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Chapter 833 - Diverse Opinions

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Chapter 833: Diverse Opinions

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Unlike the newly promoted higher-ups, Gavin and Alan, the senior leaders of the Tower were naturally not intending to run from the challenge. But, they were also worried that such news would stir up unrest within the Tower.

Lin Li waved his arms upon seeing Gavin’s and Alan’s attempt to speak up. “Alright, let’s end the discussion here. As for the challenges faced by each department recently, please return to your department and think of a temporary solution. The time is tight.”

In fact, although their opponents had brought about trouble for the Tower of Dusk, it was definitely not sufficient to destroy the entire Tower. The Tower of Dusk was not entirely reliant on the Breezy Plains. It outsourced herbs from the Emerald Forest of the Elven Kingdom and ores from Ledin Kingdom’s quality mines. These resources and partners.h.i.+ps were not what the traditional forces in the Breezy Plains could control.

Frankly speaking, even if the Tower of Dusk couldn’t afford to overcome these problems, the other forces might not even have the resources to continue their plans to destroy the Tower. If they really wanted to do that, they would have to use physical force. Hence, the current treatment was just an appetizer, and not something that could last.

“Hey, do you know why we seem to be faced with so many obstacles recently? I heard that we are faced with a huge problem,” said one mage to the others during their leisure time. They were discussing the issues that had been happening in the Tower of Dusk.

“Of course, I even went to look through some history books about the Breezy Plains. To be honest, if not for the recent happenings, I wouldn’t have believed that there are such terrifying forces in the Breezy Plains,” replied a middle-aged mage as he sighed and shook his head worriedly.

The trouble the Tower of Dusk was met with was no secret among the mages. Lin Li’s silent consent allowed information of the three forces to be spread among the mages very quickly. Although they were only given three names, they would be able to find certain information about them if they put in enough effort in their research. The mages knew very quickly that their opponent this time was mightier than the Dark Blade, and was even comparable to the Glittergold Trade Union.

Yet, while some of the mages were really concerned about the future of the Tower, what the higher-ups were worried about did not happen. As the mages discussed the possible repercussions of the actions by their opponents, their topic of discussion even diverted without them noticing it.

“How would they matter? They exist because the Tower of Dusk wasn’t there to defeat them in the past. If they had been really powerful, why hadn’t they stepped up when the Retribution Knight was here to wreak havoc? It was Mr. President who got rid of that Retribution Knight that was known as the demon deity,” said a young mage who had partic.i.p.ated in the underground palace mission.

“But, what if they were only trying to preserve their energy at that point in time? After all, all they had to care about was personal interests. I bet they were in joy when they saw Rodhart help them eliminate so many other forces and leave behind so much barren land,” retorted that middle-aged mage immediately.

“If the Breezy Plains really became a piece of barren land, what benefits would they gain out of it? Furthermore, even if they were really preserving their energy, I don’t believe that they would have the ability to overpower the Tower of Dusk. We have Mr. President with us! You wouldn’t be able to imagine how powerful he is if you didn’t partic.i.p.ate in that mission,” responded the young mage. He raised the corners of his lips proudly, and in his eyes was a sense of indifference towards the lurking forces. It seemed that he was extremely confident about the future of the Tower of Dusk.

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The young mage’s att.i.tude did not anger the middle-aged mage. He was instead curious about what the young mage was thinking.

Legendary powerhouses were considered G.o.d-like existences to normal men. One Legendary-mage would be enough to take down a very powerful force. For example, Master Cheyenne alone was enough to uphold the powerful Malfa Family’s reputation in Aminya City as the top family of the Breezy Plains. If they were to look at the Dark Blade, they would remember that the organization led by three Legendary powerhouses was the top bandit organization of the Breezy Plains. It was even known as the strongest force in the Breezy Plains in the past.

But now, although the Tower of Dusk was a relatively new organization, and none of the mages except Alan had reached the Legendary-realm, the power their President held alone was sufficient to defeat 15 to 16 Legendary powerhouses.What was there for the Tower of Dusk to fear if they already had such an advantage?

“T-this… I don’t think it is possible,” gasped several mages. With their lack of experience, they really could not imagine what force would have such a formidable power.

“How is it impossible? We, the Tower of Dusk, have been partnering the Brilliance Shrine and Darkness Shrine so closely, and have been having a good relations.h.i.+p with the Elven, Felan, and Ledin Kingdom. Even if our opponent has the ability to control the other forces in the Breezy Plains, do you think these forces would want to harm us? Do not forget that it was Archbishop Martin who invited Mr. President to their Brilliance Shrine the other time. That can only show how much respect Archbishop Martin had for Mr. President! Do you think our allies would turn a blind eye when the Tower of Dusk is faced with troubles?”

It was true that there had been a pessimistic and anxious sentiment among the mages of the Tower of Dusk when they heard about their opponents. It would be a lie to say that there weren’t timid mages who intended to leave the tower. But, the members who had partic.i.p.ated in the underground palace mission with Lin Li were able to transform the negativity with stories of Lin Li’s performances and the advantages the tower had that day.

Of course, there were still mages who felt that it would be illogical to a.s.sume that their predicament was as simple as that mission. These mages were unable to believe what they heard, and were still concerned about the future of the Tower. But, there were extremely few mages who left due to their lack of courage. The others chose to stay to observe the situation further. After all, choosing to leave the Tower at such a timing would be detrimental to their reputation. No other forces would want to recruit scaredy-cats who would escape crises.

This situation a.s.sured the higher-ups to direct all their attention to the managing of their operations against the other forces. It was just like what Lin Li had said: it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to critically attack the Tower financially.

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