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Chapter 810 - All-Knowing Potion

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Chapter 810: All-Knowing Potion

Lin Li could not help but pray that poor Nefa could withstand the Flame Dragon Lothar’s attacks for a little longer. He had no other choice. Rogge still needed some time to activate the power of the branch and seed of the Tree of Eternity, and Lin Li was certain that he wouldn’t have enough strength to tackle the Flame Dragon Lothar. Lin Li had been really concerned about Rogge’s strategy from the beginning of the battle. Now, he even had to worry for Nefa, despite being enemies with him. This was a really helpless situation.

Although Nefa was not the real Dragon of Destruction, and his power was a lot lower than the Flame Dragon Lothar’s, he was able to maximize the deceit in the Laws of Evilness. That enabled him to escape from the Flame Dragon Lothar many times. However, the development of the situation was not always as hoped. The difference in abilities was not something to be easily overcome, and Nefa had suffered substantial injuries when he helped Rogge deal with the Flaming Torrent earlier on.

What was more important was the fact that the Flame Dragon Lothar was a magical beast with brains. His immense power was one of the reasons that helped him survive through the prehistoric times till now. Although he was not as crafty as Nefa, who had the mastery over the Laws of Evilness, his intelligence was not lower than that of anyone in the room. No one would be able to employ the same tactic against the beast the second time no matter how brilliant it might be. Doing so would only open up the grave that the beast had dug for him. From the start of the chase till now, it cost Nefa significantly despite the fact that he had the ability to escape from the Flame Dragon Lothar. His body was covered in deep wounds that exposed his bones. His tail was broken in half as well.

When Nefa finally lost one side of his wings in an attempt to escape from the claws of the Flame Dragon, both Nefa and Lin Li knew that he had a slim chance of surviving Lothar’s next attack. At this time, although the speed of Rogge’s recitation increased, which signified the readiness of the spell—Eternal Forest—it was obvious that they already did not have enough time.

G.o.ddammit, I’m going in!

The situation convinced Lin Li that he should not wait any longer. Rogge was still working on the Eternal Forest. He would not have the time to send him back to Anril as planned. The Flame Dragon would get him before that. Lin Li knew that he had to fight for this last straw.

He was not unhappy that Rogge could not fulfill his promise. After all, it would be impossible to have perfect plans no matter how comprehensive they were. Since he had chosen to stay, he would have to be accountable for his decision.

When he saw that Nefa had lost his last bit of energy to escape from Lothar’s attacks, Lin Li retrieved a sky-blue-colored potion from his Ring of Endless Storm. This Life Bottle was not any simple bottle. The fact that the bottle was carved with the Dream Crystal made it a prized treasure for any pharmacist. The Life Bottle would be able to purify any impurities within the potion, and thus enhanced the effectiveness of the potion.

The Life Bottle contained the All-Knowing Potion that was formulated with the black lotus when Lin Li was trying to look for the fire element herbs. In reality, this was not his first time creating or consuming the potion. When he was at the Scar of Death in the Blackstone Mountains, it was the All-Knowing Potion that helped him to defeat the Legendary Lich and his Humerus Wyrm. It had even enabled him to have a sense of the Legendary-realm.

Although Lin Li had had the ability of a pharmaceutics Guru previously, it would’ve been impossible for him to formulate one bottle of All-Knowing Potion within a week. But now, as a Legendary-mage at the peak of level-23, he had tremendous skills in creating potions and great knowledge in the force of magic as compared to before. As long as he had adequate ingredients, he would be able to create any Master-level potion within a short time.

Furthermore, this All-Knowing Potion was different from the one before. This was an improved version that included Lin Li’s increased knowledge in pharmaceutics, as well as the enlightenment he gained from entering the Legendary-realm. In fact, Lin Li formulated the potion because he was bored and he had excess black lotuses. Another reason was to prepare for his entering into the Sanctuary-realm.

The effect of the All-Knowing Potion was to enhance the hidden potential and boost the ability of the mage who consumed it. This effect was not temporary. The mage would not return to his original level after that. Hence, this All-Knowing Potion was not only effective for low-level mages, but also powerhouses in the Legendary-realm. This was especially true for the potion contained in a Life Bottle. The longer it stayed in it, the better its effects.

