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Chapter 824 - Death Knights

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Chapter 824: Death Knights

Lin Li smiled bitterly while thinking to himself, Hurry up and do what? Stop him?Our opponent is a Sanctuary powerhouse. What can I do to stop him? Besides, his summoning speed is obviously much faster than ours when we use Summoning Spells. For him, it’s so effortless and as easy as opening an ordinary door. I’ve just retracted the debris of the stars Thunderbolt, and yet his terrifying black door has already taken shape.

Lin Li and the others didn’t have time to react at all, and the next thing they knew, they saw a peak-Legendary-level Nightmare Beast appearing in the black gate formed by the black flames. The Nightmare Beast was already charging out while leading Death Knights who were neatly lined up. The Nightmare Beast, which was at the peak of the Legendary-level, was undoubtedly Rodhart’s former mount. Rodhart, the Retribution Knight, was probably the only one who was powerful enough to ride and control it.

Although the Death Knights under the Retribution Knight could never reach the Legendary-realm, they could definitely exert combat power that was above the Legendary-level under the help of various magic supplemented by the Retribution Knight. Back then, the group of Death Knights almost destroyed the entire Breezy Plains under the command of Rodhart. Plenty of Legendary powerhouses were defeated by the Death Knights.

“Felic, don’t tell me this is all you can come up with. What other tricks do you have? Display them now, hurry up. Otherwise, it will be too late.” Seeing that Rodhart had summoned the daunting Death Knights, Connoris couldn’t help but panic and secretly regret his decision to join in. He was asking for it!

Rodhart managed to make things extremely difficult for everyone, even though he was severely injured by the Prophet Willen. He was undoubtedly a Sanctuary powerhouse, after all. As long as he was still in the Sanctuary-realm, he would always be unrivaled and his power would not be easily challenged by mortals. Since the Death Knights already appeared, could there be anything more devastating for them?

“You’re an ancient deity who once mastered the art of conspiracy and deception. Don’t you have any solutions for such situations?” retorted Lin Li who was getting a little fl.u.s.tered too. He’d initially thought that he would just be dealing with Rodhart alone. Who would have thought that Rodhart would summon the Death Knights too? Under the command of Rodhart, the Death Knights were exuding combat power that was probably not inferior to a Sanctuary powerhouse.

“I’m definitely the unluckiest person in Anril. What else can I do! How did that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Willen even handle things? Not only did he not purify Rodhart, he even allowed the Death Knights to stay. I really wonder if there is a hidden relations.h.i.+p between them,” Connoris yelled in exasperation.

Upon hearing Connoris’s complaint, Lin Li could only smile wryly to himself. Perhaps no one would believe that the prophet Willen and the so-called Son of The Holy Light of the Brilliance Shrine was really the twin brother of the fallen Rodhart who had brought great shame to the Brilliance Shrine.

In the end, the Brilliance Shrine was just a religion, and not a spokesperson for justice. The Prophet Willen was also a human with feelings. How could he really kill his relative for some unrelated people?

However, Lin Li couldn’t tell Connoris about that matter. After all, it was something that the Brilliance Shrine had been trying to cover up. There was no need for him to spread it around. Besides, so what if he were to spread it? It wouldn’t be of any help to the situation at this juncture at all. It wouldn’t make Rodhart commit suicide out of shame anyway.

Looking at the Death Knights swarming out of the black gate, Lin Li knew that the battle would definitely require him to go all out. Taking advantage of the time that Rodhart spent summoning the Death Knights, Lin Li took out the Summoning Lamp and released the Lord of Nightmares and the Crimson Dragon. At the same time, he got the Holy Death Knights who had stopped Rodhart in the palace to rush over through the connection of the Soul Brand.

Lin Li then raised the Helios’ Scepter in his hand, and instantly condensed a Light and Darkness Sword. However, he did not attack Rodhart, and instead swung it at the exquisitely carved giant pillars in the palace. Although Osric had put up defensive mageweaths in the palace, Lin Li had already reached the peak of the Legendary level at this time, and he had even gotten some enlightenment about the mysteries of the power of the Sanctuary-realm. The power of the Light and Darkness Sword could no longer be stopped by just a simple defensive mageweath. With a loud noise, a huge pillar broke and the roof of the palace fell in large pieces.

