Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 87 - Release

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After arranging the things to be done, Evan cautiously ushered the crowd into the hall. Now, he was really afraid…

In the process of waiting, Evan was always careful for fear of offending Gerian, the pestilence. The old fellow was determined to kill someone to establish his power today. Evan was constantly reminding himself, Never give him an excuse, never give him an excuse ; under this pressure, even talking became a kind of torture. Before Evan spoke, he had to think it over and over again for fear that if he made a mistake, he'd become the object of Gerian's bullying.

But luckily, the duration of torture wasn't too long.

Ten minutes later, there were sounds of footsteps in the secret pa.s.sageway leading to the living hall.

A gaunt middle-aged man struggled to walk into the living hall with the support of two mages. His clothes were brand-new; it looked like he had just changed them. The wounds on his face had been treated; although clear whip marks could still be seen, at least crimson blood wasn't oozing out from the wounds anymore.

At the moment when the middle-aged man walked into the living hall, Evan's heart fell. He knew better than anyone what kind of place the Merlin Family dungeon was. Out of every ten living people who went in, nine would come out dead, and the only one who was alive would mostly be badly mutilated.

Even Evan felt the various kinds of torture in the dungeon were a little perverted.

Looking at Gerian's fat face, Evan could not imagine what kind of rage would erupt from Gerian if this adventurer had died.

But luckily, he was still alive…

Evan's hanging heart finally descended into its place. All is well, all is well…

"Mr McGrenn." As soon as the middle-aged adventurer entered the hall, Lin Li rushed over to hold him. His movements were light and careful as he was afraid of tearing the wounds on his body.

Lin Li always had an indescribable grat.i.tude towards McGrenn for bringing him out of the Sunset Mountains. He was such a person. Once he had received the favor of others, whether intentionally or unintentionally, he would always remember it in his heart; just like in the case of Gerian and the Guild of Magic—the kindness Gerian had shown him and the respect that he had received from everyone in the Guild of Magic were things Lin Li had seen with his eyes and remembered in his heart. He did things for the Guild of Magic in the open and in secret without decline.

In Lin Li's heart, McGrenn was his friend and his benefactor.

Whether it was his friend or benefactor, Lin Li would not allow anyone to hurt him.

If he was hurt, then someone had to pay the price.

"Mr McGrenn, how do you feel?" Lin Li looked at the bruises on his face. There were streaks and streaks of them—which showed that he should have been whipped.

"It's… It's you… Mage Felic… How did you come?" Every word McGrenn uttered seemed to come with extreme difficulty. Every wound on his body was painful, like the bites of a venomous snake.

"I heard you've been captured by the Merlin Family…" Lin Li whispered and suddenly remembered Cromwell's words. His heart tightened as he cried out involuntarily, "Oh right, Mr McGrenn, where is Ina?"

"Ina escaped…" There was finally a smile on McGrenn's face, which was full of whiplashes and bruises. "I've helped her escape…"

"Oh, then that's good." Lin Li nodded, his heart finally at ease.

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"Mage… Mage Felic…" McGrenn struggled again and called Lin Li's name with much difficulty.

"Thank you." McGrenn reached into his coat and trembled as he took out half of an arrow. "If you find Ina, hand her this half of an arrow. Tell her to bring it to the Eternal Shrine to look… to look for her mother…"

The voice of the middle-aged adventurer sank lower and lower, and the flush brought on by the momentary recovery faded. As he uttered his last word, his life also came to an end. His once strong body fell softly and the arrow in his hand dropped onto the thick carpet, rolling lightly as it touched the ground…

Lin Li quietly picked up the half an arrow from the ground and held it tightly in his hand. As he looked at the tightly shut eyes of the middle-aged adventurer, his face displayed an unprecedented seriousness. "Rest a.s.sured, I will hand this half an arrow to Ina… As for those who had hurt you, I will not let any of them off!"

After a long while, Lin Li turned around and looked at Evan coldly. "Where's another one?"

"There's another one?" Not to mention Evan, even Gerian was bewildered by the question. Didn't McGrenn just say that he had helped his daughter escape? When was there another one?

"She's called Ina."

Evan panicked. "But… But she has escaped…"

"I don't care. I only know that it was the Merlin Family that had captured her, and now I'll only look for the Merlin Family for the person."

Gerian suddenly realized that this gentle kid was even more aggressive than he was. He had more or less found an excuse for himself, but this kid didn't even try to look for an excuse; he had just made up a reason and planted it on them first.

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