Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 101 - 101. Begin

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A loud voice sounded in the district on the morning of the entrance test.

"Gather toward the ingress and await further instructions."

Noah was cultivating and opened his eyes after hearing the voice.

Meditation was refres.h.i.+ng for the body of a cultivator and if it was paired with enough sleep it helped maintaining someone's peak form.

Noah, of course, didn't train his mental energy the day before the test, so he felt rested and full of energy.

He exited the room and saw that all the other contestants did the same.

They moved silently outside the manor and toward the appointed spot, a tense air surrounded the young men and women and no one was friendly to each other like on the day of Noah's arrival.

After all, depending on the test, they could all be enemies in a few hours.

Only the girl with red hair seemed somewhat at ease as if uncaring of the incoming trial.

She even waved her hand toward Noah that limited himself to nod before ignoring her.

When they reached the ingress of the district, six beautiful women appeared in their line of sight.

They were holding large buckets and their eyes were closed as they stood motionlessly in place.

The voice then sounded again.

"Leave your keys in the buckets, once everyone has done it, we will move."

The process took ten minutes as more than one hundred youths had to drop their wooden cards.

When the last card was dropped, a figure appeared in the air above them.

He had a green full-body armor and he floated staring at the group below him.

"Follow me and remember that an envoy from the Elbas dynasty will be overseeing your behavior."

The group moved in silence along the streets of Ebonrest city while the man walked in the air leading them.

Noah felt a stare full of hatred coming from behind him that belonged to the n.o.ble that tried to prevent his ingress in the manor back when he arrived in the district.

'Please, mighty Royals, let the test be a fight to the death.'

He dreamed of that unlikely chance.

The Royal family couldn't put so many lives at risk, the cultivators present there were the best of the best of the new generations of n.o.bles after all.

After another ten minutes of walk, they arrived at a large square that had a big diagram at its center.

On the sides of the diagram, there were stands full of the family members of the partic.i.p.ants.

Meals and beverages of any kind were put in front of them as they stared at their descendants below them.

'No chances of laying low with this much audience.'

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Noah thought.

In a few seconds, all the men and women at the center of the square disappeared and, in their place, four big blue screens appeared in the air.

The screens had the names of the partic.i.p.ants written on them with a "zero" next to each name.

At the same time.

Noah resisted the pressure of the teleportation with ease and when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a snowy environment.

The area was so cold that he had to circulate the "Breath" in his body to fight back the a.s.sault of the frigid temperature to his skin.

'This cold is unnatural, it can even damage a rank 3 body!'

Some other people were around him who were slowly opening their eyes.

'It seems that we were all sent to different locations.'

He looked around and saw right behind his back that a vivid red line was drawn on the terrain.

'That should be the border of the teleportation area so the test is on its opposite side.'

He smiled a little, his cold aura fused with the one of the surroundings, scaring the partic.i.p.ants near him.

'Let's see if there is really someone that can surpa.s.s me!'

Echo began to scan the area as Noah charged directly toward the peak.

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