Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 92 - Arrowhead

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Probably because the Mannes Family specialized in magical equipment, there was very little good stuff in this Gilded Rose that sold weapons and armors. The only thing that caught Lin Li's attention was a double-edged sword.

To be honest, this double-edged sword was really odd. It was clearly made of winter iron, but there were no mageweaths on the sword blade. This was simply intolerable for Lin Li, who pursued perfection in everything. The winter iron itself contained powerful ice magical element. After the amplification of the mageweath, the magical element could be brought into full play. If there was a high quality ice magical crystal and a good Inscriber, this double-edged sword could definitely become a powerful magical weapon.

It's a pity…

Such a good piece of winter iron was ruined like that.

Then, Lin Li looked at the price and found that the price of such a double-edged sword forged with the winter iron was the same as that of a general iron sword.

Lin Li knew at once that he had found the wrong place.

The fat boss was very shrewd, but his vision was horrible. Would one expect a man who could sell winter iron as any other iron to judge the origin of the arrow from the forging process? It was easier to count on Gerian losing weight than to count on him…

Just as Lin Li was about to leave, there was another sound of footsteps coming from outside the door.

In came a young man in his twenties. Although at the same age, compared with Kevin, who was gentle and handsome, this man was at the other extreme—his face was tanned and contours sharp. His hands were rough and strong; it was obvious that he had been engaging in physical labor for a long time. He was st.u.r.dy and tall, and when he entered, he looked like a black bear blocking the door.

How could the astute fat boss not see that the stuff the young man had on his whole body was probably less than two gold coins? Just look at the leather armor and the leather boots—any beggar in Jarrosus City might be richer than him.

Let alone the mage next to him. Look at what he was wearing—it was a rune mage robe worth nearly 10,000 gold coins. Besides the Guild of Magic, no other mage in Jarrosus City dared to wear it everywhere. And there was the ring on his hand; that black diamond alone could probably buy ten Gilded Roses… It was a pity that such a rich man was merely taking a look and had no intention to buy anything…

The reception for two differently dressed people was naturally different.

When the young man entered the door, the fat boss did not even bat his eyelids. He asked listlessly, "What's the matter?"

"I'd like to sell this…" The young man said as he handed over a package to the counter. His voice sounded a little low. There was a strong reluctance in his eyes when he let go.

The fat boss was still buried in accounting and it was unknown whether he had heard the young man. It was only after the package had been put down for some time that the fat boss' vague reply was heard. "Oh…"

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The young man waited for a long time, but nothing followed. He had to whisper a reminder, "Would you like to see it first?"

Weapons forged with shadowforged siderite also displayed a kind of black, but it was a s.h.i.+ny kind of black, just like the Torrent of Elements Ring on his hand. However, the double-edged sword on the counter was dull and without any s.h.i.+ne to it.

However, the price offered by the fat boss was far short.

If Lin Li was right, this double-edged sword should be made of a rare magical metal—the rainbow adamantine. It was a metal more precious and rarer than the shadowforged siderite. Weapons forged with the rainbow adamantine would randomly produce a variety of magic attributes in the forging process—two at the very least and seven at most. The number of attributes depended on the level of the maker. Generally, a blacksmith that could forge more than four kinds of attributes could be considered a master.

Of course… This was not the case for Lin Li. The Smith Master was a devil-like existence and couldn't be measured by common sense. Once the rainbow adamantine fell into his hands, it was almost sure that there would be seven attributes produced.

But all seven attributes coming out at once was only a legend to most people.

Generally speaking, a weapon forged with rainbow adamantine would definitely sell at a high price if it could produce four attributes. This double-edged sword in front of them had at least five attributes, because the color of the weapon was just too dark. The more attributes the rainbow adamantine carried, the darker it would be. Only after having seven attributes could it return to the initial colorful rays of the rainbow.

So, Lin Li wanted to laugh. There actually was someone who dared to offer 100 gold coins for a rainbow adamantine weapon with five attributes. This was the kind of price that could allow you one look at the weapon. If it came across someone who knew his stuff, it could very well be sold for millions of gold coins. This was the best equipment that those who studied both magic and martial arts could ask for.

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