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Chapter 809 - Seed

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Chapter 809: Seed

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Lothar let out a deafening roar all of a sudden, and his voice was full of anger. He then emitted an even more menacing and eye-catching flame while releasing numerous powerful magic spells that contained the nomological power of fire at the forest. The tall trees, st.u.r.dy vines, and dense gra.s.s were all destroyed in large amounts by the bombardment of magic.

Although it hadn’t been long since they entered the forest, Lothar still couldn’t tolerate the fact that he had wasted so much time on a small fry. If it weren’t for that forest, he would have long burned him to ashes. Hence, Lothar could no longer be bothered about Rogge and Nefa, and instead decided to completely destroy that d.a.m.ned forest.

After all, the forest was not the actual Eternal Forest. The greenery initially destroyed by Lothar could still quickly recover with its immense vitality. However, when the level-28 Flame Dragon Lothar began to destroy the forest with all his strength, the forest definitely couldn’t recover quickly enough.

Rogge suddenly became anxious after seeing such a scene. The forest was the most important factor in stopping Lothar from entering Anril. Although all of Lothar’s attention was on destroying the forest, Rogge didn’t take this opportunity to attack. He had no choice but to stop and chant his prayers while channeling the power of the branch of the Tree of Eternity with all his might, even though he knew that doing so would only result in minimal effects.

Even Lin Li didn’t dare to sit back and do nothing at this moment. Although his power was limited, he would definitely be able to do something. Lin Li raised the Helios’ Scepter in his hand without hesitation, and bombarded Lothar who was destroying the forest with the most powerful Legendary magic that he had.

However, the facts proved that Lin Li’s Legendary power really didn’t have any effect in a Sanctuary-level battle. In Lin Li’s opinion, his Legendary magic spells were already rather powerful. However, they only caused the golden flame on the Flame Dragon Lothar’s body to sway slightly. Under such circ.u.mstances, Lin Li could only feel helpless. He reckoned that even if he were to unleash all three of his pieces of the debris of the stars, he would not be able to cause much damage to the Flame Dragon Lothar.

However, under Rogge’s full support, the recovery speed of the Eternal Forest was improved again, and he had also managed to stop Lothar and slow down the damage that he was doing to the forest. The plants outside the forest had become spa.r.s.e, and some had even withered. Plants were continuously growing out of the spot where Lothar was, and they began to flock towards Lothar like a huge army of plants.

This time, the Flame Dragon Lothar became even more annoyed and infuriated. He had woken up from a deep sleep, and wanted to fight the t.i.tans to get some exercise. However, he ended up getting provoked by some small fry whom he thought he could kill easily. However, he ended up getting stuck in a scuffle with him for such a long time because of the d.a.m.ned forest. He wanted to destroy the forest, but the forest was recovering faster than before. Lothar obviously couldn’t tolerate the fact that he couldn’t destroy a small fry and an entire forest despite being a wyrm.

However, Lothar was not a fool. After the resistance of the Eternal Forest suddenly strengthened, he immediately noticed what was going wrong. He’d initially thought that the forest was a natural phenomenon of this world, and that there was nothing strange about the immense vitality, because forests were supposed to be full of life anyway. Later on, he got into a fight with Rogge. Although Lothar was constantly attacked by the trees in the forest, his power and the vitality of the forest were conflicting in the first place. He had seen aggressive plants before, and he simply thought that Rogge was manipulating the vitality of the plants.

However, after seeing the sudden change in the forest and linking it to Rogge’s prayers, Lothar immediately understood that the entire forest was controlled by the insignificant figure in his eyes. Having figured that out, Lothar immediately stopped destroying the forest, and instead turned around to dash towards Rogge who was still chanting the prayers loudly. The nomological power of fire that formed the golden flames on his body instantly condensed into countless powerful fire spells and a Flaming Torrent that surged towards Rogge.

At this moment, Rogge was still chanting prayers, and trying his best to sustain the Eternal Forest. He couldn’t dodge at all, and the only thing he could do was to control the plants in the Eternal Forest and manipulate them into forming a green barrier in front of the terrifying Flaming Torrent. However, every magic spell launched by a level-28 Sanctuary powerhouse would contain nomological power, and the Flaming Torrent formed by those spells would definitely be able to destroy the world. The green barriers that were made up of plants were so weak that they were instantly destroyed whenever the Flaming Torrent pa.s.sed by.

Although the Flaming Torrent was greatly weakened by the layers of obstruction and the vitality of the Eternal Forest, it was still terrifying, and Rogge would definitely have a hard time. Not to mention, the menacing Flame Dragon Lothar was right behind the Flaming Torrent. Lothar must have made up his mind to kill Rogge in one fell swoop.

