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Eternal Era

Chapter 173 – Three

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Chapter 173: Three-Star Talent?

'All question marks? Why is this system shop always selling strange stuff?'

Su Yang tapped on the bat sculpture to check the prescription requirements.

[??? Prescription: 10 dried bats, 1+1 item, 100 ccs of blood, 10 ml of ink, 1 box of clay, 1 handheld fan, 1 garbage can…]

The requirements for the prescription were as strange as the one for the sticky note, but the requirements for the latter mostly revolve around food. This one, however, consisted of a little of everything.

Su Yang memorized all the ingredients. He believed everything had its own use, and maybe when he had enough data for reference, he might be able to deduce what kind of item it would be from the required ingredients.

After memorizing the ingredients, he found out that other than the dried bats, the other ingredients were easily accessible.

'Where can I get some dry bats?'

With that in mind, Su Yang opened Taobao. The almighty Taobao had everything on sale. 10 to 16 dried bats were being sold for only 50 yuan, so it would be more than enough.

Su Yang made an order right away. When the dried bats arrived, he would be able to start making the prescription.

Since William still had not replied to him, he pulled up his timetable for a quick look. In the blink of an eye, it was already two weeks into May. The lucky brick's cooldown mode would be reset next Monday.

With previous experience, Su Yang believed he should move all his work to a single day and concentrate on working with the effect of the brick. Maybe then he would be able to push his career to a new high.

Su Yang gave w.a.n.g Dong a call and told him to try to increase the number of jobs for the week.

w.a.n.g Dong hesitated for a bit before he said, “Mr. Su, with a few extras, we are able to match the number of jobs with the number of part-timers. If we continue increasing the jobs, won't we face a shortage of part-timers then?”

“Don't worry, I'll take care of that,” Su Yang said. He really had a way around the problem. Aside from using the lucky brick, he could simply lend Chen Xiaoyun the [Ally Halo] and tell her to bring more new users to the app. It was feasible.

After he finished talking to w.a.n.g Dong, Su Yang received a call from William. The girl that he mentioned agreed to meet Su Yang, so they decided to meet up tomorrow night.

Su Yang thanked William and also asked for a personal resume.

After getting the soft copy, Su Yang realized that the girl was someone that he had met before. She was the puffy girl beside Lin Jiali the other day.

Li Zijun, female, 24 years old.

Occupation: Manager. Used to work in marketing for iQiyi and was in charge of promoting celebrities' work. Currently working as Lin Jiali's manager.

Su Yang headed to the study and opened the [Talent Printer That Likes To Jog]. He wanted to see if the resume that he asked for and received from a third party could work with the printer.

Fortunately, it did. There were more than 30 uses left in the talent printer, so he used it to print out the resume of the puffy Li Zijun.

He went out for a 1 km jog and words started to appear on the resume.

Su Yang quickly went over the resume and was surprised by what he saw.

[Li Zijun, female, 24 years old.]

[Personality Comment: Employee is ambitious. An extrovert but will adjust her personality based on the people she's talking with.]

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[Ability Comment: Has slightly weaker leadership abilities, average organizing abilities, slightly stronger adaptive abilities, and negotiation abilities. Has certain connections with artists and managers in the entertainment industry. Can be a.s.signed to promote the brand or related tasks.]

'Or maybe when my company gets bigger, I can scout Lin Jiali over and grow her myself. Since she's not that popular anyway, she wouldn't be that expensive to scout either. With the system and all kinds of little monsters, special items, and abilities on my side, my future is immeasurable. She'll be able to develop better under me.'

With that in mind, Su Yang somehow felt his method was a little unorthodox. Not only was he asking for the fruits from the tree, but he was asking to uproot the entire tree to bring back to his own yard!

'I know I'm slowly becoming an evil businessman…'

The next day, after the morning cla.s.s, Su Yang met up with the marketing manager from Time Recording to talk about the collaboration. His goal had always been clear: he wanted to use this campus singing compet.i.tion to promote his part-time job app.

The part-time job app was Su Yang's biggest business and his only income source at the moment. Only when the app could self-sustain, he would have the funds to carry out the next step of his plan.

Therefore, he told the manager directly that he wanted to play an ad during the next compet.i.tion.

Maybe because the singing compet.i.tion was not a major event, or maybe it was a favor from Lin Jiali's ex-boss, the marketing manager did not ask for much.

In the end, Su Yang was able to get a deal with only 3,000 yuan. The advertis.e.m.e.nt for his app would play across all three remaining compet.i.tions.

Su Yang calculated meticulously. A student completing a part-time job could earn him 300 yuan, so as long as he could get more than 1,000 downloads from all three universities and retain 10 users from each of them, he would be able to make back the money. It would be net profit from there on if the advertis.e.m.e.nt was effective.

After striking the deal with the manager, Su Yang told Chen Xiaoyun to follow up with the details for the advertis.e.m.e.nt such as where to place the QR code for the app and when would the host introduce the app, and so on.

Both companies also signed an agreement for the deal.

Su Yang did not have any cla.s.ses in the afternoon, so he spared some time studying up on Li Zijun. She was the highest-rated talent that he had come across, after all, so he tended to spend a little more effort to recruit her.

At 5 p.m. in the afternoon, it was time to meet Li Zijun.

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