What was more important was the modifications Lin Li had done to the potion. He let the effects of the potion reach the Guru-level, but also made the effects of the potion extremely out of control. Hence, he hoped that the use of the Life Bottle could gradually alleviate its repercussions. However, if Lin Li were to consume this potion that had not been in the Life Bottle for too long, the effects of it might not reach the point that he hoped for. While the vigorous yet unstable energy would not threaten his life, it had the ability to prevent him from consuming any such potions in the future.

However, Lin Li had no privilege to consider any other options given the pressure of the current situation. If he could not even survive this, it would not matter if the All-Knowing Potion were to be contained in the Life Bottle for a million years.

He had decided to leave such matters for the future. What was important was to overcome the present crisis. With this in mind, Lin Li did not hesitate further. He took out the stopper of the bottle and emptied its contents into his mouth.

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As the cooling potion glided through his throat and into his stomach, Lin Li could feel a burning sensation in his body. His already ma.s.sive mana started to rise like waves in a storm, as though it was capable of overturning an ocean. His prior powers, mastery of Light and Darkness, and his learning of the two powers from High Priest Rogge were triggered by the All-Knowing Potion. They were like unstoppable tide that destroyed the dam.

“Throne of Darkness!” Nefa gasped in shock despite having resigned himself and waiting for death. The Throne of Darkness was a Realm Magic that the Dragon of Destruction created in the Abyss of Tharlen for his shadow clone. Although Nefa was aware that Lin Li had previously pa.s.sed the test his brother Tutankhamun had set for him, so he had to have been to the Abyss of Tharlen, he did not expect that Lin Li had taken over the Throne of Darkness.

“Seems like this is Azardas’s power. What a joke! Do you think that this is sufficient to defeat me?” Lothar said in great disdain after he realized the aura that emitted from the Throne of Darkness belonged to the Dragon of Destruction. He was not wrong. Not to mention that the Throne of Darkness was a mere shadow clone’s power, even if it was a real Dragon of Destruction, it would not have the ability to defeat him.

The Throne of Darkness was just the first step. Lin Li did not stop after he summoned the Throne of Darkness. He continued to recite another phrase of demonic runes.

As Lin Li recited the second segment of the demonic runes, the Flame Dragon finally sensed that something was amiss. He felt a wave of force from the Endless Abyss surging towards him like a tide. What followed was an immense pressure on its power base.

The second phrase of demonic runes was what Li Lin learnt from Connoris when he was trying to deal with the Lord of Darkness. It was a demonic rune set that made use of the force of Endless Abyss. If not for that ma.s.sive power, it would’ve been impossible for Lin Li to defeat the Lord of Darkness then.

Although this was not the Endless Abyss, the s.p.a.ce here was incredibly weak. Otherwise, the Fire Elemental World would not have overlapped here. Lin Li’s motive behind summoning the Throne of Darkness was not to use its force to suppress the Flame Dragon. He knew that it would be impractical to do that. Instead, the Throne of Darkness served like a portal for the Fire Elemental World. It was as good as creating a partial overlap between the Abyss of Tharlen and the current s.p.a.ce. The s.p.a.ce covered by the Throne of Darkness was the overlap between this world and the Abyss of Tharlen.

Of course, that did not mean that Lin Li had gained the upper hand. The Flame Dragon was not the Lord of Darkness, and this was not the real Endless Abyss. It was definitely impossible for Lin Li to use the abyssal force to put down Lothar even if it was the real Endless Abyss. Lin Li did not have enough ability to activate the force of abyss like before. He did not even have an idea whether he would be able to hold the Flame Dragon back for one or two seconds.

Lin Li’s strategy was inspired by his enlightenment from Balak’s crystal. In the prehistoric times, the Lord of Disaster, Balak, had used this method to deal with his enemies. He used his domain to borrow the force of abyss to defeat the Zago Demons as they were unable to leave the abyss. Unfortunately, Lin Li only had Balak’s memory, and not his abilities.

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