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Chapter 813 - The Past

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Chapter 813: The Past

“I remember that Geresco first talked about the location of that battle. Some said that the Dragon of Destruction had suddenly come to the Tree of Eternity; others said the Immortal King had intruded the Dragon of Destruction’s lair. However, according to Geresco, the real location of that battle was in the air above Roddanmo—the northernmost part of the Breezy Plains…”

Judging from the location of the battle, Rogge knew that this piece of information that Nefa had heard from Geresco was unlikely to be fake. That earth-shattering battle which he had witnessed indeed occurred at Roddanmo. However, Rogge was uncertain whether Geresco had revealed this piece of information unknowingly.

“The Dragon of Destruction and the Immortal King arrived at the skies of Roddanmo as promised. They first had a short discussion, or rather negotiation. However, both parties didn’t want to compromise at all…”

In order to find the answer to his question, Nefa had been trying to figure out the information that Geresco had revealed over the past thousand-plus years. Thus, when he was conveying Geresco’s reply, every pause and even change in tone were the same as Geresco’s.

“During the battle, the Dragon of Destruction always had the upper hand. He controlled the Laws of Destruction which could almost destroy anything. Even the Immortal King’s strongest attack was no match for him. Until the Immortal King took out his weapon…”

As Rogge listened to Nefa’s retelling of the battle, he compared it with the information he had and reminisced about the time he fought alongside Geresco. However, as Nefa dug deeper into the details, Rogge’s expression changed from silent contemplation to inconcealable surprise.

Rogge was surprised to find out that Nefa’s account was even more detailed than the information he had. From the conversation between the Dragon of Destruction and the Immortal King to the changes during the battle, and even the special traits of the powers that the two had used, a lot of these details were unknown to Rogge, who had witnessed the battle.

How… How is this possible? Rogge couldn’t believe his ears. Did Geresco tell Nefa all this? How did Geresco know so much more about the battle than I do? After all, I’ve seen the battle with my own eyes! Rogge was now certain that the information Geresco knew about the battle wasn’t heard from him.

Rogge suddenly felt that he didn’t quite understand Geresco at all, even though they had been through many battles together. If the information Geresco had wasn’t from Rogge himself, then where did he get his information from? After all, Geresco wasn’t even born when the battle between the Dragon of Destruction and the Immortal King occurred. When he was born, even the Immortal King had already disappeared.

Could it be that Geresco had gotten some kind of diary left behind by the Immortal King? However, a diary couldn’t record the battle in such detail. It was as if he had seen the battle with the s.p.a.cetime Beacon Spell! What kind of link was there between Geresco and the Immortal King, these two seemingly unrelated people?

Compared to Rogge’s surprise, Lin Li looked much more composed. Although he was listening to an earth-shaking battle’s description, Nefa’s narration was just too dull. For Lin Li, the battle between the Dragon of Destruction and the Immortal King was not even as exciting as the one between Geresco and the Evil Eye Tyrant which he had watched through the s.p.a.cetime Beacon Spell.

Moreover, Lin Li didn’t hear much useful information about the Stars of Fury in Nefa’s narration. Although he had antic.i.p.ated this, he couldn’t help feeling rather disappointed. After all, he already possessed five pieces of the debris of the stars now, and was clear about where the other two pieces were. However, he had no clue where the Stars of Fury was. Although the Stars of Fury’s power might not be as great as the seven pieces of debris of the stars’ power, it was the optimal weapon for the debris of the stars to release their greatest power. This quality was definitely more important than any other.

Back at Osric’s mausoleum, Lin Li had thought that the Stars of Fury was in Osric’s hands. However, when that perfect body had appeared, it had only been holding the Void Spear. Lin Li had also searched the crystal coffin, but not a clue about the Stars of Fury could be found. All clues about the Stars of Fury ended just there.

Lin Li was aware that it was almost impossible to obtain the location of the Stars of Fury from the account of that battle. However, Lin Li had no reason to care about the battle other than to find out the Stars of Fury’s current location. Even if he wanted to get some fighting experience, this kind of oral account was not even as useful as recalling the battle between Rogge and Lothar himself.

Seeing that Nefa had finally finished his story, Lin Li rubbed his chin, and asked, “You’re no longer suppressed by the Fire Elemental World’s powers now. The Immortal King and Geresco had also left Anril. Are you interested in taking a stroll around Anril? I think Tutankhamun will still care about you as a brother.”

