God Of Fishing

Pig That Can Howl Like A Wolf

Chapter 393

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Chapter 393 Ask For A Battle in a Provocative Way

On the calm sea, thousands of fishing boats were scattered, making a lot of noise.

Zhou Kai chuckled. “Finally, we've arrived. Even peak-level Dangling Fishers don't dare to attack rashly here.”

w.a.n.g Qingyue nodded. “This is an unwritten rule. If any peak-level Dangling Fisher attacks an intermediate or advanced Dangling Fisher, people will rise up against him together.”

Han Fei nodded. This so-called unwritten rule was set by intermediate and advanced Dangling Fishers to protect themselves. There were strength in numbers. Even peak-level Dangling Fishers would be afraid of a siege.

“Any advanced Dangling Fisher armorists? You're welcome to join our team!”

“We need an advanced Dangling Fisher spirit gatherer. No more intermediate Dangling Fishers.”

“We need two, one advanced Dangling Fisher manipulator and one hunter. Our team leader is a spirit gatherer who is a peak-level Dangling Fisher.”

“All peak-level Dangling Fisher Team. We need a soul warrior. Be quick.”

“Information, the latest information about Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, real and cheap. You're not going to regret buying it!”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. It's f*cking lively here! Aren't these people afraid of being deceived? Do they look for teammates in such a casual way?

While Han Fei was thinking, he heard Zhao Wu shouting, “We need an advanced Dangling Fisher spirit gatherer. Anyone want to join us?”

In a minute after Zhao Wu shouted, a fishing boat came over. At the bow of the boat, an advanced Dangling Fisher spirit gatherer looked at them and then at Han Fei. “Why is the soul warrior only an intermediate Dangling Fisher?”

Han Fei carried the Embroidery Needle on his shoulder. “Because average advanced Dangling Fisher spirit gatherers are not my opponents!”

The man took a few glances at him and then drove the fishing boat away, seeming not to believe what Han Fei said.

Han Fei: “…”

w.a.n.g Qingyue suggested, “You have to show your strength to them.”

Zhao Wu added, “Brother Li, you can ask for a battle.”

Han Fei was shocked. “Ask for a battle?”

“Have you never asked for a battle before?”

The others all frowned. Now that Li Hanyi was a soul warrior, how could he have never asked for a battle?

Han Fei had never heard of it. But there were so many people here, and he must not spill the beans.

Han Fei coldly snorted. “I usually fought in secret realms, so I don't understand the rules of you people. I didn't know it would be so troublesome just to explore a secret realm! Tell me, what is seeking a fight?”

The other three were a bit suspicious. In the end, they exchanged glances and Zhao Wu smiled and said, “It is to challenge a strong master of the same level and the same or different profession. Now, as an intermediate Dangling Fisher, your strength is not recognized, so you need to challenge an advanced Dangling Fisher to prove your strength.” Glancing at the trio's looks, Han Fei knew he had to fight with someone. Otherwise, he would be suspected. Most of the people in the level-three fishery should know the rules, but he didn't.

Han Fei carried the Embroidery Needle, jumped on the water, and shouted holding his head high. “I, Li Hanyi, am asking for a battle here. Among those present, there are no advanced Dangling Fishers who look strong enough to me…” “???”


“Where is this dumba.s.s from?”

“Ha! An intermediate Dangling Fisher? He wants to challenge an advanced Dangling Fisher?”

“Is this man crazy?”

Zhao Wu and the other two were dumbfounded. We just asked you to ask for a fight but not to provoke these people! Look what you've done! You've just offended all the advanced Dangling Fishers here.

However, Han Fei seemed to be completely unaware of what he had done, carrying the rusty stick on his shoulder and staring at others arrogantly. “Hey! Boy, you are only an intermediate Dangling Fisher. Why don't you just f*ck off?! We are afraid that we will beat you to death as soon as we make a move.”

“Haha, what a brat! Do you have any idea what you just said?”

“Hey, you'd better find an intermediate Dangling Fisher to fight! We may look like bullies if we fight you.” “Hahaha…”

For a while, there was an uproar of curses, laughter, and ridicule.

Han Fei still held his head high. “Isn't there even one who dares to fight me? You don't even dare to accept my challenge?! Then why don't you guys go back to the ordinary fishery and catch fish and shrimps!”

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As soon as he said so, a boy jumped out who was also a soul warrior and used double knives. The boy looked at Han Fei with a sneer. “I will fight you!”

The boy never thought that Han Fei's stick would be so heavy. At that moment, he felt as if a mountain was pressing against him. Although he still had dozens of combat skills, he could activate none of them. After all, he couldn't even resist this guy's single blow.

In the distance, many peak-level Dangling Fishers exclaimed, “What an overwhelming power.”

“Great strength!”

“He is so strong.'

“It seems that he is a heavenly talent!”

When the boy re-emerged from the sea, his face was pale and his hands hung limp, and he was looking at Han Fei viciously. “You are not an intermediate Dangling Fisher.”

Han Fei laughed. “I am! However, I don't focus on tactics but on strength. It's a piece of cake for me to beat you.”

The boy's face was green and red. This time, he suffered a stunning defeat. He couldn't even resist a casual blow from an intermediate Dangling Fisher! What a disgrace!


But the Zhao Wu trio looked at each other and were overjoyed. They didn't expect this soul warrior that they picked up randomly on the way could be so strong! Among all cultivation methods, physique was the most difficult to cultivate! And Han Fei turned out to be the kind of cultivator who specialized in physique. It was a miracle that such a person could be an intermediate Dangling Fisher.

While the others were still stunned, Zhao Wu hurriedly shouted, “We still need an advanced Dangling Fisher spirit gatherer. Who wants to

join us?”


A spirit gatherer came up, which showed his recognition of Han Fei's strength. The spirit gatherer, who had despised Han Fei just now, didn't move. He was ashamed to join them now.

“Hey, I'm only one step away from being a peak-level Dangling Fisher. I'll join your team.”

“One step? You are clearly two levels away, and I am only one step away.”

Han Fei's team suddenly became popular. All the people present were smart people. During a battle, those who could really fight were only soul warriors and armorists.

Han Fei's physique was so strong that few among the advanced Dangling Fishers present could surpa.s.s him. It was just because of this that many spirit gatherers recognized this team's strength and were willing to join them.

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