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Chapter 821 - Returning To The Underground Palace

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Chapter 821: Returning To The Underground Palace

The higher-ups of the Brilliance Shrine knew that Lin Li was very likely to be the Son of The Holy Light, as predicted by His Holiness, Pope Rosario. On top of that, he had even given Pope Rosario an antidote for Viper’s poison, and was the benefactor of the Brilliance Shrine. Hence, after hearing that Lin Li wanted to see Pope Rosario, they immediately brought him to the Dawn Cathedral on the top of the Holy Mountain.

Lin Li and Pope Rosario chatted alone with each other for a night, and no one knew what they talked about. All everyone knew was that when Lin Li left, Pope Rosario personally sent him to the door of the Dawn Cathedral.

After walking out of the Dawn Cathedral, Lin Li didn’t say much to everyone, and simply apologized before using his Power of Flight to fly towards the Darkness Shrine.

When Lin Li landed in the obsidian square in the Night Canyon, the believers of Darkness who noticed him immediately stepped forth to surround him. However, before anyone asked anything, Sendros walked out of the shrine and invited Lin Li to enter while the believers of Darkness watched in shock.

After a night-long conversation, Sendros stood in the obsidian square and watched Lin Li leave the Night Canyon. He shook his head and remained silent, while the high priests glanced at him inquisitively.

The unique structure of the Tower of Dusk in the Breezy Plains had become a wonderful scenery of Doland. Building a magic tower in the shape of a torch was unprecedented and unheard of. In fact, even the mages of the Tower of Dusk did not know that the projection of the burning flame on the top of the tower was the Eternal Furnace built by the legendary Highlord Osric, let alone the outsiders.

Lin Li landed directly on the Black Front Fortress of the Eternal Furnace, where the Lich Ujfalusi, the Vampire Norfeller, and the 40 Death Knights were absorbing the transformed death aura. Ujfalusi and Norfeller had both reached the peak of level-22, while the 40 Death Knights were about level-18 or level-19. It seemed that the Black Front Fortress that was built with the skeleton of the t.i.tan obviously had significant effects on the Undead creatures.

“I’ve seen the two magical crystals that you got. Are you planning to get those two items this time?” Connoris asked while standing in front of the gate of the Black Front Fortress and scrutinizing the Undead servants.

“Well, you should know about the matters going on in the Tower of Dusk lately. The enemy’s strength is unknown, so I can only improve my strength and abilities as much as possible first. While those two magical crystals may be low-level, they should be enough for sustaining the Ice and Fire Domain,” said Lin Li as he turned around.

“Seems like you have gained a lot of benefits from your trip this time. You actually…” Connoris finally sensed the changes within Lin Li. Although he had a deep understanding of Lin Li’s incredibly overpowering abilities, he couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded at this time.

“Hehe, you’re going to be shocked to death when I tell you about it. I did gain some benefits, but I almost died.” Lin Li walked out of the Black Front Fortress and talked to Connoris about everything that he had experienced.

“d.a.m.n it, the Flame Dragon Lothar. Even though that guy was defeated by the tyrant Balak back then, the fact that he could escape means that his powers are incredible,” said Connoris who was secretly rejoicing about the fact that he had left Lin Li’s body a long time ago. Otherwise, he would have definitely been scared to death.

“Can you guess why the Immortal King doesn’t allow the Dragon of Destruction to appear?” asked Lin Li who suddenly recalled the issue that he had discussed with Nefa and Rogge. In the past, he would immediately ask Connoris any questions that he had. Although Connoris was long-winded, he would always give Lin Li a satisfactory answer in the end. He wondered how much Connoris knew about the Immortal King.

However, Connoris answered directly this time. He simply shook his head, and said, “How would I know? If I reached the Immortal King’s level, I wouldn’t be what I am now.”

d.a.m.n, I knew it. Soul Trader? That’s just bulls.h.i.+t! Lin Li remained silent and immediately quickened his pace in leaving the Eternal Furnace to go to the Tower of Dusk.

The President is back! The first mage who saw Lin Li rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and even forgot to greet and salute him for a while. He only snapped back to reality and reacted when he heard Lin Li asking him to go look for Gavin. At the same time that this mage proceeded to look for Gavin, the news of Lin Li’s return spread quickly too. There was a huge uproar in the Tower of Dusk all of a sudden.

Lately, the businesses of the Tower of Dusk had been obstructed by unknown forces, making every mage of the Tower of Dusk feel rather dejected and depressed. It was not that they were afraid of the enemy, but rather that they wanted to find out who the enemy was because it was necessary to do so even if they wanted to go all out. Everyone knew that the ones who were wreaking havoc and exposed themselves were just small fries, and the real opponent was still hiding behind the scenes. What was the point of getting rid of the insignificant ones? On the contrary, it might even allow others to have a hold on the Tower of Dusk and criticize their credibility.