Although Lin Li knew that Nefa wasn’t a good person, he still wanted to rope him in. If he could rope in another Sanctuary-realm powerhouse for the Tower of Dusk, its influence would be terrifying. Of course, since Lin Li had the guts to rope Nefa in, he wasn’t afraid that Nefa would cause trouble. After all, he had many ways to get this black dragon to work for the Tower of Dusk obediently.

“No. Although I’m free now, and don’t need to be tortured by the Fire Elemental World every day, I’m not planning to leave here.” Nefa didn’t expect Lin Li to try to rope him into the Tower of Dusk. After all, it was just too absurd for a Legendary powerhouse to attempt persuading a Sanctuary powerhouse to work for him.

“Are you scared of Tutankhamun? Or that I’ll deal with you outside?” Lin Li couldn’t understand what was so good about this place. Back at the big crack, didn’t Nefa say he wanted to leave this darn place?

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“Deal with me? Think about that after you’ve reached Sanctuary-realm. As for my brother, I’m not actually that scared of him.” Nefa found Lin Li’s words really funny. After laughing it off, he seemed to think of something, and his expression turned rather solemn. He said, “Obviously, I want to leave this place, but I also have to admit that I don’t dare to leave.”

“I don’t know where Geresco had gotten his information from, but I need to tell you that his information is probably more complete and detailed than what I know. However, since I’ve promised, I’ll tell you what I’ve seen. I can’t promise that the information will be useful to you.” Rogge shook his head gently and stopped thinking about Geresco. His eyes shone with nostalgia, and he started recounting that earth-shaking battle in his memory.

During the battle at the end of the Dark Age, Rogge was pretty well-known amongst the rebels, being second only to the G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, in terms of magic. However, n.o.body would have guessed that the Rogge hadn’t always been a mage. When he was young, he had been only an ordinary human soldier.

During the Dark Age when the High Elves ruled Anril, they didn’t separate the races they ruled over—not because they valued equality, but rather because they believed that the most perfect beings in the whole world were themselves. Any other intelligent races were all just lowly creatures that could be slaughtered without reason.

Especially humans who were frail, reproduced fast, and lived short lives were considered flawed creatures by the High Elves—just like ants. According to some records of the Dark Age, there used to be High Elves who had directly thrown reared magical beasts into human villages just to see a scene of blood and slaughter. Fortunately, such acts didn’t suit the tastes of the High Elves, so it didn’t become a common entertainment amongst the High Elves.

For the elves who were slaves of the High Elves, they could elevate their status to a certain extent through their contributions. For example, the Helios Family did just that. However, for human powerhouses, be it the mages or warriors, none of them could get to the position they deserved with their abilities. Most of them ended up being thrown into the Tower of Death by the High Elves after being caught, where they had to fight with countless magical beasts all day for the High Elves’ pleasure till their death. No one had ever escaped from the Tower of Death.

Although the High Elves ruled the entire continent, that didn’t mean Anril entered a peaceful era. The only difference was that the reason for wars was different. Instead of clashes between kingdoms due conflicts of interests, the wars happened because the High Elves were playing a kind of chess game. Thus, one of the important uses of human soldiers was to be used as p.a.w.ns for these High Elves to play their game.

The young Rogge was one of these lowly soldiers who knew neither battle skills nor magic in that era. These soldiers were the most suitable ones to be the p.a.w.ns as they wouldn’t affect the High Elves’ displaying their chess skills.

However, Rogge wasn’t a p.a.w.n. He did a job that was even more lowly than being a p.a.w.n—he was a sentinel. The role of a sentinel was just to stand sentry, and he didn’t need to fight like those p.a.w.ns. This might seem like a rather good job, but it also depended on the location. The sentry post which Rogge was based at was located in the northernmost part of the Breezy Plains. After one crossed this sentry post, he would enter Roddanmo, where snow fell all year long. This place which was previously known as the Land of Ice now belonged to Dwarf Kingdom.

Although the dwarves lived a rather good life in Roddanmo now, the Roddanmo then hadn’t been a place where humans would have set foot in easily. During the time when Rogge had been a sentinel there, Roddanmo had been an infamous danger zone in Anril. Even a Legendary powerhouse wouldn’t have dared to enter Roddanmo alone.

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