surprise effect to lock the Yeti on the ground and bit hard on its head.

A shockwave was released from its ethereal throat that crushed the Yeti's head on the spot.

Noah was internally satisfied with the strength of his new blood companion as he swung his blades relentlessly surrounded by black smoke.

'a.s.sea would have only been able to take hits on my place while Echo can actively fight on my side.'

That was precisely what continued to happen.

Noah killed everything in front of him while Echo managed his rear side.

Slowly, the entire valley was being covered by the toxic smoke.

About half an hour later, the cloud dissipated, showing Noah's figure in the middle of the empty cliff.

Only some remains of the previously populated pack laid on the terrain.

His complexion was slightly pale and he was sweating, more than half his mental energy had been depleted but he was smiling seeing the results on the rune in the sea of consciousness.

The number "58" was shown clearly on its surface.

'This is the best alt.i.tude, I should rest and explore more.'

He reached for the surface and dug another cavity in the trunk of a tree.

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He took out a bottle and drank its contents.

The man from the Eeggi family answered him.

As their alt.i.tude increased, the s.h.i.+vers of his sister had become almost unsustainable and he was really worried about her health.

"Why do you even speak to me? It's clear that your sister is full of s.h.i.+t! Look, we climbed so much but the best that we could find were two rank 3 at the same time! I should have never grouped with people from such a worthless family."

The insult didn't hurt the red-haired brother so much as he knew that his social status was far inferior.

"And what we would do if we find a pack with ten Yetis, mh? Will you use me as a meat-s.h.i.+eld like the last time?"

These n.o.bles had never faced dangerous situations, and if they did, they were controlled dangers.

Their experience in battle was limited to the hunting they did with their family and to the training that they did in their mansions.

Noah completely outcla.s.sed them in real fights to the death.

Added to his powerful spell that fully countered the regenerative ability of the Yetis, it was no wonder that he could kill those rank 3 beasts so effortlessly.

So, the others fought the Yetis with crude methods, using one or two people in their group to distract the creatures while the others launched attacks until they had killed it.

Of course, groups that had fire mages had a slight advantage but even with that and not considering Noah, the highest kill count didn't surpa.s.s thirty units.

In the end, the night came even on the second day of the test.

Almost everyone had decided to climb more but they were surprised to find that nearly no beast was present at that height.

Meanwhile, Noah was resting inside Echo's body looking at the mark on his rune.

'"126". That should be pretty high right?'

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