However, the President was now back! When the Tower of Dusk was attacked by the Dark Blade in the past, Lin Li returned and used just one magic spell to defeat the two Legendary powerhouses of the Dark Blade.

Those forces that are hiding in the dark and getting up tricks should get ready to be doomed this time! The mages of the Tower of Dusk seemed to blindly trust and admire Lin Li. They all felt that there was no issue that their young President could not solve.

“President, I’m sorry, this matter is the result of my negligence,” Gavin immediately apologized with a guilty expression and his head hung low after he saw Lin Li.

“It is indeed negligence on your part, and your punishment is indispensable, but it is not the time for you to be punished now. Go pick out 40 mages according to their strength now. I have something to attend to. We’ll talk about your matters later.” Lin Li waved his hand and dismissed Gavin. Although the stolen things were of little value to him, and he also knew that betrayal was inevitable for a force, Gavin was undeniably liable for it. There would be rewards for merits, and penalties for those who commit mistakes. Although he had always been satisfied with Gavin’s performance, Lin Li couldn’t ignore the matter this time.

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Soon, Gavin picked out 40 Archmages who were either level-18 or level-19, plus Alan who had entered the Legendary-realm. Lin Li didn’t say much to everyone, and simply told them to follow him. He then led them out of the Tower of Dusk and headed towards the Dragon Mountains.

The Tower of Dusk could be considered to be facing the entire Breezy Plains, and not just a single force. After overcoming this obstacle, everything would be settled easily. From then on, the Tower of Dusk would become the top force in the Breezy Plains.

That was precisely the reason Lin Li had no choice but to lead his subordinates to the underground palace despite having yet to figure out the details about Rodhart and come up with a stable and appropriate solution. He had to obtain Polar Snow and Raging Flames at all costs, even if it meant destroying the Ice and Fire Domain. He would only have the confidence to lead the Tower of Dusk through the obstacle if he owned all seven pieces of the debris of the stars.

The fort in the Dragon Mountains, which used to be the lair of the Syer Bandits, had already been destroyed beyond recognition. Lin Li led the team through the collapsed walls and the ruins. Soon, they arrived at the mountain cave behind the odd-shaped rocks. Lin Li paused for a while in front of the una.s.suming cave, feeling a little nervous. After all, he was about to face the Retribution Knight Rodhart who had made the entire Breezy Plains shudder.

Pa.s.sing through the dark cave, Lin Li finally saw the majestic underground palace again. The mages of the team finally realized that Lin Li had brought them there to hunt for treasures. All of a sudden, they were all a little dumbfounded. Most of them were born and raised in the Breezy Plains, but they had never heard of the Dragon Mountains.

After walking through the long corridor, the team arrived at the gate of a palace. Lin Li slowly pushed the gate of the palace open, only to see that the magic lamps which had gone out when he left once again lit up when he entered. At the instant that the gate was opened, a suffocating aura seemed to have surged out like a flood.

This time, Lin Li was much stronger than he used to be. When he faced the terrifying aura, he didn’t feel the slightest discomfort at all. However, the mages behind him could not help but gasp in shock while trying to restrain themselves. After all, when Lin Li visited previously, he had already entered the Legendary-realm. Unlike Lin Li, the mages of the Tower of Dusk—except Alan—were all just Archmages.

Lin Li stepped into the quiet palace, where the sounds of his footsteps seemed to be extremely abrupt and outstanding. Connoris and the Undead servants followed him slowly. Although the mages had all sensed how terrifying the palace was, they still followed Lin Li in without hesitation.

Finally, the figure with a sharp sword in his hand sitting on the throne that was pieced together with the skeleton of the Humerus Wyrm gradually appeared in front of everyone. He had long, silvery hair and was wearing a dark golden armor, on which there were exquisite mageweaths. The joints of the armor were decorated with the menacing bones of a single-horned monster. The red of the cloak behind him resembled the color of coagulated blood.

“Have you thought of how to deal with him?” Connoris asked softly. Although he had obtained Connoris’ perfect body, the perfect body had been created for Osric himself. After Connoris occupied it, the speed of fusion was very slow, and he still couldn’t exert the power of the Sanctuary-realm. Hence, Connoris was rather jealous of the Retribution Knight Rodhart’s Sanctuary-realm abilities.

“I don’t know, but I’ll resort to all means. I refuse to believe that I can’t deal with him,” Lin Li said while taking action. He did not immediately go to the secret chamber to collect Polar Snow and Raging Flames. Instead, he was continuously taking out various precious magic materials from the Ring of Endless Storm.

The first thing Lin Li did was to put up the Requiem Array that had once transformed the t.i.tan Spirit. The Alchemy Array could turn mana into Divine Power, and was said to be able to purify all evil forces in the world. Of course, it was just a saying. Although Lin Li had used the Requiem Array to transform the level-25 t.i.tan Spirit back then, he dared not hope for it to be absolutely effective against Rodhart.

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