One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate


Chapter 308: Show me mercy, my lord!

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Chapter 308: Show me mercy, my lord!

The guards decided to surrender, it’s impossible to face the most powerful wizards of this kingdom.

A lot of guards ran away and didn’t want to die. Even though, and in a blink of an eye, more guards came up and joined the party, there were at least 10000 men wearing brocade robes, and they were all under the king’s command.

“h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo!”

This large group of mages quickly surrounded Rogen and the others.

“Wizard Salo, you can retreat now, and we will ask his majesty to forgive you!”

The old man in the silver robe stepped forward and said in a deep voice.

“Alchemist jerry, you traitor!”

When he saw the old man, Salo shouted.


Jerry laughed and then he stared at Salo.

“How dare you say that? You have to know that even if you brought the Balut ring, you can’t be our king’s opponent!”

Salo didn’t say anything, he was sure that Eden, the king that ruled the king for 50 years was very powerful, and it wasn’t easy to defeat him.

“It’s not good to start a war, you are going to lose it with no doubts!”

Jerry leaped over the crowd and stood in front of Rogen.

“Are you the one who has the ring? What a lucky kid!”

At this time, a group of warriors came quickly.

“Jerry-Sama, his majesty ordered to kill them all!”

Those words were enough to make the atmosphere tenser.

“Only our King Eden deserve this ring!”

The warrior looked at Rogen with disdain and then he pulled out his sword and pointed at Rogen’s group.

“Kill them!”

“Hey warrior, take back your words. Do you know what does that means?”

Jerry’s expression changed, and he whispered.

“Of course, I know!”

The warrior sneered.

“In this country, anyone who goes against king Eden will die!”

He completely ignored Jerry and ordered him to attack.

At that moment, Salo was about to open his mouth and say something, but he was pulled back by the Deva Path who was standing beside him.


The deep voice spread all over the field, it was like thunder.

“Stop wasting my time!”

Rogen strode forward and he looked indifferently.

“Tell your king to come out, he’s going to die now!”


10000 men of the King fell into silence after Rogen’s words.

“You, do you know what you are talking about?”

Jerry was shocked, he didn’t expect that this kid would have the courage to say this.

“Let him come out and die. I can’t waste more time on this!”

Rogen was very impatient.

Salo wanted to cover Rogen’s mouth, but the latter has stepped forward already.

As he stepped, the shocking aura swept out from his body.

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The Haoshoku Haki rushed into the minds of the guards of the king immediately.

It was an amazing scene for the one who came to support Rogen and a shocking scene for Eden’s guards.

No one could withstand Rogen’s Haki.

The number of guards kept decreasing in front of Rogen. Even those, who weren’t affected by Rogen’s Haki, after seeing what happened, they have panicked and didn’t dare to fight.

After a while, Rogen stopped, and beneath him, there were thousands of men that came here to fight him. It was clear that this wasn’t their lucky day.

“I don’t have much time to spend!”

Rogen stood in front of Jerry and smirked. As for the warrior who was wrapped in armor, he had already fainted.

“I’ll give you a chance to decided, Surrender, or death?”

Aside, The Deva Path stretched his hand and aimed at Jerry.

“I’d love to send you into the darkness!”

The Animal Path also stared at Jerry with cold eyes.

Jerry trembled. After what he saw, he became sure that Rogen was stronger than him, he can be stronger than the current king.

“You have three seconds to decide!”

Rogen shouted again.

Those words were like thunder into Jerry’s ears.

He looked at the Balut ring and then cried.

“Show me mercy, my lord!”

Finally, Jerry knelt down and lowered his head in front of Rogen.

Glancing at Jerry, Rogen smiled and said.

“Take me to Eden!”

“Your majesty, Eden is the most powerful wizard in this kingdom. I’m afraid to say that he is as strong as the Admiral of the Marines!”

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