Beloved Empress


Chapter 147.2

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“Your Majesty, this entire incident is caused by the Empress, aijia have to punish her. Stop protecting her,” said the Empress Dowager while barely controlling her anger. What a good son she had! He only cared for Mo Qi Qi! He went against her in front of so many people, he really disappointed her.

Just as Jun Qian Che was about to reply her, Mo Qi Qi grabbed his sleeve and shook her head at him. Then, she obediently turned towards the Empress Dowager, “Your Ladyship, it is true that His Majesty’s injury was caused by this daughter. This daughter is willing to be punished by you.”

The Empress Dowager nodded proudly, “The Empress sure is obedient. You must not blame aijia for whatever happens after this. How do you think aijia should punish you?”

“It is all up to Your Ladyship,” replied Mo Qi Qi obediently.

Seeing this, Yang Shi Han spoke up, “Your Ladyship, Shi Han has a suggestion.”

“Oh, then feel free to share it,” the Empress Dowager shared a tacit smile with her.

Yang Shi Han turned to Mo Qi Qi, who in turn, gave her a big eye-roll.

Jun Qian Che glared at Yang Shi Han in anger.

Yang Shi Han turned towards the Empress Dowager and sweetly said, “Your Ladyship, since the Empress committed an error and couldn’t be properly punished due to her pregnancy, wouldn’t it be better for you to order her to stay by your side to learn rules and etiquettes?”

Hearing that, the Empress Dowager nodded in satisfaction, “Shi Han’s idea is very good. Aijia could tell that the Empress hasn’t properly learned palace etiquettes even though she has entered the palace for quite a while. From tomorrow onwards, the Empress is to move into Ci Yue Palace. Aijia will teach you rules and etiquettes that must be observed while living in the palace.”

Jun Qian Che was worried when he heard that, “Imperial mother—“

“What is wrong? Is aijia’s method not satisfactory to you, Your Majesty?” the Empress Dowager’s face darkened.

Jun Qian Che honestly replied her, “Imperial mother, the Empress is with child. What if she is not used to Ci Yue Palace after moving there? What if it affects her pregnancy? Please be more light-handed, on account of the Empress’ pregnancy.”

Mo Qi Qi slapped her own forehead: could this Jun Qian Che stop adding oil to fire? Couldn’t he see how angry the Empress Dowager was? Just pretend to listen to her first. Once her anger dissipated, then you may continue making your case! Did she need to even teach him that? Was he trying to get her killed?

Just as the Empress Dowager was about to speak, Mo Qi Qi spoke first, “Your Ladyship, this daughter is willing to learn from you at Ci Yue Palace.” To tell the truth, she truly was glad to be living at Ci Yue Palace. This was an excellent opportunity for her! She’d never gotten the chance to check the toilets at Ci Yue Palace before. This was a good chance for her to start exploring Ci Yue Palace.

Jun Qian Che stared at Mo Qi Qi in displeasure. Didn’t she know the Empress Dowager dislike her? Why would she agree to the punishment?

Mo Qi Qi threw him a bright smile.

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The Empress Dowager smiled victoriously, “The Empress is sensible. This matter ends here. Aijia is tired and would like to rest. Your Majesty, go and get your wound checked at Gui Ning Palace. Let Shi Han have a look at it.”

Jun Qian Che sat next to her in confusion. “You are actually siding with imperial mother?” asked Jun Qian Che incredulously. The Empress Dowager had hated Mo Qi Qi from the moment she entered the palace, so Mo Qi Qi had always treated the Empress Dowager with equal enmity. She used to complain about his mother to him all the time, causing him to feel as though she lacked filial piety. What happened today really shocked him!

“Chenqie is not siding with the Empress Dowager, it’s just that chenqie is with child now and will become a mother in a few months time. It is not easy to carry a child for 10 months, much less to raise him until he grows up. And what if that son grows distant from you once he is all grown up, that too, over another woman? How disappointing and heart-breaking would that be? That was why you ended up angering her more, earlier. Had you not intervened, she probably would have just given chenqie a house arrest. Just look at how things went! Now chenqie have to spend a month by her side!” Although she appeared desolate on the outside, she was secretly celebrating the news inside.

“Zhen was not thinking that far ahead,” Jun Qian Che thought she sounded reasonable.

Mo Qi Qi sighed, “Men are too callous and crude. You, in particular, have been clever your whole life, but foolish in this one instance.”

Jun Qian Che coughed purposefully.

She immediately smiled at him, “Hehe, chenqie spoke wrong.”

“Zhen was indeed lacking the insights just now, but rest a.s.sured, zhen would speak to imperial mother and make sure you will not have to stay with her.” Jun Qian Che really could not stop worrying. His imperial mother had been trying to get rid of the child. If he lets her go there, wouldn’t it be equivalent to sending her to a tiger’s lair? He would never let that happen.

Mo Qi Qi waved her arms at him, “No, no, no! Stop interfering! Things might get worse!” I am willing to go to Ci Yue Palace! Jun Qian Che, don’t ruin my good luck!

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