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Eternal Era

Chapter 247

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Chapter 247 Is The Virtual s.p.a.ce Haunted?

Hearing Su Yang's words, Young Master Ying froze in place.

His face changed and changed and finally turned into a bitter smile.

Although his family was one of the earliest builders of the country, their strength wasn't top notch. As the fourth generation in the family tree, Young Master Ying didn't receive as much help as Su Yang thought although his father was in a high position.

If it was one billion a.s.sets, it wouldn't be a problem. However, he didn't have that kind of cash on hand. It's not to say that he didn't have it but rather, private companies in the country with that kind of firepower were far and few in between.

So he simply couldn't agree to Su Yang's request.

Ying Tian wasn't a pretentious person. If he couldn't do something, he'd just say it upfront. “Young Master Su, this I really can't do. How about a different one?”

Su Yang, who had (Heaven's Eye) on, knew that Ying Tian was telling the truth so he wasn't embarra.s.sed. “That's fine.”

Saying that, he waved his hand towards Janet, signaling her to go home.

Janet gave Young Master Ying an icy glance and let go of his hand.

That look sent cold sweat and chills down Young Master Ying's spine. It was like he was facing a terrifyingly ferocious beast. The look in his eyes was undisguised contempt, a downward glance from something higher up in the biological chain.

For a moment, Ying Tian felt that if he dared to make a rash move, the woman in front of him wouldn't hesitate to bite his head off!

'Who the h.e.l.l is this woman? How come it didn't feel like she's a bodyguard. It feels more like she's a killer…'


Just when Young Master Ying was thinking this, Su Yang suddenly frowned and stopped while walking toward the neighborhood because he suddenly perceived that a person was secretly observing him. It was someone in a trench coat, sungla.s.ses, and a hat. It was the mysterious person who had once observed him. He returned!


The only difference was that this time the mysterious man was using a telescope to observe him.

Su Yang turned back sharply and looked keenly at the place where he was (perceiving), which was the roof of a residential building not far from the community. Su Yang's hand pointed. “Janet!”

Janet took a look. Although she was far away, she still locked onto the target easily, she didn't hesitate to step forward and run that way, her speed was extremely fast, her legs that were obviously not st.u.r.dy enough but seemed like they contained an extremely strong explosive power, a single exertion was two steps away.

And Su Yang also followed after that person.

In Su Yang's (Perception), that person was surprised, dropped his binoculars, fled backwards, and then his vision disappeared.

When Su Yang and Janet arrived, that person had already disappeared, and there was no trace left around, or if there was a trace left, Su Yang couldn't find it.

Su Yang was so angry that he shook his fist and slammed the wall. He let this person run away again.

'Who the h.e.l.l is this person!'

'What's the point!'

'Is he really the mysterious man who pushed w.a.n.g Shan into the lake? Or is it someone from Dragon Court?'

Su Yang thought as he walked back.

Halfway there, the blue Ferrari drove up in front of Su Yang again and Ying Tian lowered the windows. “Young Master Su, let's talk.”

Su Yang was speechless.

Su Yang is sort of convinced, this guy is like bulls.h.i.t ointment. Once rubbed on you, he'd stick to you until your death!

'I guess we can't do this without a little chat!'

Su Yang looked around and pointed to a 24-hour convenience store next to him, then took the lead and walked in.

Janet followed closely behind him and entered the convenience store.

Young Master Ying was stunned for a moment, then stopped the car and followed him in.

After Young Master Ying entered the convenience store, Su Yang just walked from the shelf to the cashier. He bought three bottles of yogurt, paid the bill, and gave one to each of them. Then, he led them to the entrance of the convenience store and sat down at the stools that were given to customers to rest.

Janet sat to Su Yang's left without saying a word while Young Master Ying sat to his right.

Su Yang opened his yogurt and took a sip. “Go ahead. I'll give you a chance.”

Perhaps, it was his first time being treated like this that made Ying Tian a little uncomfortable. His b.u.t.t moved around in the round chair as his expensive custom-made trousers rustled from the friction. “Su Yang, I want to be friends with you.”

Su Yang didn't bother beating around the bush. “No way.”

Ying Tian replied. “Then, at least clean up that milk-stash of yours.”

Su Yang took a sip of his yogurt and licked the cap. “If I secretly plotted against you, can you forgive me because I'm sincere?”

Ying Tian was silent.

Halfway through, he replied, “I will.”

He didn't lie. Su Yang didn't receive any hint.

Ying Tian continued, “Politics is the art of compromise, and so is business. In this world, there's never an eternal enemy. As long as the interests are aligned enough, what's a little conflict?”

Su Yang looked at him.

“If there is a bit of conflict, then it'll never end unless every enemy is killed. It's either that, or it'll end with the world as your enemy. Whether it's business or politics, it's inherently a game of turning an increasing amount of enemies and strangers into friends to defeat the compet.i.tors.”

“I don't think we compete with each other. At least not yet. If we are, I'm willing to quit, without question.”

Ying Tian's words sounded thoughtful to Su Yang.

Ying Tian added, “I admit that I had Tang Dafa target you before. The purpose was just to test you. Of course, if you failed, you'd lose nothing, I don't deny that.”

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“However, now that he and I have failed, I'm willing to bear the consequences of my failure and pay the price to repair my relationship with you.”

“I'm worth hundreds of millions, and I'm still working in a supermarket.”

Su Yang laughed and didn't say anything.

Ying Tian, on the other hand, picked up the Ferrari's car key and pressed it. As the Ferrari's four lights lit up, a beep was heard before he entered the car in clear sight of the two customers.

Su Yang shook his head. 'Humans are so realistic, tsk. Still… Don't I pretend at times as well?'

On the way home, Su Yang kept his guard up but saw no more prying eyes.

After entering the house, Su Yang pondered whether he should add points to something that can quickly locate a stranger's location.

However, it was probably going to be hard to come across something that had such precision…


Thinking so, he and Janet went back to the virtual s.p.a.ce.

Entering the virtual s.p.a.ce, the atmosphere there was a little tense. Several little monsters were all concentrated at the dining table, looking serious.

Su Yang was a bit curious. “What's wrong with you guys?”

Little Deeny said, “Master, you're back. Our house is haunted!”

Su Yang put down his things, puzzled. “Haunted?”

Before Deeny could explain, Bubbles raised her hand and stood up. “Right! It's haunted! I was walking around the yard when I suddenly fell into a pit.”

Su Yang looked at her and smiled. “Maybe you weren't careful.”

Little Hus jumped up from her chair. “It wasn't that she was careless! I woke up from my nap and suddenly found myself with a rope wrapped around me. Then, I tugged on that rope and a bucket of cold water was poured over my head!”

Su Yang looked at it with surprise.

On the side, Dagger Girl also stood up and said, “Master Su Yang, I was taking a shower in the bathroom, and after I came out, the bathroom floor was all full of onions. I had to cut several pieces of onions with my feet when I took a step! It was so spicy that my eyes watered and now, the entire bathroom is filled with onions!

Su Yang was speechless.

Gru patted the table as well, his big eyes all aggravated. “Gru! Gru! Gru!”

'Never mind, can't understand what it's saying. However, it's probably complaining too.'

Su Yang looked around the circle, then looked at Deeny. “What about you? Did anything special happen?” Deeny nodded and shook her head. “I didn't encounter it myself, but Fatty did. All of Fatty's vegetable plots have been destroyed, and the carrots have all disappeared.”

Su Yang figured it out. These are clearly someone's pranks, what does it have to do with ghosts?

'However, who's the prankster?'

Su Yang looked around at the little monsters. His [Heaven's Eye) on just now, they were not lying.

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