Seeing such a situation, Lin Li’s heart suddenly sank to rock bottom. That power was simply unparalleled for humans, and Rogge would probably have to wish for a miracle to happen in order for him to escape. Lin Li had cooperated with others on many expeditions, and he was the one to create miracles on most occasions. However, in the face of such a situation, he couldn’t come up with a solution at all.

The Flaming Torrent was about to devour Rogge’s body, but at this moment, a huge black figure appeared in front of Rogge like a giant gate that was about to intercept the Flaming Torrent. At this moment, Lin Li dared not believe his eyes at all, because the one who blocked the attack for Rogge turned out to be Nefa, who had been sneaking in.

At this time, Nefa did not hesitate to overdraft his mana and mental strength in order to maximize the power of his Laws of Destruction and Laws of Evilness. The b.l.o.o.d.y mist around his body also appeared to be much thicker, but his ma.s.sive body still seemed rather small compared to the Flaming Torrent. In the blink of an eye, Nefa’s figure was submerged in the fiery red flames, and the roar of the dragon that was filled with agony could be heard. However, his roar was soon drowned out by the sounds of the magic attacks.

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When the Flaming Torrent came to an end, Nefa’s body finally emerged gradually, and the thick b.l.o.o.d.y mist had become much thinner. Most of the black scales on his body, which had been originally smooth, became dim and broken. His body was full of burns, and he looked extremely disheveled. However, even though they survived the Flaming Torrent, the crisis that Nefa and Rogge were facing had yet to really be resolved.

However, after sensing Rogge’s shock, Lin Li appeared a little awkward, and he said, “It is indeed the Seed of the Tree of Eternity. However, it was already dead when I got it. I wonder if it’d be of any use here.”

One reason why Lin Li hadn’t given the Seed of Eternity to Rogge was that he hadn’t known that the Flame Dragon Lothar would be this terrifying. Another reason was that he felt that a dead Seed of Eternity might not be of much help to Rogge at all. After all, the dead Seed of Eternity was just a huge mana source in Lin Li’s opinion. It had no other use other than providing huge amounts of mana.

“Is it dead?” Rogge asked as he had also sensed the abnormality of the Seed of Eternity. However, he was only taken aback for a moment, after which he excitedly said, “But it doesn’t matter, I think we can give it a try!”

Rogge was actually not too confident, but there was really no other solution. Given his current strength and power, everyone knew that he probably wouldn’t succeed in putting the Flame Dragon Lothar back to sleep just by exerting the power of the branch of the Tree of Eternity to the current level.

Since Rogge said he could give it a try, Lin Li didn’t say anything more, and simply handed the Seed of Eternity over to Rogge. He couldn’t even think about reviving the Seed of Eternity and his wonderful hopes of planting the Tree of Eternity in the Tower of the Dusk. As long as he could survive this crisis, he’d not hesitate to give it away at all, even if the Seed of Eternity ended up getting destroyed, because saving his own life was the only way he could have the opportunity to think about the future. Otherwise, what would be the point of keeping the Seed of Eternity?

Besides, in the current situation, the Seed of Eternity was all that Lin Li could offer, though he had no idea what effects it could exert. Although the five pieces of the debris of the stars were powerful, Lin Li could only exert their power by relying on the understanding that he had before he transmigrated. He was not afraid that Rogge wouldn’t return the debris of the stars to him, but rather was worried that Rogge might end up being hurt by the debris of the stars before he could use it to defeat the Flame Dragon Lothar.

Rogge didn’t delay much, and used his mental strength to feel the Seed of Eternity after receiving it from Lin Li. A look of excitement flashed in his eyes. However, Rogge did not explain to Lin Li, and simply held up the Seed of Eternity while chanting a prayer that was completely different from the previous one. The Seed of Eternity that was initially shrouded in a green light seemed to have come alive at this moment as it continuously devoured the aura of life in the Eternal Forest. It then spat out a ma.s.sive and purer aura of life.

Rogge looked extremely pious as he chanted the prayers while exuding pure Holy Light, which made Lin Li feel as if he were bathing in Holy Light. However, at this time, Lin Li wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the comfort in his body, and instead s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto the forest not far away. There was an intense battle going on between Nefa and Lothar who were embroiled in a chase. Nefa was cursing loudly, while Lothar was roaring in exasperation. There were also the deafening roars of various magic spells, making the entire forest quake.

Ever since Lin Li discovered that he had almost fallen for Nefa’s trap, he had been wis.h.i.+ng he could rip the d.a.m.ned black dragon Nefa apart. If he hadn’t used Gloomy Dark when fighting with the Fire Phoenix and awakened Rogge, everything would’ve probably gone according to the plot Nefa had hatched.

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