“What are you doing?!” Connoris questioned, feeling a little confused by Lin Li’s approach.

“I’m demolis.h.i.+ng the house. Otherwise, how can we deal with the Death Knights?” Lin Li answered, but he didn’t stop at all. Instead, he slashed another giant pillar with his Light and Darkness Sword.

Although narrow s.p.a.ce would often be more advantageous to the disadvantaged party in some cases, Lin Li was now facing not just a group of Death Knights, but also a Sanctuary-level Retribution Knight. Fighting against such an enemy would obviously be unrealistic. Without enough room for maneuvering, it would definitely be a dead end for him if he were to get besieged.

Although increased room would be more conducive for the Death Knights to move away from each other, Lin Li mainly wanted them to disperse. Otherwise, they would have to face the impact of the concentrated power. After hearing Lin Li’s explanation, Connoris also figured it out, and so punched a pillar next to him.

As the pillars collapsed, the entire underground palace began to sway continuously. Large cobweb-like cracks formed on the huge pillars that were covered in exquisite carvings, and the pillars then collapsed. The magnificent and luxurious palace that had its pillars collapsed amidst the tremors was ruined in the blink of an eye. Everyone who was initially in the palace was directly exposed in a more s.p.a.cious underground cave.

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At this moment, the black gate behind Rodhart had already closed and disappeared in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, there were hundreds of Death Knights in the palace, each holding a lance and wearing a black full-body armor. They were riding the hideous Nightmare Beasts that were shrouded in death aura that seemed like black flames. The Death Knights had all taken more than just thousands of souls during the ma.s.sacre in the Breezy Plains in the past. The black flames were full of twisted faces that were wailing with agony.

The Retribution Knight was given that name precisely because his existence was a challenge to the World Laws, thus allowing him to be prideful and arrogant enough to despise all authorities. Although the Menace of the Dragon of the young Elemental Wyrm was close to the level of the Dragon Aspect, it only managed to anger the King of Nightmare Beasts.

With an angry roar, the aura of the Nightmare Beast plummeted as if it was about to break through to the Sanctuary-realm at this moment. The rolling black flames were giving off a terrifying death aura which instantly condensed countless Dark Magic spells that swept towards the pet.i.te young Elemental Wyrm.

One of them was the descendant of the Dragon of Dream, which was a Dragon Aspect, while the other was the King of Nightmare Beasts, and was only one step away from the Sanctuary-realm. The two powerful beings of Anril engaged in a terrifying battle on the ruined battlefield.

On the ground, the team that arrived together with the young Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua had also stopped in front of that insurmountable barrier. The team composed of 40 Holy Death Knights and 40 Archmages was a power that absolutely no one in the Breezy Plains would dare to despise. However, they were stopped in their tracks by 50-odd Death Knights.

Be it in terms of cooperation or individual strength, the Holy Death Knights were completely incomparable to Rodhart’s Death Knights. If it hadn’t been possible for them to manipulate Divine Power, more than half of them would have probably been killed during the first confrontation. As for the mages of the Tower of Dusk, the tacit understanding they shared, which they had always been proud of, was simply incomparable to that of the Death Knights. Fortunately, there were Holy Death Knights that were defending them. Otherwise, they would have been slaughtered.

No one knew how terrifying the Death Knights that had once bulldozed through and carried out a ma.s.sacre in the Breezy Plains were. However, the hundreds of Death Knights who had fallen asleep for hundreds of years actually brought about a huge crisis to everyone on Lin Li’s side.

The Vampire Norfeller was Lin Li’s first servant, and back in the green dragon lair in the Haiga Mountain Range, he managed to enter the Legendary-realm through consuming the blood of a green dragon. Although green dragons were relatively low-level amongst wyrms, their blood still contained extraordinary power which allowed Norfeller to have a huge advantage than other Vampires of the same level after stepping into the Legendary-realm.

Vampires had always been known for their speed, and were known as natural Other Vampires of the same level could not compare to Norfeller in speed at all. When he maximized his speed, he would be like a pulsating ray of black lightning which was difficult to catch.

However, would usually try to move in stealth mode and stay as hidden as possible while waiting for an opportunity to escape immediately after an attack. Being as fast as lightning was definitely important for, but the selected combat method was what would affect their strength the most. Allowing an to go toe-to-toe against the enemy was clearly not a method that would suit them.

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