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Chapter 806 - You Might As Well Sleep

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Chapter 806: You Might As Well Sleep

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At this moment, the entire world seemed to be shuddering under the unparalleled pressure. The Laws that const.i.tuted the world also seemed to be moaning as if they could no longer tolerate the existence of such a powerful ent.i.ty.

The Flame Dragon Lothar! At this moment, Lin Li gritted his teeth while a thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead, and he finally managed not to embarra.s.s himself under the brutal pressure. The strength of the Flame Dragon Lothar might not be comparable to that of Highlord Osric, but it was definitely much stronger than Osric's perfect body. After comparing the aura of the Flame Dragon Lothar to that of the perfect body that he saw at that time, Lin Li obtained some horrifying results. The strength of the ancient Flame Dragon Lothar was probably already at level-28. In the face of the powerful aura exuded by the Flame Dragon Lothar, the auras of the two Sanctuary-realm powerhouses, Rogge and Nefa, were almost completely suppressed and overshadowed. That was evidence of the ma.s.sive gap between them in strength.

“Roar! The n.o.ble and great Flame Dragon King Lothar has awakened. You d.a.m.ned t.i.tans, serve up your hearts obediently!” exclaimed Lothar who had just awakened, and was obviously extremely excited. After rus.h.i.+ng out of the Fire Elemental World, he did not pay attention to the surrounding environment at all, and simply began yelling with excitement.

What surprised Lin Li was that the language used by the Flame Dragon Lothar was not the ancient dragon language, but the language of the t.i.tans. Fortunately, Lin Li had already studied the Book of Eternity for a long time, and had dabbled in ancient dragon language, as well as the language of the t.i.tans. Hence, he could somehow figure out the meaning of Lothar's words.

However, after finding out what Lothar was saying, Lin Li began to feel a little puzzled. Did this Flame Dragon turn silly after sleeping for too long? The t.i.tans had disappeared from the world of Anril for many years, and after the prehistoric times, there was still the long and arduous Dark Age. It had been more than a thousand years since the end of the Dark Age. Has this Flame Dragon been sleeping since the prehistoric times? He shouldn't be said to be the most powerful one among the ancient wyrms, then. He should just be the one that's best at sleeping. 

“The t.i.tans have long left this world, and so have the ancient wyrms. Even the High Elves have already died more than a thousand years ago. For you, there are no longer any enemies that are worth fighting in this world. You might as well go back to sleep,” Lin Li shouted loudly to the Flame Dragon Lothar which was in the sky while resisting the terrifying oppression.

Lin Li wasn't afraid of attracting Lothar's attention, since he was a level-23 Legendary-mage who was probably less significant than a mosquito in Lothar's eyes. Even if Lothar had noticed Lin Li, he would probably be too lazy to even retaliate. Moreover, the three of them were there to stop Lothar. Even if he never noticed the three of them, Roger and Nefa would definitely not sit back and do nothing when he left for Anril. As for the sneak attacks, there was no need to think about it at this juncture unless there was a Sanctuary-level with them.

With such a powerful enemy, Rogge and the others would have a pathetic chance of winning. It would be best if they didn't have to fight. Lin Li decided to yell out all of the historical information that he knew after hearing the Flame Dragon Lothar mention wanting to fight the t.i.tans right after it emerged. He hoped that the battle-obsessed psycho would go back and continue to sleep because he had no opponents. However, Lin Li regretted his decision a little after yelling. He panicked while being under the pressure just now, and thus spoke in lingua franca. Hence, he was thinking about how he could say those words in dragon language.

“Is that a bug? A tiny and pathetic little bug is actually so delusional to think that he can deceive me!” the Flame Dragon Lothar yelled. After hearing Lin Li's words, he really noticed the three small figures in the air in the distance. Hence, he zoomed towards the trio and looked down at them disdainfully, for they were small fries in his eyes.

Lin Li had yet to think about how he should use the dragon language to communicate with Lothar. After all, the dragon language mentioned in the Book of Eternity was related to magic, but he did not expect the Flame Dragon Lothar to not only be able to speak the language of t.i.tans, but also understand the lingua franca of humans. However, he obviously did not believe what Lin Li had said.

The sudden appearance of the Flame Dragon Lothar left Rogge and Nefa with no choice but to retreat a little. It was worse for Lin Li, for he was already overwhelmed with the terrifying aura before he could even understand what Lothar said in dragon language. Had Rogge not s.h.i.+elded him, he would have probably already fallen onto the ground immediately.

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d.a.m.n, is this the difference in strength!? Lin Li thought to himself while trying to stabilize his body awkwardly. He continuously cursed in his heart, and at the same time, he set his sights on the terrifying Flame Dragon Lothar. When looked at from a distance, the Flame Dragon Lothar was like a golden fireball. Now that Lin Li was right in front, he was finally able to see through the golden flames and catch a vague glimpse of the true features of the ancient Flame Dragon Lothar.

Seeing that Rogge was already looking ready to fight, Nefa had no choice but to sigh secretly. He immediately transformed into a ma.s.sive black dragon. However, compared to the Flame Dragon Lothar, Nefa still appeared to be much smaller, and the aura of destruction and Evilness seemed to have barely taken up some s.p.a.ce within Lothar's aura.

Lothar simply dismissed Lin Li in disdain, and only the two of them in front of Lin Li could slightly catch his attention. However, after Nefa turned into a black dragon, Lothar felt the insignificant aura of destruction and Darkness. A look of surprise formed in his eyes, and he sneered, “You're Azardas' son? Seems like you've really inherited his penchant for being depraved. You've really become as lowly as those small fries after hanging out with them.”

For wyrms, it would not be difficult to turn into humanoid form. However, to the wyrms, it would undoubtedly be a form of depravity, just like how humans were usually unwilling to become beasts. Lothar had long detected the aura of destruction and Evilness coming from Nefa, but deep down, he didn't think that a dragon would be able to turn into a human, and thus didn't think about the Dragon of Destruction. Now that Nefa returned to the form of a black dragon, Lothar immediately recognized him, but his heart was filled with even more disdain.

“You know about my father?” Nefa was not infuriated because of Lothar's sarcasm, but was rather interested about what Lothar mentioned about his father, the Dragon of Destruction. If he could find out some information that he wanted to know about his father from Lothar, would it still be necessary for him to continue joining forces with Roger to fight that powerful enemy?

“Hmph.” Lothar humphed coldly while breathing out some flames from his nostrils that resembled caves. Filled with disdain, he said, “Your father had really embarra.s.sed the wyrms back then. As a Dragon Aspect, he actually got worried all over a trivial matter. It's a shame to the wyrms.”

Nefa was hatched by the Immortal King, and although he had always wanted to become the new Dragon of Destruction, he never felt any affection for his father, Azardas, the Dragon of Destruction. Hence, although Lothar made Azardas out to be extremely pathetic and horrid, Nefa remained indifferent and unaffected. The only thing that he was truly concerned about was how he could become the new Dragon of Destruction. He nonchalantly asked, “What is the trivial matter that you mentioned?”

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