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Chapter 823 - The Power Of The Sanctuary-realm

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Chapter 823: The Power Of The Sanctuary-realm

Xiao Hua, the baby Elemental Wyrm, was still a Legendary Elemental Wyrm with infinite mana. Even though it did not manage to persist in the Requiem Array, its instantaneous Legendary magic formed a ma.s.sive magic storm which surged towards Rodhart like a flood.

Upon sight of the attacks from the Holy Death Knights and the baby Elemental Wyrm, the 40 mages recovered from horror and raised their staffs together according to Lin Li’s instructions. At their level, even the most powerful magic they had mastered would not cause any harm to Rodhart, who had already reached the Sanctuary-realm. However, Lin Li had set up a huge Magic Array in the palace for them: the Descent Of The Holy Light.

The magic they cast did not dart towards Rodhart immediately, and instead gathered together under the effects of the Magic Array before being converted into the Power of Light and forming a solid beam of Holy Light, which blasted towards Rodhart. The power of that Holy Light was much stronger than the Holy Light emitted by the Holy Death Knights. In fact, it was not inferior to the true Legendary-level Holy Light theurgy.

All of a sudden, there were continuous roars in the palace, and the aftermath of the explosion of magic was already beyond the limit of the defensive spells of the palace. Cracks appeared on the top of the palace and rubble fell like raindrops. The beautiful stone pillars of the palace were also covered in cobweb-like cracks, and looked as if they might crumble into pieces any moment.

However, just a few seconds after the endless magic spells overwhelmed Rodhart, this tall figure with long silver hair seemed to have walked out without any hindrance. Apart from the slight damage to his red cloak, there were no signs of suffering from magic attacks on his body. However, Divine Power had some inherent restraining effects on Undead creatures, after all. The black flame on Rodhart’s body seemed to have become weaker than at first, though that was all.

Seeing that all the arrangements made by their President did not have any effect on Rodhart at all, the mages’ hearts sank all of a sudden. Although none of them stopped casting spells, they also knew that all their efforts were futile. Rodhart’s strength and abilities were obviously beyond what they could rival as mortals.

When he heard that loud roar, Lin Li knew that Rodhart had already awakened, and immediately rushed out of the secret chamber with his subordinates. When Lin Li and the rest had just rushed out of the pa.s.sage leading to the secret chamber, they realized that Rodhart had already destroyed all of Lin Li’s arrangements and rushed towards them aggressively from the palace with the Eternal Frost Blade in his hands.

Lin Li got a great shock, but fortunately, he knew through his interaction with the Death Knights that the mages did not suffer too much. However, that also proved that Rodhart was indeed staying there because of the Ice and Fire Magical Domain, as well as Polar Snow and Raging Flames.

“These were ruined in the blink of an eye. Is this how useful your means are!?” Connoris questioned Lin Li in a depressed and dejected manner. Given the current degree of fusion between him and the perfect body, he could at most exert level-24 strength, which was worlds apart from Rodhart, who was in the Sanctuary-realm. Hence, he wasn’t optimistic about Lin Li confronting Rodhart head-on.

Upon sight of the four of them, Rodhart immediately knew that the items had been taken away by them. Without pausing, he raised his arm and swung his sword at Lin Li, after which an arc that spanned several meters was formed in the sky. As soon as it took shape, it seemed to leap towards Lin Li.

It was said that the Eternal Frost Blade could freeze s.p.a.ce and slice it open like it was an actual object, and then infuse force into it to allow it to instantly appear in front of the attacking target. That power seemed to be somewhat similar to the s.p.a.ce Power of the debris of the stars, Nothingness. However, in comparison, the Eternal Frost Blade was obviously much worse.

However, the power of the weapon would depend on the user. Although the Eternal Frost Blade was not comparable to the debris of the stars Nothingness, the power that Rodhart could exert while using it was definitely stronger than the power of Nothingness in Lin Li’s hands. The sword suddenly flashed in front of them, and the s.p.a.ce around the light seemed to have collapsed, giving Lin Li no time to react or move his body at all. Just as he was about to be cut in half by the light reflected by the blade, a layer of light suddenly appeared on his body, and the light was instantly deflected in other directions.

Greatly astonished, Lin Li broke out in a cold sweat and secretly rejoiced while activating the Magical Domain instantly. He felt thankful for the fact that he had fortunately replaced the Star-Scarred Robe on his body with the Domain Robe. If it weren’t for the s.p.a.ce Laws on the Domain Robe, he would have really been split in two.

However, the Domain Robe was not omnipotent. If the s.p.a.ce Power had not been used in the Eternal Frost Blade, the s.p.a.ce Laws of the Domain Robe would not have automatically taken effect. Moreover, the automatic activation was just the simplest application of the s.p.a.ce Laws. Had Rodhart launched another shot with the sword, Lin Li would have inevitably ended up being cut apart.

Lin Li, who was drenched in cold sweat, dared not hesitate at all. At the moment that he exhibited the Light and Darkness Domain, he pointed the Helios’ Scepter towards Rodhart. A Light and Darkness Sword appeared in the air in the Magical Domain, and there was an outburst of infinite power which tried to behead Rodhart.

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With Lin Li’s current strength and mastery of the Power of Light and Darkness, his Light and Darkness Sword no longer required such a long condensing time, and it had also become much more powerful than before. At first glance, the Light and Darkness of the Light and Darkness Sword seemed to be distinct, but if one were to take another glance, they would realize that the powers of Light and Darkness seemed to be merging and changing together. It was the Sanctuary-realm power that Lin Li had gained an understanding of.

However, the green mist disappeared without a trace at the instant that it came into contact with the death aura, vanis.h.i.+ng just like ignited gunpowder.

At this moment, Rodhart’s sword was right in front of Lin Li. Lin Li tried his best to stimulate the s.p.a.ce Laws of the Domain Robe, and small spatial cracks appeared in front of him before disappearing and then appearing again. However, a portion of power in the sword would be taken away with the disappearance of every spatial crack.

Still, Rodhart’s sword was extremely powerful, and could not be diminished by those cracks. In an instant, the ma.s.sive sword had already appeared in front of Lin Li who began to twitch and shudder, feeling as if the sword had turned him into pieces. However, Lin Li’s figure appeared again not too far away, still intact.

Nonetheless, Lin Li looked a little pale at this moment. Although he managed to fuse some s.p.a.ce Laws into his Light and Darkness Domain with the help of the Domain Robe, creating a large distortion of the s.p.a.ce to change his position was still a little beyond his limits.

As the figure flickered, a Reincarnation crossbow appeared in Lin Li’s hand, which was coupled with a sharp arrow that contained lightning. Thunderbolt was the strongest one out of the seven pieces of the debris of the stars, and just as the s.p.a.ce in the Domain had stabilized, Lin Li locked the trigger Reincarnation Crossbow with his fingers, and a flash of lightning seemed to connect the crossbow to Rodhart.

However, at the moment that Thunderbolt was about to be shot, Rodhart swung the Eternal Frost Blade a millimeter away from the Thunderbolt and created a s.p.a.ce rift in front of Thunderbolt. All of a sudden, the light from Thunderbolt s.h.i.+fted slightly and brushed past Rodhart.

“Roar!” With a loud roar, Rodhart placed the Eternal Frost Blade vertically in front of him, and a terrifying wave of magic instantly filled the entire palace with his body as the central point. At the same time, the black flames on his body also became even more intense as it expanded and formed a somewhat illusory black gate behind him.

“d.a.m.n it, he wants to summon the Death Knights! Hurry…!” Connoris yelled in horror.

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